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Goodman Theatre 2666
A soaring adaptation of Chilean-born author Roberto BolaŮoís masterpiece, 2666 begins with a group of hapless European academics hot on the trail of an elusive authoróa search that leads them into the dark heart of a Mexican border city where the murders of hundreds of women remain unsolved. This story gives way to a surprising, panoramic portrait of the 20th century that spans more than 100 years and jumps from Spain to Mexico to Germany and beyond, illuminating the power of literature to reflect and transform the world. An unflinching look at the nature of evil, 2666 is an ambitious new work unlike any other theatrical experience.
Accidental Adults  
The Public House Theatre Accidental Adults
"Accidental Adults" is a sketch comedy show that lives in the "what if" questions. Break-ups, workplace drama and family feuds all get an honest moment in the sun, illuminating the fact that most of us are sprinting to stay a step ahead. Because we have no idea what the heck we're doing.
Adoration of the Old Woman  
UrbanTheater Company at Batey Urbano Adoration of the Old Woman
In this searing, magical-realist, coming-of-age drama from two-time Obie Award-winner and Academy Award-nominee Jose Rivera (The Motorcycle Diaries; References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot; Marisol), a rebellious New Jersey teenager encounters family secrets, political turmoil, an alluring ghost, a haunted bed and a love triangle of her own when she is sent to rural Puerto Rico to live with the elderly great-grandmother she's never met-and whose language she doesn't know how to speak.
Burrowers Theatre Company at Pendulum Theater Space Alaska
Alaska, a new play by Justin Pierce , explores the relationship between three friends leading up to and surrounding a fatal decision. Hillary lives tethered to the past. Tom perseveres, in search of the future. Magenta doesn't find herself in the past, present, or future, instead preferring to avoid stepping on the cracks. Jumping through time, the play explores the vital moments of their relationships as romanticized and remembered by the characters.
All the World's a Stage  
Quest Theatre Ensemble at The Blue Theater All the World's a Stage
All the World's a Stage is a new musical that tells the beautiful story of life. The actors of this devised production tell personal stories of the many common experiences that connect us: birth, coming of age, love and relationships, career, loss of loved ones, aging and the greatest mystery of them all. The stories are connected by Shakespeare's concept that "All the world is a stage," and that even if the details of our lives vary, we all share many of the same great moments.
American Buffalo  
Angel Island Theater American Buffalo
This banter-fueled heist drama by Pulitzer Prize-winner David Mamet tells the story of an urban junk-shop owner who, after discovering that he sold a rare buffalo nickel to a customer for far less than its true value, conspires with a young employee and a shady friend to steal it back. The pursuit of their twisted vision of the American dream is thwarted by their greed, and it becomes every man for himself when the con goes awry. This hilarious and smart comedy is a heartbreaking -- albeit hilarious -- portrait of criminal desperation. Featuring Mamet's emblematic writing style, American Buffalo pulls no punches with its terse and often vulgar dialogue, which Mamet himself referred to as a "profane poetry." Carlo Lorenzo Garcia directs this production at Chicago's Angel Island Theater for Mary-Arrchie Theatre Co.
Animals Out Of Paper  
Shattered Globe Theatre at Theater Wit Animals Out Of Paper
Andy, a calculus teacher and avid fan, pressures a reclusive Ilana, a world famous origami artist, into becoming an unwitting mentor to a troubled teenage prodigy, Suresh. These three intriguingly flawed characters begin to reshape and mold each other's lives in much the same way they fold and crease their origami art.
Another Word for Beauty  
Goodman Theatre Another Word for Beauty
Another Word for Beauty is a stirring new music-filled work by Academy Award nominee Jose Rivera (The Motorcycle Diaries) and Hector Buitrago of Grammy-winning Latin alternative band Aterciopelados. The play follows the female inmates at a Bogota, Colombia prison, who compete in an annual beauty pageant devised by their jailers to motivate and rehabilitate. While the pageant's parade of glamorous gowns, exotic headdresses and rhythmic dances provides a distraction from daily suffering, its real impact on each woman is more than skin-deep. Inspired by true events, Another Word for Beauty is a haunting and soulful examination of women trapped within a prison's walls and the events and circumstances that led to their arrests. Experience the truths bared behind bars when Obie winner Steve Cosson directs this moving production at Chicago's Goodman Theatre.
The Awake  
First Floor Theater at Flat Iron Arts Building The Awake
Malcolm, a devoted son, floats on a bed with his mother on an endless sea, as Gabrielle, an Eastern European actress, awakes to a new life in America. Meanwhile, Nate is on the run from a faceless interrogator. These three strangers discover that a mysterious corporation bonds them together. Moving between dreams and waking life, Ken Urban' s awardwinning play explores the unspoken culture of fear that is the new normal of American life.
