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The Night Alive

The Night Alive
Steppenwolf Theatre
1650 N. Halsted Chicago

The kindness of strangers comes with complications. Tommy is getting by-kind of: he is crashing in his uncle's ramshackle house in Dublin, dodging his estranged family, and plotting a parade of get-rich-quick scenes with his buddy Doc. Then one day he defends a destitute woman against a violent attack, and a fragile.... Read More

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The Lieutenant Of Inishmore
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The Medium
Flat Iron Arts Building
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   Performance Spotlight
Brutus from The Clean House

Fight Like A Fish: Swimming Against the Current in The Clean House

"Life is a joke, so why not die laughing?" is the moral of The Clean House, as well as the rallying cry of the newlywed cancer-stricken Ana—whose recently-acquired family encompasses her doctor/husband, his ex-wife, his former.... Read More
Jane Eyre Lifeline Theatre

An Eye For An Eye: The Wounded Hero of Jane Eyre

The Romantic sensibility reflected in Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre mandates that the title character's final step toward conquering her horrific early childhood memories is the rescue of her chosen consort from his demons, the latter manifested,.... Read More