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Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Theo Ubique
721 Howard Street Evanston

"The Angry Inch" is a hard-rocking band fronted by Hedwig Schmidt, a fourth-wall smashing East German rock 'n' roll goddess whose botched sex-change operation left her with just "an angry inch." Using songs and monologues,.... Read More

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Darling Grenadine
Marriott Theatre In Lincolnshire
Skokie Theatre
The Music Man
Goodman Theatre
Head Over Heels
Theater Wit
The Recommendation
Windy City Playhouse
One Flea Spare
Nox Arca Theatre
It Is Magic
Chopin Theatre
Too Heavy For Your Pocket
TimeLine Theatre Company
Storefront Theater Musical
Saving the World
Stage 773
Little Shop Of Horrors
Mercury Theater
La Havana Madrid
The Den Theatre
   Performance Spotlight
The Winter's Tale at Goodman Theatre in Chicago

How The Other Half Dresses: City and Country Fashions in The Winter's Tale

Shakespeare might not have been the first author to prescribe pastoral retreats as therapy for jaded mortals in need of moral realignment, but western literature in the centuries following has been virtually unanimous in its endorsement of vacations.... Read More
Bloomsday at Remy Bumppo

Born to Run: Traveling Forward and Backward in Time with Steven Dietz

The dialogue between the young and the old, between the ages of opportunity and those of experience, between "Where am I going?" and "How did I end up here?" are conversations beguiling writers from the beginning of time..... Read More