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American Idiot  
The Hypocrites at The Den Theatre American Idiot
Based on punk rock band Green Day's Grammy Award-winning multi-platinum album of the same name, AMERICAN IDIOT follows three lifelong friends, forced to choose between their dreams and the safety of suburbia in a post 9/11 world. The musical features hits including "Boulevard of Broken Dreams," "21 Guns," "Wake Me Up When September Ends," "Holiday" and the blockbuster title track, "American Idiot." A critical smash on Broadway and in London, AMERICAN IDIOT received a 2010 Tony Award nomination for Best Musical and won the 2011 Grammy Award for Best Musical Show Album.
The American Revolution  
Stage 773 The American Revolution
Seven actors, confined to a crowded 21-square-foot platform, re-enact the events surrounding The American Revolution in an unbelievably short, yet highly entertaining and enjoyable 50 minutes. Chicago's Theater Unspeakable gives voice to the USA's origin story through clever humor, patriotic music and amazingly imaginative pantomime. Using only the actor's bodies and voices, this show at Stage 773 evokes an epic time period in American history, tracing the fight for independence from Lexington to Yorktown. Combining tongue-in-cheek humor with a dash of derring-do, The American Revolution displays Theater Unspeakable's rowdy brand of bare-boned and imaginative physical theater. It's a unique, all-ages experience that'll entertain and educate students and grown-ups alike.
Assassination Theater  
Museum of Broadcast Communication Assassination Theater
A talented ensemble of actors and a panoply of projections take the audience back in time with original documentation based on secrets revealed by retired FBI agents and evidence that the mob - in particular the Chicago mob - killed President John F. Kennedy. ASSASSINATION THEATER will show their motivation and even name the shooters, including the self-confessed gunman who fired the fatal shot (and still survives in an Illinois prison). Whether the audience goes in familiar with the details or not - they will emerge with a dramatically different view of an event that has been seared into the nation's consciousness.
Babysitter Massacre '78  
The Public House Theatre Babysitter Massacre '78
Being a babysitter is probably one of the most dangerous jobs out there -- seeing as how they're prone to be terrorized by psychopaths who like to make prank calls while hiding inside the house (cue sinister music). Of course that's nothing more than just a spooky myth ... or is it? On the night of New Year's Eve 1978, six teenagers are about to experience the deadly urban legend firsthand. From the wicked minds that created A Nightmare on Backstreet and Bates: An '80s Musical Psycho Parody, comes the world premiere of Babysitter Massacre '78. Featuring a '70s funk and folk-inspired musical score, this delightfully campy horror-comedy slices, dices and sings its way onto the stage at The Public House Theatre in Chicago.
Bad Jews  
Royal George Theatre Bad Jews
Bad Jews tells the story of Daphna Feygenbaum, a "Real Jew" with an Israeli boyfriend. When Daphna's cousin Liam brings home his shiksa girlfriend Melody and declares ownership of their grandfather's Chai necklace, a vicious and hilarious brawl over family, faith and legacy ensues. Stir in the identity curation of the Facebook generation and Theater Wit's Chicago premiere of Bad Jews, directed by artistic director Jeremy Wechsler, promises to be one of the funniest, wisest, most excruciating comedies on a Chicago stage this year.
Barefoot In The Park  
Step Up Productions at Athenaeum Theatre Barefoot In The Park
Paul and Corie Bratter are newlyweds just back from their honeymoon – he’s a straight-as-an-arrow lawyer and she’s an impulsive romantic always looking for the latest kick. When Corie’s loopy, widowed mother drops in for a surprise visit, the couple decides to play matchmaker during a dinner with their upstairs neighbor, Victor. During the meal, everything that can go wrong – does.
Bible Bingo  
Royal George Theatre Bible Bingo
From Vicki Quade, the creator of the popular comedy Late Nite Catechism, comes the new interactive comedy Bible Bingo. The Archdiocese's new bingo department needs to raise money for the parish. That's where you come in: Get ready to play bingo for a variety of wacky prizes. Along the way, you'll be drawn into conversation about everything from Adam and Eve to modern sins. Just be careful: You might laugh so hard you forget to yell "bingo."
The Black White Love Play  
Black Ensemble Theater The Black White Love Play
The Black White Love Play is the story of Chaz and Roger Ebert, detailing their life together through their courtship, marriage and Roger's Ebert untimely death in 2015. The production features outstanding music, exhilarating dance and a ten piece orchestra.