Barefoot in the Park  
Oil Lamp Theater Barefoot in the Park
Corie and Paul are newlyweds, fresh from their honeymoon. Corie is still enthralled by her recent sexual awakening and the adventure that comes with youth and marriage. She wants their passionate romantic life to continue at full speed. Paul, however, feels it is time to focus on his burgeoning career as an up-and-coming lawyer. When they don't see eye-to-eye about their apartment, their neighbors, and their sex drive, the new marriage experiences its first patch of rough weather.
Beautiful - The Carole King Musical  
Ford Oriental Theatre Beautiful - The Carole King Musical
Long before she was Carole King, chart-topping music legend, she was Carol Klein, Brooklyn girl with passion and chutzpah. She fought her way into the record business as a teenager and, by the time she reached her twenties, had the husband of her dreams and a flourishing career writing hits for the biggest acts in rock 'n' roll. But it wasn't until her personal life began to crack that she finally managed to find her true voice. BEAUTIFUL tells the inspiring true story of King's remarkable rise to stardom, from being part of a hit songwriting team with her husband Gerry Goffin, to her relationship with fellow writers and best friends Cynthia Weil and Barry Mann, to becoming one of the most successful solo acts in popular music history. Along the way, she made more than beautiful music, she wrote the soundtrack to a generation.
Beautiful Autistic  
Chicago Dramatists Beautiful Autistic
Woldman's BEAUTIFUL AUTISTIC takes place in the early 90s. In Chicago, 24-year-old Jimmy has a terrible time making friends. Despite his good looks, casual banter in bars comes screeching to a halt when he begins to rattle off facts about nanotechnology or dark matter, topics about which he is deeply obsessed...due to his autism. Comedy ensues when Eric-a young man whose social graces are just as awkward-takes Jimmy on as his wingman and attempts to tutor him in the art of the pick-up, with dubious results.
Beauty And The Beast  
Chicago Kids Company at St. Patrick Performing Arts Center- Stahl Family Theater Beauty And The Beast
Bella as she ventures from her little village to the Beastís castle, encountering enchanted characters and meeting the Beast himself. Will Beauty see through the Beastís gruff exterior and discover his true nature? All CKC shows feature plenty of audience participation and run for one hour with no intermission. Beauty and the Beast is targeted for children from 2 to 8 years old.
Bible Bingo  
Royal George Theatre Bible Bingo
From Vicki Quade, the creator of the popular comedy Late Nite Catechism, comes the new interactive comedy Bible Bingo. The Archdiocese's new bingo department needs to raise money for the parish. That's where you come in: Get ready to play bingo for a variety of wacky prizes. Along the way, you'll be drawn into conversation about everything from Adam and Eve to modern sins. Just be careful: You might laugh so hard you forget to yell "bingo."
Blue Man Group  
Briar Street Theatre Blue Man Group
Blue Man Group is best known for its award-winning theatrical productions which critics have described as "ground-breaking," "hilarious," "visually stunning" and "musically powerful." These performances feature three enigmatic bald and blue characters who take the audience through a multi-sensory experience that combines theatre, percussive music, art, science and vaudeville into a form of entertainment that is like nothing else.
Blueberry Toast  
Tympanic Theatre Company at Athenaeum Theatre Blueberry Toast
In BLUEBERRY TOAST, it's a Sunday morning in a sunny, suburban kitchen. Barb is making breakfast for her husband, Walt. Their children, Jack and Jill, are busy writing a play. When Barb and Walt disagree over a seemingly innocuous piece of blueberry toast, the veneer of their polished existence begins to crack and what's underneath might eat them for breakfast.
Rivendell Theatre Body/Courage
Sourced word-for-word from more than 300 interviews and developed through a Bob Curry Fellowship with The Second City and mentorship workshops with leading American documentary playwright Anna Deveare Smith, BODY/COURAGE explores facets of race, sexuality, body image, gender identity and more through Danielle's characterizations of interviews with people ranging from former Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon Scott Shepherd to Chicago PD star LaRoyce Hawkins to transgender surgeon Dr. Marci Bowers to Patricia Krentcil, also known as "Tan Mom." Danielle's own personal journey is interwoven through the narrative. I'm confident that this humorous, bold and exciting play-and the conversations it generates-will be of interest to your readers.
