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32nd Young Playwrights Festival  
Pegasus Theatre at Chicago Dramatists 32nd Young Playwrights Festival
Celebrate the 32nd year of plays written by Chicago teens and experience an evening of new works exploring identity and community. Young Playwrights Festival is the only event of its kind in Chicago and is the second largest in the country. Showcasing three one-act plays, the festival includes A Green Light by Alexis Gaw, in which a teen comes out and encounters homophobia; Fragile Limbs by Anonda Tyler, which tells of a teenage boy struggling with loss; and Good Strong Coffee by Luna MacWilliams, which finds two characters juggling their own dreams and desires while trying to keep the family coffee shop afloat. Enjoy the 32nd Young Playwrights Festival at the Pegasus Theatre at Chicago Dramatists.
Annoyance Theatre Adira
Adira, the one-woman musical, tells the story of one princess living in a kingdom under a terrible curse. Adira must journey alone to save her family and her home before douchebags and trolls win! And maybe learn a little something on the way. Adira at The Annoyance Theatre & Bar in Chicago is sure to make you think "Hey, princesses are fun, aren't they?"
Algorithm Nation or, The Static Quo  
Second City Algorithm Nation or, The Static Quo
Unseen forces have assessed the data to create the perfect comedy content for all humans! Algorithm Nation or, The Static Quo takes no prisoners (well, maybe just a few prisoners) during this frenetic, ultra-current, fall-down funny ride that focuses its sights on hyper-violence, astrological love connections, being woke, pyramid schemes, Facebook soldiers, Black Twitter, morning TV and a whole lot more. Consider this show to be the kind of escape room you'll never want to escape from...ever.
Between Riverside and Crazy  
Redtwist Theatre Between Riverside and Crazy
In this stunning 2015 Pulitzer Prize-winner, we meet Pops, an ex-cop and widower clinging to one of the last rent-controlled apartments in NYC, dealing with a never-ending swirl of demands from family, friends, former colleagues, and a shady church lady...until he resolves to draw the line and make some demands of his own.
Big Science  
Hot Kitchen Collective at Steppenwolf Theatre Big Science
We were never scientists from the start and we never will be. Despite this, we are on a mission to understand the science in its vastness, and we invite you to watch us try to capture and swallow it whole, holding it close to us when we feel alone at night. This is BIG SCIENCE, a brand new devised performance, created for you by Hot Kitchen.
Bite Size Broadway: 2.0  
Annoyance Theatre Bite Size Broadway: 2.0
Ruth Lloyd Webber (no relation) has been struggling for thirty years to throw her hat in the actor's ring. Without a single acting credit to her infamous (no relation) name, Webber wrote eight mini-musicals in the hopes of finally making her acting debut. None of them longer than 15 minutes, none of them shorter than 15 seconds. Six talented actors are bringing these comedic, inventive, never-before-seen productions to life in one spectacular hour of singing, dancing and jazz hands. Catch Bite Size Broadway: 2.0 at The Annoyance Theatre & Bar in Chicago.
Blue Man Group  
Briar Street Theatre Blue Man Group
Blue Man Group is best known for its award-winning theatrical productions which critics have described as "ground-breaking," "hilarious," "visually stunning" and "musically powerful." These performances feature three enigmatic bald and blue characters who take the audience through a multi-sensory experience that combines theatre, percussive music, art, science and vaudeville into a form of entertainment that is like nothing else.
Boy Gets Girl  
Saltbox Theatre Collective at The Edge Off-Broadway Boy Gets Girl
An examination of the world a stalker's victim, Boy Gets Girl is a haunting, thought-provoking, drama meant to shake viewers to their core. Theresa, a hardworking magazine journalist, falls into a sinister game of cat-and-mouse after she goes on a blind date with the unassuming Tony. What seems harmless and trivial at first evolves into an obsession, and Theresa can feel Tony closing in on every aspect of her life. Paranoia, frustration, and the crippling fear of imminent peril clings to Theresa's coattails as she must navigate through the former shell of her once well-controlled existence. Ripe with themes of sexism and self-examination, Boy Gets Girl challenges the traditional conventions of romantic pursuit.
Boyband: The Musical  
Annoyance Theatre Boyband: The Musical
It's not easy being part of the sexiest, most talented boyband of the 90's. But damn, is it hot. Follow the the all-female cast of Boyband: The Musical as members of super group, "Backwards Action," recount the glory days & sing their way into manhood.
