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Plantation! Feb 21 - Apr 22, 2018  
Lookingglass Theatre Plantation!
Look who's coming to tea... A Texas matriarch, bless her heart, discovers that the history of the ancestral home is, well...complicated. When she reveals the news to her Southern Belle daughters, tempers rage hotter than the devil's armpit and pandemonium runs amok on the pristine plantation...and that's before the other set of sisters arrive.
Mary Stuart Feb 21 - Apr 15, 2018  
Chicago Shakespeare Theater Mary Stuart
One will rule. One will fall. Two extraordinary women clash in a power play over the right to rule in Friedrich Schiller's Mary Stuart. Elizabeth I, Queen of England, must decide the fate of her jailed cousin, Mary, Queen of Scots, who is accused of treason. After a single clandestine meeting where both women's ambitions are unmasked, the fate of two countries is decided. Jenn Thompson, former artistic director of The Actors Company Theater, stages Peter Oswald's electrifying take on this fascinating drama at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater.
Steel Magnolias Feb 22 - Mar 25, 2018  
Theatre At The Center Steel Magnolias
Steel Magnolias, written by Robert Harling, is a hilarious and heart-warming play set in a Louisiana beauty shop. It follows the hopes, dreams, triumphs and tragedies of six colorful characters and inspired the 1989 film which starred Julia Roberts, Sally Field, Shirley MacLaine, Daryl Hannah, Olympia Dukakis and Dolly Parton. It explores the bond between a mother and daughter, and friendships of those who feel like family.
The Emperor's New Clothes Feb 23 - May 12, 2018  
Marriott Theatre In Lincolnshire The Emperor's New Clothes
Fourteen-year-old Emperor Marcus the Third is nervous to take the throne. Deciding that he can only gain confidence by dressing in the finest attire, Marcus commands his Royal Clothesmaker to fashion him in the most royal wardrobe. Taking advantage of Marcus' uncertainty and immaturity, a Swindler promises to make magic clothes that are "invisible to fools, liars, and anyone you should ignore," for a large and hefty price. Only Arno, the simple-hearted mop boy, can help Marcus out of this royal mess and teach him an important lesson about outward appearance.
Three the Hard Way Feb 23 - Mar 18, 2018  
Steel Beam Theatre Three the Hard Way
How far must sisters go to finally come together around memories, grievance and the sudden death of their gambler father? About as far as a Reno, Nevada motel room it seems. Three strong sisters take steps to reconnect, grieve and reframe their past - and future - in this surprising comedy with a full-on heart tug all the way through. Winner of the Gilmore Creek Play Competition, Three the Hard Way is another Midwest premiere this season at St. Charles' Steel Beam Theatre.
Flanagan's Wake Feb 24 - Mar 24, 2018  
Chicago Theatre Works Flanagan's Wake
The irreverent interactive funeral of Flanagan's Wake transports you to the fictional Irish village of Grapplin, where local roustabout Flanagan has died. The villagers have gathered to grieve as only the Irish can -- with a quick stop at the pub first. Gather 'round and meet an eclectic cast of characters and participate in this partially improvised comedic memorial with plenty o' pints, crazy sing-alongs and witty tales based on your suggestions. After 16 successful years in Chicago and a run off-Broadway, Flanagan's Wake returns to Chicago Theater Works.
Piotr Beczała in Recital Feb 25  
Lyric Opera Piotr Beczała in Recital
Lyric is proud to present world-renowned tenor Piotr Beczała, one of the most sought-after artists of our time, in an intimate recital at the Lyric Opera House. Following his overwhelming Lyric success in both his debut in the title role in Faust and as Edgardo in Lucia di Lammermoor, this is a thrilling opportunity to bask in the sound of a voice that has been praised as "elegant and impassioned" by The New York Times. He's a frequent leading man at international opera houses from New York to Vienna - but there's only one place to see him in Chicago this season!
Time Is On Our Side Mar 1 - Apr 7, 2018  
About Face Theatre at Theater Wit Time Is On Our Side
How can we learn from the past if we don't know our own history? Annie and Curtis have big dreams for their DIY 'queering history' podcast but can't seem to break out of obscurity. The surprising discovery of a secret family journal sets them off on a gleeful and high stakes adventure to unravel the mysteries of the early LGBTQ rights movement and its impact on their own lives. Connecting essential historical landmarks from the Underground Railroad to Rosa Parks to Celebrity Jeopardy, this time-hopping tale redefines how personal the political can really get.
A Story Told in Seven Fights Mar 1 - Apr 7, 2018  
Neo-Futurists A Story Told in Seven Fights
A Story Told in Seven Fights finds Creator and Neo-Futurist Ensemble Member Trevor Dawkins leading a group of stage combatants smashing their way through the true stories of fist fights and theater riots that erupted within the Dadaist and Surrealist movements at the turn of the 20th century. This will be Dawkins’ second full-length Prime Time production after his 2014 summer blockbuster Haymaker and the Neo-Futurist debut for former Oracle Productions’ Tony Santiago.