Bold Moves  
The Joffrey Ballet at Auditorium Theatre Bold Moves
For its annual winter engagement, The Joffrey Ballet presents "Bold Moves," a program of three contemporary ballets including a World Premiere by British choreographer Ashley Page, along with the return of two popular works from the Joffrey repertoire - Yuri Possokhov's RAkU and JiřŪ Kylian's Forgotten Land plus live orchestral accompaniment from the Chicago Philharmonic, led by Joffrey Music Director Scott Speck, during every performance.
Bruise Easy  
American Theater Company Bruise Easy
Suburbia. Today. In the glow of florescent streetlights, two estranged siblings meet in the driveway of their childhood home and begin the conversation of a lifetime. With Bruise Easy, LeFranc presents a poetic and haunting portrait of middle-class America.
Bye Bye Birdie  
Drury Lane- Oakbrook Bye Bye Birdie
The funny, irreverent musical takes audiences back to 1959 in quiet Sweet Apple, OH, where rock star Conrad Birdie shakes things up when he arrives to give one lucky teenage girl a special goodbye kiss.
Byhalia, Mississippi  
The New Colony at The Den Theatre Byhalia, Mississippi
Jim and Laurel Parker are about to become new parents. They are broke. They are loud. They are "proud white trash." When Laurel finally gives birth to their overdue child, she and Jim are faced with the biggest challenge of their lives: their baby boy is black, the result of Laurel's affair the previous year. The lives of their families and friends are thrown into turmoil in Byhalia, Mississippi, a town with a racially-charged past that still affects its present.
The PrivateBank Theatre (formerly Bank of America Theatre) Cabaret
Direct from Broadway, the acclaimed masterpiece returns to Chicago! As part of their 50th Anniversary Season, the critically acclaimed and award-winning Roundabout Theatre Company is proud to present SAM MENDES (Skyfall, American Beauty) and ROB MARSHALL'S (Into the Woods and Chicago, the films) Tony Award-winning production of CABARET. Come hear some of the most memorable songs in theatre history, including "Cabaret," "Willkommen" and "Maybe This Time." Leave your troubles outside - life is beautiful at CABARET, JOHN KANDER, FRED EBB and JOE MASTEROFF's Tony-winning musical about following your heart while the world loses its way.
Victory Gardens Theater - Biograph Cocked
Attorney Taylor and her journalist girlfriend Izzie live a comfortable life in Andersonville. Their apartment, relationship and strong anti-gun beliefs are shattered when Taylor's troubled brother Frank crashes, uninvited, into their lives. As secrets and betrayals rise to the surface, the line between self-defense and safety is blurred. Cocked, a timely world premiere thriller from Chicago playwright Sarah Gubbins and directed by Victory Gardens' Associate Artistic Producer Joanie Schultz (Rest, The Whale), returns to Victory Gardens after gripping audiences at the 2014 IGNITION Festival of New Plays.
The Condition  
Annoyance Theatre The Condition
A new one-act play, The Condition looks at the inner workings of the mind. Ruthie has volunteered for a clinical trial, but as the doctor's examination progresses, it becomes apparent that she can't quite remember what exactly is being studied or why she is being examined. Dr. Kick's questions probe ever deeper, crossing personal boundaries and even breaking the rules of logic and time. Written and directed by Joshua Fardon The Condition at the Annoyance Theatre & Bar in Chicago.
The Consultant  
Signal Ensemble Theatre The Consultant
After a series of brutal layoffs at Sutton, Feingold and McGrath, a precocious young consultant is brought in to save a middle-aged ad man's job, and maybe his life. Following the world premiere at Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven, The Consultant is an incisive, hilarious and dark look at contemporary corporate culture.
Dave Maher Coma Show  
Annoyance Theatre Dave Maher Coma Show
In his critically acclaimed one man show, the Dave Maher Coma Show, Maher reflects on life and online death, plus all the jokes and questions spawned by his experience: What's the grossest part of coming out of a coma? What's the best way to flirt with nurses in physical rehab? What now?"
Der Rosenkavalier  
Lyric Opera Der Rosenkavalier
One of opera's most popular romantic comedies, Der Rosenkavalier (The Knight of the Rose) tells the story of a love triangle between an aristocratic lady, her young rival and the brash paramour they both desire. A standard in the operatic repertoire, Strauss' work follows the tangled relationships between four characters after the object of a baron's affection falls in love with the courtier assigned the task of delivering an engagement proposal. Beautifully nostalgic waltzes punctuate the score (played by more than 100 musicians) of this Viennese classic and combine with lavish period costumes to bring the old world to life. This is a prime opportunity to catch this famous opera at the Civic Opera House. Der Rosenkavalier will be sung in German with projected English titles.