Bye Bye Liver  
Stage 773 Bye Bye Liver
The Pub Theater Company performs a series of outrageous sketches centered on Chicago's favorite pastime: drinking. Bye Bye Liver is filled with interactive social games for the audience, pitting males versus females, actors versus audience and so on. Bar life and alcoholic adventures are held up for your amusement so you can laugh -- and drink -- your troubles away. With a spontaneous and interactive format, the outcome is always a fun and outrageous time for everyone, both audience and cast.
Cardboard Piano  
TimeLine Theatre Company Cardboard Piano
A hopeful and moving story of loss, love, and the power of faith. At the dawn of the millennium in a darkened church in northern Uganda, the daughter of American missionaries and a local teenage girl prepare to exchange vows in a secret, makeshift wedding ceremony. But when the brutality of the war zone around them encroaches on their fragile union, the two are faced with a reality they cannot escape. Confronting the religious and cultural roots of intolerance, CARDBOARD PIANO explores violence and its aftermath, as well as the human capacity for hatred, forgiveness, and love.
Charlie Johnson Reads All of Proust  
The Den Theatre Charlie Johnson Reads All of Proust
When an old man dips a Madeleine cookie in his coffee at Starbucks, his snooty daughter-in-law gives him a little lecture on Proust. Determined to prove he's no dummy, he sets out to read all of Remembrance of Things Past, and along the way discovers the epic of his own life. A one-man show written and directed by Amy Crider and starring Jeff Broitman.
Dada Woof Papa Hot  
About Face Theatre at Theater Wit Dada Woof Papa Hot
This funny and sexy play introduces two gay couples and their circle of friends who have ventured into the world of modern day parenting. As friendships deepen and vulnerabilities get exposed, the foundation of family and commitment are shaken. With same sex marriage the law of the land... what happens next? DADA WOOF PAPA HOT is a fast-paced glimpse into the world of 21st century parenthood.
Dark Matters  
Exit 63 Theatre at Rogers Park Women's Club Dark Matters
Exit 63 Theatre presents the Chicago premiere of Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa's DARK MATTERS. In an isolated house at the edge of a cornfield, in the mountains of Virginia, something almost beyond belief is happening to the Cleary family. When Bridget Cleary goes missing, in the dead of the night, her husband Michael and son, Jeremy, scramble to help Sheriff Richard Egan find her. Then, as suddenly as she vanished, Bridget reappears, talking about strange visitations and otherworldly beings. Is she lying? Or are supernatural forces at work?
The Death of Gaia Divine  
Momentary at The Greenhouse Theater Center The Death of Gaia Divine
The play is an exploration of the evolution of compassion and the censorship of love when all else seems lost. "We are steadily losing our connection to what bonds us together as humans. The dismal nature of current affairs is the consequence of a forward momentum we once thought of as 'progress," says Production Director and Co-Curator of Momentary Matthew T. Messina. "But the primitive need to love and be loved, however you define it, is something we need in our lives now more than ever.'"
Disney's Beauty and the Beast  
Drury Lane- Oakbrook Disney's Beauty and the Beast
Based on the beloved Academy Award winning Disney film, this nine-time Tony nominated musical continues to win the hearts of people all over the globe. Trapped in her provincial town life, an intelligent, young beauty risks everything to become the heroin of her own story and break a wicked spell imprisoning a castle full of enchanting misfits and a terrifying beast.
Don't Dress For Dinner  
Oil Lamp Theater Don't Dress For Dinner
In the romantic farce Don't Dress For Dinner, Bernard is planning a romantic weekend with his chic Parisian mistress in his charming converted French farmhouse, whilst his wife, Jacqueline, is away. He has arranged for a cordon bleu cook to prepare gourmet delights, and has invited his best friend, Robert, along too to provide the alibi. It's foolproof -- what could possibly go wrong? Well... Suppose Robert turns up not realizing quite why he has been invited. Suppose Robert and Jacqueline are secret lovers, and consequently determined that Jacqueline will NOT leave for the weekend. Suppose the cook has to pretend to be the mistress and the mistress is unable to cook. Suppose everyone's alibi gets confused with everyone else's. An evening of hilarious confusion ensues as Bernard and Robert improvise at breakneck speed in Don't Dress for Dinner at Glenview's Oil Lamp Theater.

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