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Hello Again

Hello Again
Theo Ubique
721 Howard Street Evanston

An adult musical fantasy suggested by Arthur Schnitzler's LA RONDE. A series of love affairs among ten characters during the ten different decades of the 20th Century as though seen through the lens of a.... Read More

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Hell Followed With Her
The Den Theatre
Jane Eyre
Auditorium Theatre
Theatre Of Western Springs
Theater Wit
The Merchant Of Venice
Pride Arts Center - The Buena
The Understudy
The Brothers Size
Steppenwolf Theatre
His Shadow
Berwyn Cultural Center
Love and Information
Trap Door Theatre
Be Here Now
Theater Wit
Five Presidents
Stage 773
Goodman Theatre
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Howards End

Long Dresses And Tall Hats: Fall Theater Roundup 2019

Prepare to see an abundance of floor-length skirts and lintel-brushing headgear this autumn. No, theaters haven't adopted a formal dress code for their patrons, nor has Chicago been declared a "Game of Thrones" re-enactment site. A cursory overview.... Read More
Pomona at Steep Theatre

Automotive Technology for a Dystopian Future: Driverless Cars in Pomona

Viewing Pomona's first scene, theatergoers unfamiliar with the plays of Alistair McDowall may have wondered whether the title referred to a tunnel-ride in an amusement park. What else could explain the shabby little go-cart.... Read More