Shakespeare's Revisionist Histories Mar 1 - Mar 23, 2018  
The Shakespeare All-Stars at Mary's Attic Shakespeare's Revisionist Histories
In an age where political factions create rifts, immigration and human rights are in question, and fake news mixes with the real, what do we have to learn from Shakespeare's Histories and the political factions of centuries ago? Shakespeare's Revisionist Histories is a devised new work inspired by these ten plays and hundreds of years of political corruption. Step into a sanctuary space where, for the moment, we are free to sing, play, dance, speak, and read the bard's verse.
The Picture Of Dorian Gray Mar 2 - Apr 15, 2018  
City Lit Theater The Picture Of Dorian Gray
Paul Edwards’s world premiere adaptation of Oscar Wilde's only novel, THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY transports the story from the novel’s setting of Victorian-era England to 1970’s New York City, during the dawning of the AIDS and crack cocaine epidemics. In this adaptation of Wilde's story of a man who sells his soul for unaging beauty, Dorian is a Patient Zero who shows none of the results of either epidemic; they show up in the picture instead.
Hang Man Mar 2 - Apr 29, 2018  
The Gift Theatre Hang Man
The community of a backwoods Southern town grapples with the murder of a black man who is found hanging in a tree. As events unfold, the hanging mystifies the people of the community, forcing them to confront their complicity in this man's horrific demise. Osei-Kuffour's darkly comical, heartbreaking play, which recently made the prestigious 2017 Kilroy's List, uses absurdity to explore racism, sexuality and the parts of American history we would all like to forget.
Kingdom Mar 2 - Mar 31, 2018  
Broken Nose Theatre at The Den Theatre Kingdom
When the state of Florida legalizes same sex marriage, Arthur and Henry (his partner of fifty years) come to terms with their differing opinions on the necessity of becoming husbands, even as their son Alexander finds himself wading through some rough new waters of his own. KINGDOM is the story of an entirely-LGBTQ African American family that lives in the near-literal shadow of Orlando's magical kingdom, as they struggle to create a life together that captures a little bit of that same magic.
I'm Falling In Love All The Time Mar 2 - Mar 31, 2018  
The Agency Theater Collective at Pendulum Theater Space I'm Falling In Love All The Time
In the wake of an unexpected tragedy, Jack started to rely on coffee for a daily dose of dopamine. This new caffeine addiction inspired Jack to reevaluate his relationship with the pleasure chemical and write a show exploring his drug of choice. First kisses, long walks, and inevitable goodbyes, I'm Falling In Love All the Time asks, "What do we do with the love for the people we've lost?"
The Condition Of Femme Mar 2 - Apr 6, 2018  
Circle Theatre at Pride Arts Center - The Buena The Condition Of Femme
An exploration of rape culture based on actual events in the lives of sexual assault survivors interviewed by playwright Lauren Marie Powell. The drama includes monologues delivered by 11 characters created from Powell's interviewees, as well as a central character called Reagan, who is a counselor for a sexual assault hotline. Powell says, "Every character in the show is a fictionalized person based on those many testimonies, with verbatim quotes included throughout the piece. Most of the characters are an amalgamation of multiple testimonies around recurrent themes in their interviews. Reagan, based on a social worker and a rape-crisis hotline worker I interviewed, meets the 11 survivors through her work and ties their stories together."
The Green Book Mar 2 - Apr 1, 2018  
Pegasus Theatre at Chicago Dramatists The Green Book
Written by the award-winning co-author of Ruth and the Green Book, The Green Book is an homage to the historical travel book and centers on the Davis', an African-American family who open their home to black travelers in the south during Jim Crow/segregation and activism. The play is also an investigation of the impact of civil rights on contemporary American issues. Inspired by Victor Hugo Green's historical The Negro Motorist Green Book, the setting takes place during a weekend when the Davis family is celebrating the arrival of Dr. W.E.B. DuBois for a lecture. The appearance of a white visitor, who turns out to be a Jewish Holocaust survivor, sets off a chain of events that shows that racism and anti-Semitism cannot be ignored. See the stirring play at Pegasus Theatre at Chicago Dramatists.
Faust Mar 3 - Mar 21, 2018  
Lyric Opera Faust
This exceptionally romantic, universally popular work had its premiere in Paris in early 1859. The story is one of the most justly celebrated in opera. The aged philosopher Faust - at the urging of Satan's agent, Mephistopheles - is made young again in exchange for his soul. The drama encompasses Faust's encounter with the innocent Marguerite, his wooing and subsequent abandonment of her, the death of her brother Valentin at Faust's own hand, and Marguerite's ensuing madness, death, and redemption. Siebel is the boy in love with Marguerite, Marthe, Marguerite's busybody neighbor, offers comic relief.

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