Double Text  
The Public House Theatre Double Text
Dating has gotten interesting in the digital age -- just look at Double Text, a relationship comedy that's a total product of the 21st century, presented by Chicago's Public House Theatre. The morning after Emma and Philip go on a highly successful first date, she sends him a text he can't quite decipher. Enlisting the help of his roomie, the guys attempt to decode her seemingly cryptic messages for hidden meaning. Unbeknownst to them, Emma and her roommate are doing the exact same with Philip's text, overanalyzing and debating each and every word while trying to decide the best way to respond. It's a hilarious battle of the sexes comedy ripped straight from today's culture, proving that all's fair in love and texting.
The Drawer Boy  
Redtwist Theatre The Drawer Boy
A young actor from a Toronto theatre troupe, wishing to write a play about running a farm, visits the rural Canadian home of two middle-age men-lifelong friends tending to their duties. As the actor develops his play, the two men share their stories, which turn out to be fiction, yet lead to unexpected twists and turns...and ultimately the raw truth of tragic missed opportunities. Featuring Jeff Award-winners and company members Brian Parry and Aaron Kirby.
The Duchess of Malfi  
Trap Door Theatre The Duchess of Malfi
The Duchess of Malfi is a play whose sublime poetry is only outdone by its classic Gothic horror. The story follows the title widow, who betrays her controlling brother by secretly marrying her steward, Antonio. Soon, a twisted love triangle emerges: The Duchess' bother's obsession with retaining the purity of his family's bloodline is revealed as an incestuous obsession, and Antonio may have ulterior motives of his own. Adapted from English dramatist John Webster's 17th century play, The Duchess of Malfi features arresting and innovative staging that utilizes classic tropes to create something new and exciting. Webster's work has inspired everyone from Stephen King to Echo and the Bunnymen, and his stunning vision will come to life at Chicago's Trap Door Theatre.
Aguijon Theater Epopeya
A world premiere production of Cuban playwright Abel Gonzalez Melo's award-winning retelling of the Hecuba myth. For decades, millions of islanders have fled Priamo's dictatorship. Exiled in the North, they've prospered and now return to recover everything lost. Devastated in a savage war, the Island is inundated with unburied corpses. Of the tyrant's lineage, only Hecuba survives, thirsty for vengeance. IN SPANISH WITH ENGLISH SUPERTITLES.
Estrella Cruz [the junkyard queen]  
Halcyon Theatre at Christ Lutheran Church Estrella Cruz [the junkyard queen]
Estrella Cruz (Allyce Torres), the modern Persephone, is the beautiful yet naive daughter of Aurelia, "the most beautiful inventor in all of HERE" (Tamika Lechee Morales). Whisked away to "The Junkyard" by Pablo the Junker, the lord of the underworld (Robert N. Isaac), Estrella swiftly falls in love and takes up residence in the underworld. Absurdity ensues as a pregnant Estrella ignores her mother's increasingly frantic voice mail messages and eats the underworld into oblivion, all the while confiding in her imaginary friend, Bette Davis (Kelly Opalko), to talk her through the turmoil. Video projections and mock television commercials add a surreal visual touch to the proceedings.
The Explorers Club  
Windy City Playhouse The Explorers Club
The Explorer's Club has enough to deal with. One member has lost nearly all his guinea pigs, another can't seem to locate the East Pole, the bartender is missing and, on top of all that, a woman wants to join. Before the British Empire crumbles under the weight, these good old boys must grapple with the approach of modernity, save the world from an international war and, for God's sake, find a new bartender - but not until after brandy and cigars.
The Falling Circus  
The Public House Theatre The Falling Circus
Sketch comedy has come a long way since its birth. Now, one group of young writers it getting back to the roots. "The Falling Circus" is a Monty Python-style show that mixes large, dynamic characters, absurd situations with witty dialogue.
Far From Heaven  
Porchlight Music Theatre at Stage 773 Far From Heaven
The picture-perfect facade of '50s-era family life is torn away in Far From Heaven, the stage adaptation of the Oscar-nominated 2002 romantic melodrama that starred Julianne Moore. While managing a household that would rival the Cleavers in its neatness and apparent civility, a Connecticut housewife discovers her husband's secret ... only to seek comfort in a forbidden relationship of her own. Tony Award-winning playwright Richard Greenberg (Take Me Out) and the creators of the musical Grey Gardens collaborated on this jazz-influenced musical that evokes Haynes' original inspiration: the lush, Technicolor brilliance of the films of Douglas Sirk. The Chicago premiere of Far From Heaven comes to Stage 773 courtesy of Porchlight Music Theatre.
