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The Qualms

The Qualms
Steppenwolf Theatre
1650 N. Halsted Chicago

At a beachside apartment complex, a group of friends gathers for their regular evening of food, drink, drugs and partner-swapping. When Chris and Kristy attempt to become the newest members, the evening does not go as planned. The artichoke dip grows cold as the party devolves into a territorial battle over mating privileges..... Read More

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Okay, Bye
Steppenwolf Theatre
Mike and Seth
The Side Project
The Greenhouse Theater Center
All Our Tragic
The Den Theatre
Miles Away
The Side Project
Down Range
National Pastime Theater
Who Is Gabby Grayskull
The Public House Theatre
Future Perfect
The Public House Theatre
It's Still Life
The Public House Theatre
My Dinner With Divine
Zoo Studio
Trap Door Theatre
Anna, in the Darkness
Dream Theatre
   Performance Spotlight

Winston In America: Ronald Keaton's Churchill Moves to the Greenhouse

He was born to privilege in a time and a society where such accidents determined his future as surely as they restricted that of other citizens. He suffered devastating changes in fortune, distinguished himself in a wide range of endeavors and lived.... Read More
The Late Henry Moss

Washing With Sam: Bathing Beauty in The Late Henry Moss

South Pacific calls for a navy nurse to wash her hair onstage while singing a song, and in The Big Funk, a captive woman is given a shampoo and shower by a bevy of servants in full.... Read More