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A Red Orchid Theatre 3C
Inspired by 70'S sitcoms and the political incorrectness of "jiggle television," 3C is a hilarious and horrifying look at identity and what lies beneath the perky veneer. Brad lands in L.A. to start a new life. A wild night of partying finds him passed out in Connie and Linda's kitchen and the three strike a deal that raises the suspicions of the landlords. Complications spiral out of control, taking the show from farce to something...unexpected.
Cadillac Palace Theatre Aladdin
Aladdin, adapted from the Disney film and centuries-old folktales including "One Thousand and One Nights," is brought to fresh theatrical life in this bold new musical. Aladdin's journey sweeps audiences into an exotic world of daring adventure, classic comedy and timeless romance. This new production features a full score, including the five cherished songs from the Academy Award-winning soundtrack and more written especially for the stage.
American Hero  
First Floor Theater at The Den Theatre American Hero
At a toasted subs franchise in the local mall, three up-and-coming "sandwich artists"-a teenager, a single mom, and a downsized refugee from corporate banking-are perfecting the mustard-to-cheese ratio according to the company manual. But when their shot at the American dream is interrupted by a series of strange events, they become unlikely allies in a post-recession world. AMERICAN HERO is a supersized dark comedy about life, liberty and the pursuit of sandwiches.
Among All This You Stand Like a Fine Brownstone  
eta Creative Arts Foundation Among All This You Stand Like a Fine Brownstone
Writer/director Vantile Whitfield's carefully crafted adaptation of Gwendolyn Brooks' poem is a series of vignettes taken from Brooks' portraits of Chicago's African American community. Blues, jazz, black swag, beauty-shop gossip, skin color, a missing child, a crazy lady, a "fast" woman, an artist, a solider and an anxious student all populate a world vividly captured through Brooks' poetry and Whitfield's award-winning stage adaptation. Be sure to catch Among All This You Stand Like a Fine Brownstone at eta Creative Arts Foundation in Chicago.
Under The Gun Theater Beatlemania
It's the mid-'60s, and day by day -- unforgettable song by unforgettable song -- John, Paul, George and Ringo are taking the entire pop culture world by storm. In Beatlemania, the boys are only hours away from taking the stage when something odd occurs, prompting their manager, Brian Epstein, to ask the Fab Four what they've gone and gotten themselves into. Thus unfolds an untold story of the lads from Liverpool. Catch Beatlemania all over again at Chicago's Under the Gun Theater.
Bible Bingo  
Royal George Theatre Bible Bingo
From Vicki Quade, the creator of the popular comedy Late Nite Catechism, comes the new interactive comedy Bible Bingo. The Archdiocese's new bingo department needs to raise money for the parish. That's where you come in: Get ready to play bingo for a variety of wacky prizes. Along the way, you'll be drawn into conversation about everything from Adam and Eve to modern sins. Just be careful: You might laugh so hard you forget to yell "bingo."
Bite Size Broadway  
Annoyance Theatre Bite Size Broadway
You've never heard of Andrew Lloyd Webber's relative, Bobby Lloyd Webber, but after this hysterical performance at The Annoyance Theatre in Chicago you'll definitely be a fan. Webber wrote ten musicals while doing hard time in prison -- none of them longer than 15 minutes, none of them shorter than 15 seconds. Now he's debuting them in his self-hosted show, Bite Size Broadway, where six talented actors are bringing these comedic, inventive, never-before-seen productions to life in one spectacular hour of singing, dancing and jazz hands.
Black Pearl: A Tribute to Josephine Baker  
Black Ensemble Theater Black Pearl: A Tribute to Josephine Baker
Black Ensemble travels across the ocean to Oui Paris to tell the story of the one of the most dynamic performers the world has ever seen. Black Pearl: The Story of Josephine Baker will take audiences through the life of the first black international superstar, beginning with her meager beginnings to the star power of one of the most iconic figures that the world has ever seen.
Blue Man Group  
Briar Street Theatre Blue Man Group
Blue Man Group is best known for its award-winning theatrical productions which critics have described as "ground-breaking," "hilarious," "visually stunning" and "musically powerful." These performances feature three enigmatic bald and blue characters who take the audience through a multi-sensory experience that combines theatre, percussive music, art, science and vaudeville into a form of entertainment that is like nothing else.
Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Other Treasured Stories by Eric Carle  
Chicago Children's Theatre at Ruth Page Center For Arts Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Other Treasured Stories by Eric Carle
Celebrating the bedside book's fiftieth anniversary, Brown Bear, Brown Bear has introduced countless toddlers to the delights of identifying colors and objects. Now many of Carle's current generation of fans, children ages 1 to 5, will make their very first trip to a live theater to see their favorite Carle characters come to life before their eyes through the magic of puppetry, live on stage.
Bye Bye Liver  
The Public House Theatre Bye Bye Liver
The Pub Theater Company performs a series of outrageous sketches centered on Chicago's favorite pastime: drinking. Bye Bye Liver is filled with interactive social games for the audience, pitting males versus females, actors versus audience and so on. Bar life and alcoholic adventures are held up for your amusement so you can laugh -- and drink -- your troubles away. With a spontaneous and interactive format, the outcome is always a fun and outrageous time for everyone, both audience and cast.
Theatre At The Center Cabaret
Winner of eight Tony Awards, including Best Musical and Best Original Score, this theatrical masterpiece welcomes theatergoers to the Kit Kat Klub in 1930s Berlin, where a mischievous Emcee invites everyone to join cabaret singer Sally Bowles and Cliff Bradshaw, an American writer searching for inspiration, in a world on the brink. This timeless classic features iconic songs such as "Maybe This Time," "The Money Song," "Willkommen" and "Cabaret."
The Public House Theatre Cannonball
Enter the eerie sci-fi realm of Cannonball -- Setting: the near future of the good ol' American Midwest. Drawing inspiration from classics like ET and Super 8, this production is filled with stargazers and geniuses obsessed with the universe beyond. Cannonball's town is awry with outer space-obsessed citizens, most of whom are plotting just about every sci-fi experiment possible. Whether you're following the local teens on Neighborhood Watch for a flurry of abductions or the scientist that has found a way to visit parallel Earths, there's a likely chance your intergalactic fantasies will be satisfied at The Public House Theatre in Chicago.
Stage 773 Carrier
Just about any examination of self has to come down to an exploration of one's youth -- but how deeply are you willing to dig in order to discover identity's hidden ingredients? Closing out its third season, Chicago Slam Works Ensemble presents Carrier, an intimate and surreal study of inheritance and family. As the hybrid performance piece peels up the floorboards of memory and the unseen legacies we carry with us, the show asks some intriguing questions. Questions like: Is identity a predetermined outcome? And just what would we learn if our childhood homes could talk? Find out when Carrier makes its way to Chicago's Stage 773.
Cavalia - Odysseo  
Under the Big White Top at Soldier Field Cavalia - Odysseo
With a production double the size of Cavalia's eponymous creation, which enjoyed a very successful run in Chicago in 2009, Odysseo is a show unlike any other on the planet, an immersive theatrical experience in which horses are still front and center. Imagined by Normand Latourelle - creator of Cavalia and renowned for combining different forms of artistic expression and reinventing the scenic space - Odysseo is a veritable revolution in live performance that makes hearts race. Audiences of all ages will be transported on an epic journey to some of nature's greatest wonders by this breathtaking production that features 65 magnificent horses and 48 talented riders, acrobats, aerialists, dancers and musicians.
Drury Lane- Oakbrook Chicago
Filled with fame, fortune, and all that jazz, this edge-of-your seat story features one showstopper after another. Join Roxie Hart, Velma Kelly and all of Cook County Jail's murderess vixens for the sultry "Cell Block Tango," learn what happens "When You're Good to Mama," and watch Billy Flynn work his magic recalling how "We Both Reached For the Gun." Drury Lane Theatre's Artistic Director William Osetek and choreographer Jane Lanier, the Tony-nominated student of Bob Fosse, give a nod to the iconic Fosse flavor in this fiery new take on Chicago.
Chicago Stories  
Three Cat Productions at Berger Park Coach House Chicago Stories
Weaving stories from throughout the Chicago community and music from around the world, Chicago Stories explores the city's diverse cultures and storied history. Presented at the historic Berger Park Coach House in (where else?) Chicago, this brand-new musical revue celebrates all it means to be an American -- from the struggle to find community to the promise of opportunity and freedom. Don't miss this evening of Chi-Town songs and stories presented by Three Cat Productions.

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