Fifty Shades of Shakespeare  
(re)discover theatre at Fizz Bar and Grill Fifty Shades of Shakespeare
Join us for an orgy of hilarious, powerful, and revealing explorations of gender-roles, sexuality, kink and relationships all told through the bard's sexiest scenes: stripped down to 4 actors, 12 scenes, and 23 roles. The only question is: How do you want it? Every night the audience picks which actor plays each role. The possibilities are endless and every show is a salacious surprise. Grab your BFF, your f*ck buddy, your Bae, your Swipe Right, and prepare to get your drink on.
The Flick  
Steppenwolf Theatre The Flick
Three underpaid employees sweep up stale popcorn in a run-down movie house called The Flick, one of the last theaters in Massachusetts still projecting 35mm films. For Avery, this isnít a dead-end job. Itís a way to get closer to the art form he loves. Passionate debates about cinema lead to a friendship of sorts with co-workers Sam and Rose. But will their tentative bond survive as they reveal what they actually need from each other? The Flick is a heartfelt cry for the kind of authentic connection we all want, even if weíre a little afraid of it.
Fool Me Twice, Deja Vu  
Second City Fool Me Twice, Deja Vu
Fool Me Twice, Deja Vu takes you on an uproarious exploration of intuition. Have you been here before? Should you do anything different? Or are mistakes what make us grow? In this ever changing world there are still significant transformations to be made. Take a gleeful glance into funny mothers, millennials, christian media and contemporary nostalgia as you get fooled twice and come back to be fooled again.
Fugitive Songs  
BoHo Theatre at Heartland Studio Theatre Fugitive Songs
There are times in everyone's lives where the everyday becomes too much and we feel the urge to escape it all by running away. FUGITIVE SONGS is an innovative song cycle focusing on people who have given in to that desire and find themselves on the run, emotional baggage and all. These characters include a disgruntled Subway sandwich employee, a jilted ex-cheerleader, a pair of Patty Hearst fanatics, a stoner forced to rob a convenience store against his will, and many others. The award-winning writing team of Miller and Tysen blend traditional folk music with contemporary pop and gospel to create a moving portrait of restlessness in America.
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum  
Ethel M. Barber Theater - Northwestern A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
Travel to ancient Rome and experience the wild antics of the mischievous slave Pseudolus in Stephen Sondheim's laugh-out-loud musical A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. This slapstick romp sings and dances its way through mistaken identities, a house full of courtesans and an elaborate web of lies -- all adding up to one uproarious night of theater. The winner of six Tony Awards, Forum is one of the funniest musicals ever written, as Sondheim collaborated with writer Larry Gelbart (M*A*S*H, Tootsie) to seamlessly combine situations from the timeless comedies of Roman playwright Plautus with the fast-paced, slapstick energy of classic vaudeville. Step into the Ethel M. Barber Theater as House Theatre Company Member and Northwestern Theatre Adjunct Professor Matt Hawkins directs this musical comedy featuring the classic show tunes "Lovely," "Bring Me My Bride" and the Broadway favorite "Comedy Tonight."
Annoyance Theatre Generals
Chicago is known for both its world-class theaters and improv institutions. "Generals" combines the two for an evening of top notch theater performances to inspire intelligent improv. Each week Antoine McKay and Christy Bonstell will host a different highly regarded stage or film actor from theaters like Steppenwolf, and The Goodman, and shows such as Empire, who will perform three of their favorite monologues. McKay and Bonstell will use the scripted information to inspire a series of improv scenes, and maybe the guest actor will even play along. Each week will also feature an opening improv group.
The Gilded Age: A Story of Today  
City Lit Theater The Gilded Age: A Story of Today
A panoramic romp through Twain's America--which is to say, ours--The Gilded Age gives us a steamboat race on the Mississippi, strange dealings on the floors of Congress, and a high society murder trial. The Hawkins family holds 75,000 acres of Tennessee land that they are sure will someday make them rich. Their beautiful adopted daughter Laura travels to Washington DC to become a lobbyist and persuade or connive the federal government to buy the land. With the help of a Senator, Laura Hawkins enters nouveau riche Washington society, leads a scandalous life, and gains her opportunity to match wits with Congress.
The Glass Menagerie  
The Hypocrites at The Den Theatre The Glass Menagerie
Beautiful and heart-wrenching, THE GLASS MENAGERIE focuses on a man obsessed with regrets from his past. Living on the streets, he navigates an audience through the gritty back-alleys of his imagination. Truth and delusion collide in director Hans Fleishmann's newest re-imagining of Tennessee Williams' classic memory play.
Hairspray - The Broadway Musical  
Paramount Theatre Hairspray - The Broadway Musical
Based on the John Waters hit movie, Hairspray is a high-octane ride with thrilling choreography, rockiní tunes and explosively colorful costumes Ė plus some really cool hairdos. More importantly, under all the glitz, Hairspray reminds us of the importance of individuality and the acceptance of one another: a wonderful message to share with everyone.
