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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
Lookingglass Theatre
821 N Michigan Ave Chicago

Within every man there is a monster; within every monster, a man. But which is which? An eerie evening of ghost stories crackles to life as Mary Shelley unspools her tale of Victor Frankenstein and.... Read More

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A Kind of Love Story
Oil Lamp Theater
Just Chilling
Much Ado About Nothing
Oak Park Festival Theatre
Come From Away
Cadillac Palace Theatre
Women of 4G
Factory Theater
Edge Theatre
Factory Theater
Elizabeth Rex
Oak Park Festival Theatre
One Flea Spare
Nox Arca Theatre
Skokie Theatre
Ms. Blakk For President
Steppenwolf Theatre
Les Miserables
Cadillac Palace Theatre
   Performance Spotlight
Henry V at First Folio Theatre

Sisters Command the Band of Brothers: Cross-Gender Casting in Henry V

Some roles in Shakespeare—creatures from the world of Fancy, in particular—have a long record of exemption from binary restrictions on gender-linked infrastructure. Puck and Ariel, for example, despite being addressed as "he" and "him" in the text, have.... Read More
The Winter's Tale at Goodman Theatre in Chicago

How The Other Half Dresses: City and Country Fashions in The Winter's Tale

Shakespeare might not have been the first author to prescribe pastoral retreats as therapy for jaded mortals in need of moral realignment, but western literature in the centuries following has been virtually unanimous in its endorsement of vacations.... Read More