Blood Brothers  
Theo Ubique Cabaret Theatre at No Exit Cafe Blood Brothers
The musical drama is the story of twin brothers separated at birth - one raised by a rich family, the other by the impoverished birth mother of the boys. The musical ran an amazing 24 years in London's West End.
Blue Man Group  
Briar Street Theatre Blue Man Group
Blue Man Group is best known for its award-winning theatrical productions which critics have described as "ground-breaking," "hilarious," "visually stunning" and "musically powerful." These performances feature three enigmatic bald and blue characters who take the audience through a multi-sensory experience that combines theatre, percussive music, art, science and vaudeville into a form of entertainment that is like nothing else.
Signal Ensemble Theatre Butcher
On Christmas Eve, an old man in a military uniform and a Santa hat is dumped at the front door of a police station. Around his neck hangs a meat hook with a simple note attached: "arrest me." As the night progresses, a lawyer, a police officer and a translator find themselves deep in a snare of secrets, lies and sins buried but not forgotten. Fresh off its critically acclaimed premiere at Alberta Theatre Projects, Nicolas Billon's taut thriller confronts with questions of justice, revenge and humanity's darkest capacities.
Bye Bye Liver  
The Public House Theatre Bye Bye Liver
The Pub Theater Company performs a series of outrageous sketches centered on Chicago's favorite pastime: drinking. Bye Bye Liver is filled with interactive social games for the audience, pitting males versus females, actors versus audience and so on. Bar life and alcoholic adventures are held up for your amusement so you can laugh -- and drink -- your troubles away. With a spontaneous and interactive format, the outcome is always a fun and outrageous time for everyone, both audience and cast.
Camp Funderstanding  
Annoyance Theatre Camp Funderstanding
If there's one childhood experience that is guaranteed to change your life, it's summer camp -- where tons of new friends await and summer romances bloom. However, for a group of young campers, surviving the summer may not be so easy when you have to spend eight weeks with quirky camp counselor Danny at Camp Funderstanding for Socially Challenged Youngsters. As these kids navigate summer romances from beyond their computer screens and overcome their own personal social issues to make friends, they discover that summer camp isn't as un-fun and un-understanding as they expected. Making its debut at The Annoyance Theatre & Bar in Chicago, Camp Funderstanding captures the poignancy of growing up in this hilarious and heart-warming coming-of-age story.
The Cheats  
Steep Theatre The Cheats
It's the end of October, 2012: John and Anne have two children and a good marriage - they have sex, drive hybrids, and have cut out sugar. But John has been spying on the neighbors, frankly, for a while now, and at 9 a.m, Halloween morning, the neighbors have come for a visit. The Cheats is a play about your marriage, and how it can get f*cked when you forget to lock the front door.
Lyric Opera Cinderella
Lyric Opera of Chicago gives the beloved tale of Cinderella (La Cenerentola) a delightful operatic treatment in this bubbling Rossini hit. The story is a familiar one: Cinderella is forced to dress in rags and toil away for her nasty stepsisters and horrible stepfather -- who's scheming to convince the dashing prince to marry one of his "real" daughters. But mean girls aren't the prince's style, and there's a happily-ever-after ending for the fair maiden with the heart of gold in this dazzling production with just the right doses of humor and heart. Superstar mezzo-soprano Isabel Leonard partners with bel canto master Lawrence Brownlee in his eagerly awaited Lyric debut as he sings "with freedom and fervor ... a reminder of the infectious excitement Rossini makes possible" (The New York Times) and acclaimed Lyric favorite Alessandro Corbelli as the pompous stepfather. Your chariot awaits to carry you away fairy tale-style at Chicago's Civic Opera House.
Comedy Sportz ComedySportz
ComedySportz shows offer a unique blend of fast and funny improvisational comedy that is appropriate fun for all ages. The Red and Blue teams battle it out in front of a referee in games that the audience selects, and points are awarded based on how quickly and effectively the performers complete the games. The eternal battle of Red vs. Blue is improvised 6 times weekly, and the show is never the same twice!
Common Room  
A Red Orchid Theatre Common Room
We take scenes from the best plays currently onstage in Chicago and string them together with music, comedy, booze and cookies for an awesome night and a new way to get exposed to theater - in our city and beyond. The Common Room takes place on the first Wednesdays of every month.

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