The Hairy Ape  
Oracle Theatre The Hairy Ape
Director Monty Cole makes his Chicago debut with THE HAIRY APE, directing an ensemble of six African-American men in the portrayal of the many characters in O'Neill's harrowing, expressionistic critique of class stratification. Yank is the master of his world, shoveling coal on an ocean liner. But when a wealthy woman descends to see life on the lower decks, their encounter propels Yank from the close confines of the engine room and onto the streets of New York City, where he seeks validation, belonging and revenge. Cole's charged staging will capture the caged mind of a young, black man yearning to belong.
High Fidelity  
Refuge Theatre Project at Refuge Records High Fidelity
The musical, with a score by Tom Kitt (Next to Normal, Bring It On The Musical, If/Then), book by David Lindsay-Abaire (Rabbit Hole, Shrek the Musical, Good People) and lyrics by Amanda Green (Bring It On The Musical, Hands on a Hardbody) is the story of Rob, the owner of the vintage record shop Championship Vinyl. Rob tries to make sense of his recent split with girlfriend Laura by reviewing the "top five breakups" of his life. High Fidelity takes place mostly in Rob's record store and the Refuge Theatre Project's staging will be performed in a store created especially for this production: the aptly-named "Refuge Records" at 666 W. Hubbard St., Chicago.
Horrible Fun  
Under The Gun Theater Horrible Fun
You know your favorite adult party card games? The terrible apple mad lib f*ucktionary incorrect against humanity game that you love so much! We love them too! When you walk in the door you get three cards that fill in the blank. During the show if you have a good card that matches the main card pulled by our judge raise your hand and come up on stage! We will do improvisation based on the combinations. Be aware this show is dirty, ridiculous, offensive, and horrible. Are you ready to be horrible with us?
The Improvised Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson  
Under The Gun Theater The Improvised Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson
Improvisation, my dear Watson! The quick-witted comedy minds of Chicago's Under the Gun Theater present, for your amusement, The Improvised Adventures of Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson. The world's most brilliant detective is back, using his mile-a-minute mind to solve cryptic puzzles and vile crimes ... as crafted by members of the audience. The movie world hasn't been able to stump Robert Downey Jr., Benedict Cumberbatch or Sir Ian McKellan -- but can you outmaneuver the cast of The Improvised Adventures of Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson?
In A Word  
Strawdog Theatre In A Word
Two years have passed since Fiona Hamlin's son (Gabe Franken) vanished; now language and logic bend, buckle and break as Fiona (Mary Winn Heider) navigates the memories and events leading up to the disappearance. In a Word is a poetic, touching and deeply moving new work from Lauren Yee, the author of last season's acclaimed production of Samsara at Victory Gardens. The director of The House Theatre of Chicago's hit Season on the Line, Jess McLeod, makes her Strawdog debut directing this production with Ensemble Member John Ferrick as "Guy."
Chicago Slam Works House Ensemble at Stage 773 Incendium
"Incendium" is a cabaret-style evening of performance that explores what "life" may be like in a gritty, dungeon-like club in the afterlife. Using poetry as a primary medium, Chicago Slam Works' House Ensemble incorporates elements of movement, drama, music, spoken word, and sketch comedy to create a truly unique theater experience. Chicago Slam Works House Ensemble uses a central theme to create an original piece written and performed by the House Ensemble.
The Artistic Home Interrogation
With the sudden disappearance of a young girl at a seemingly simple family reunion, Interrogation shines a harsh light on what mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers will do to protect their own. Through the work of a diligent deputy, Woldman sifts through the fact and fiction to reveal the buried secrets of a small town.
Jeeves At Sea  
First Folio Theatre Jeeves At Sea
On board a yacht anchored in Monte Carlo, the feather-brained Bertie Wooster finds himself once more in the soup, caught between the romantic intentions of both the mischievous Lady Stella and the stern Miss Minerva in the witty new play JEEVES AT SEA. Throw in twin brothers Percy and Alfred Crumpworth, and you have a predicament that may stump even the redoubtable Jeeves!
Profiles Theatre - The Main Stage Jerusalem
On St George's Day, the morning of the local county fair, Johnny "Rooster" Byron is a wanted man. The council officials want to serve him an eviction notice, his son wants his dad to take him to the fair, and a motley crew of locals want his ample supply of drugs and alcohol. A comic, contemporary vision of rural England, Jez Butterworth's wildly original epic play is both a lament about the erosion of country life, as well as a rebuff to the antiseptic modern world.
