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How To Use A Knife

How To Use A Knife
Theater Wit
1229 W Belmont Ave Chicago

In the chaotic kitchen of a Wall Street restaurant, Chef George is trying to stay sober and keep the trash talking cross-cultural kitchen staff churning out orders on time. While managing two Guatemalan line cooks, a pot.... Read More

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The Revolutionists
The Greenhouse Theater Center
Guards at the Taj
Steppenwolf Theatre
Tiresias Was a Weatherman
The Greenhouse Theater Center
The Displaced
The Den Theatre
Wild Women of Planet Wongo
Chopin Theatre
The Gift Theatre
The Den Theatre
The Cake
Rivendell Theatre
Laura Wiley Theater
Redtwist Theatre
Waiting For Godot
Chicago Shakespeare Theater
Marriott Theatre In Lincolnshire
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Mark Toland Mind Reader

Alakazam! The Amazing Reappearance Of Magicians In Chicago

The predominant discussion of "close-up" magic in recent years has been a lament for its decline. To be sure, aficionados seeking exhibitions of bamboozle-based spectacle not involving gambling for money might stumble across one—on rare occasions, in obscure locations (an exception being Chicago's sumptuous Palmer House Hilton, where.... Read More
Sweeney Todd in Chicago

Simmering In The Pie With Sweeney Todd: Theo Ubique Stages Immersive Production of Sondheim Classic

Stephen Sondheim's Sweeney Todd changed the face of the American musical when it premiered in 1979, its libretto proposing a plot premised on Victorian mass murder and cannibalism, recounted in a narrative employing nearly continuous music and minimal dialogue—a.... Read More