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Pretty Woman: The Musical

Pretty Woman: The Musical
Ford Oriental Theatre
24 W. Randolph Chicago

From the iconic outfits and unforgettable moments of blossoming romance to the ... catchy songs? Wait a minute, Pretty Woman is a musical now? You bet your thigh-high boots it is -- and its pre-Broadway world premiere stage.... Read More

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The Gentleman Caller
Raven Theatre
Through the Veil
The Greenhouse Theater Center
Brick Wall
Berger Park Coach House
History of the Internet
Red Bowl At The Jeffs
The Frontier
Roots In The Alley
Adventure Stage Chicago
Fellow Travelers
Athenaeum Theatre
Our Country's Good
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Theatre At The Center
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Stage 773
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Links Hall
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The Den Theatre
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Pillars Of The Community

Ibsen Times Three: Traitor, An Enemy of the People and Pillars of the Community

The protagonists of Henrik Ibsen can be divided into individuals seeking personal happiness despite the disapproval of their society, and those seeking to change the society itself. Of the latter, An Enemy of the People and the play often considered to be its.... Read More
BLKS Steppenwolf

Art Endured: How Chicago Theater Triumphed in 2017

Remember January last year? Not since the so-called "Death of Irony" in 2001 were so many gloomy prognostications uttered regarding the extinction of theater as a unifying experience—its goal, to encourage individuals in putting aside their differences and acknowledging the.... Read More