King Lear  
Chicago Shakespeare Theater King Lear
Belarus Free Theatre returns to Chicago following widely acclaimed productions of Being Harold Pinter and Minsk 2011, a reply to Kathy Acker. Featuring tempestuous poetic language and shot through with touches of humor and moments of heart-rending simplicity, this production is one of the most striking and relevant artistic explorations of the human condition. Founded in 2005 under Europe's last surviving dictatorship, Belarus Free Theatre is one of the most outspoken critics of Belarus' repressive regime and is banned from performing in their own country. Many company members have served time in prison, lost their jobs, gone into hiding or been exiled. Despite this, the company continues to create award-winning work with the support of artists around the world.
The Last Defender  
The House Theatre of Chicago at Chopin Theatre The Last Defender
Set during the Cold War, The Last Defender draws on the era's sense of paranoia, and fear of nuclear attack to give audiences a one-of-a-kind storytelling experience. Audiences members become the heroes of the story in The Defenders' underground headquarters. The United States and The Soviet Union are still mired in the Cold War. Artificial intelligence has been deployed alongside 8 bit arcade-style computer technologies to control our nuclear weapons. Players (audience members) will navigate their own paranoia, as well as the stresses of Mutually Assured Destruction to do the job of The Defenders. Everyone will work as a team to gather information, solve puzzles, and make increasingly difficult decisions in real time. All to complete The Defenders' mission and save the world.
Late Nite Catechism  
Royal George Theatre Late Nite Catechism
Late Nite Catechism is an uproariously funny play, written by Vicki Quade and Maripat Donovan, where the irrepressible Sister teaches class to a roomful of "students." Throughout the course of the play the benevolent instructor rewards audience members for correct answers with glow-in-the-dark rosaries and other nifty prizes. Naughty students may well find themselves on stage sitting in a corner reflecting their actions. Now in its 20th year in Chicago, Late Nite Catechism is a sharp satire, but never mean. Itís simply an evening of fun and laughter.
Le Switch  
About Face Theatre at Theater Wit Le Switch
In the world-premiere romance LE SWITCH, marriage equality finally reaches the U.S. and commitment-shy David finds himself unsure how to react to the nation's honeymoon phase. Nervous in the face of "wedding fever," he retreats to his home full of unopened books and his grieving activist roommate. When his best friend's bachelor party takes him to Montreal, he's unexpectedly swept off his feet by a beautiful young florist. In the months that follow, David and his non-traditional family must decide for themselves what it really means to be committed, what it means to be married and what it means to be queer.
London Wall  
Griffin Theatre Company at The Den Theatre London Wall
This "lost" and rarely produced work by the author of I Am a Camera and Bell, Book and Candle explores the lives and love affairs of the women employed as shorthand typists in a busy solicitor's office in 1930's London. The play had its premiere in May of 1931 at the Duke of York's Theatre in London and was acclaimed for its hyper-realistic depiction of office life, as well as its soulful probing of the dreams and desires of its female characters.
Looking Over the President's Shoulder  
American Blues Theater at The Greenhouse Theater Center Looking Over the President's Shoulder
Before Lee Daniels' The Butler, Emmy-Award winning writer James Still wrote the real-life story of Alonzo Fields, the grandson of a freed slave, who was forced by the Depression to give up his dreams of becoming an opera singer. Fields accepted the job at the White House and served 21 years. The tour-de-force solo play tells the unique perspective of serving four U.S. presidents and their families: Herbert Hoover, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and Dwight Eisenhower. The Washington Post wrote, "the appeal is its peeking through the keyhole quality." Featuring Black Theater Alliance Award winner Manny Buckley*. * Denotes Ensemble member or Artistic Affiliate of American Blues Theater.
Love In 90 Minutes  
Stage 773 Love In 90 Minutes
Explore the many facets of Love in this theatrical journey with Thorpedo Productions. Stories of love, lovers and love gone wrong are scripted and performed by some of Chicago's most talented up-and-coming actors, writers and directors. Stop in early to grab a love-inspired cocktail at Stage 773's full bar.
The Man Who Murdered Sherlock Holmes  
Mercury Theater The Man Who Murdered Sherlock Holmes
Inspired by actual events, with a little fantasy thrown in, The Man Who Murdered Sherlock Holmes begins with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle writing "The Final Problem," in which his famous detective is killed off. When it is revealed that the beloved character of Sherlock Holmes has been done in, everyone from Churchill to Doyle's own family is up-in-arms. Besieged by telephone calls and angry mobs outside his home, Doyle flees London to escape the harassment. Surprisingly, he finds a much more challenging problem awaiting him when out of the evening mist steps Sherlock Holmes. And so begins a battle of wits between the author -- who wants his character dead -- and character -- who demands to be revived to preserve his legacy. Next thing you know, the writer and his creation are off together solving the real-life crime of "The Wyrley Ripper".
