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Looking Over the President's Shoulder

Looking Over the President's Shoulder
The Greenhouse Theater Center
2257 N Lincoln Avenue Chicago

Before Lee Daniels' The Butler, Emmy-Award winning writer James Still wrote the real-life story of Alonzo Fields, the grandson of a freed slave, who was forced by the Depression to give up his dreams of becoming an opera singer. Fields accepted the job at.... Read More

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A Loss of Roses
Raven Theatre
Chicago Shakespeare Theater
The 39 Steps
Theatre At The Center
I and You
The Frontier
The Tempest
St. Bonaventure Church
Midnight Cowboy
Lifeline Theatre
The Consultant
Signal Ensemble Theatre
R+J: The Vineyard
The Den Theatre
Barefoot in the Park
Oil Lamp Theater
Another Word for Beauty
Goodman Theatre
Lifeline Theatre
Le Switch
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Year Of The Rooster

Who Are You Calling Chicken? Fighting Fowl in Year of The Rooster

Plays set in rural Oklahoma are rarely expected to be cheerful, but Eric Dufault's Year of The Rooster compounds the hopelessness by locating its economic and existential despair within the brutal culture of competitive cock-fighting. Though usually associated with Latin countries and illegal in the United.... Read More
Mike Nussbaum in The Price

Ten Isn't Enough: Chicago Theater in 2015

It's the changing of another year, and that means retrospectives on the departing season—but how can anyone reduce our city's eight hundred-plus plays to a puny "top ten" list? When I think back on 2015, I recall several moments.... Read More