Marc Salem's Mind Over Chicago  
Apollo Theater Marc Salem's Mind Over Chicago
The world's foremost mentalist and purveyor of mind games, Marc Salem, brings his newest sensation, Marc Salem's Mind Over Chicago, to the Apollo Theater Chicago for a limited engagement. You won't believe your eyes as Marc's hilarious and mystifying show explores the depths and true capacities of the human brain. Think he can't read your mind? Think again! Fun for all ages.
Marjorie Prime  
Writers Theatre Marjorie Prime
It's the age of artificial intelligence, but 86-year old Marjorie is worried that her memory may be fading. That is, until the appearance of Walter, a mysterious and charming young visitor programmed to help Marjorie uncover the intricacies of her own past. As Walter's true nature is revealed, new levels of complexity emerge, leading to profound questions about the limits of technology and whether memory might be a purely human invention.
Marnie and Phil: A Circus Love Letter  
The Actors Gymnasium at Noyes Cultural Arts Center Marnie and Phil: A Circus Love Letter
Marnie and Phil met when they were just young circus students, and became instant friends. But when the inevitable twists and turns of fate take them separate ways, they make a promise to always write to each other no matter where they are. As they each somersault through adventures of fame and heartache, and age begins to take its toll on their once nimble physiques, they seek each other out to perform one last show-their long-awaited debut!
Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament  
Medieval Times Schaumburg Castle Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament
Medieval Times is an exciting, family-friendly dinner attraction inspired by an 11th century feast and tournament. Guests are served a four-course banquet and cheer for one of six knights as they compete in the joust and other tests of skill. Expect lots of jousting, swordsmanship, thrilling hand-to-hand combat, and displays of extraordinary horsemanship as part of an exciting story set in Medieval Spain.
Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus Live!  
Broadway Playhouse Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus Live!
An off-Broadway hit adapted from John Gray's iconic book, this one-man show version of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus builds on the success of the book, which sold more than 50 million copies. Fusing theater, stand-up comedy and a dash of sage wisdom, this show delivers a hilarious take on the age-old battle of the sexes. The lighthearted theatrical comedy makes its way to Broadway Playhouse in Chicago to cover everything from dating and marriage to what goes on in the bedroom.
Messina 3004  
Otherworld Theatre at Mary's Attic Messina 3004
In the year 3004, humankind is left to rebuild a world that has been ravaged by war, poverty, and disease. From these ashes arise two opposing political powers: The Moralists who value order and reason and The Revolutionaries who value free expression. Two years have passed since these political enemies have met face to face. Join us now in Messina as either a Moralist or a Revolutionary as you navigate a story of brotherly foes, requited romance, and slanderous villainy. Audience Members will be equipped with government sanctioned medication to survive this destitute world. CAUTION: New users have reported hallucinatory side effects. Whether you join us as a Moralist or a Revolutionary, welcome to Messina.
Monster Jam  
Allstate Arena Monster Jam
Get ready to experience the awesome car-crushing excitement and one-of-a-kind racing of Monster Jam, the world's largest and most famous monster truck tour. Featuring some of the biggest truck names in the sport, Monster Jam brings you an all-star lineup of towering 12-foot-tall, 10,000-pound machines that soar through the air and tear up the custom-designed race course while smashing every obstacle in their path. Packed with adrenaline-pumping action, Monster Jam will have your whole family on their feet screaming for more.
Mothers and Sons  
Northlight Theatre Mothers and Sons
Nearly 20 years after her son's death, Katharine pays an unexpected visit to the New York apartment of his former partner, who is now married to another man and has a young child. Confronted with the life her son might have led, Katharine is challenged to face the powerful ways in which society has changed around her and to accept an ever-evolving definition of family.
Muse of Fire  
Genesis Theatrical Productions at Redtwist Theatre Muse of Fire
In Auschwitz, 1942, Jewish prisoners took it upon themselves at grave personal risk to perform comedy. This is their story, as one group struggles to perform a farce based on the first great anti-Semitic tragedy of the 20th century: the infamous Dreyfus Affair. As the play goes on, and dark secrets begin to emerge about the reason for its performance, those performing must ask themselves, can comedy truly have meaning in the face of horror? Who really has the last laugh?
The Mutilated  
A Red Orchid Theatre The Mutilated
It's Christmas Eve in New Orleans and Trinket Dugan is holed up at the Silver Dollar Hotel with a painful secret. Her only friend and confidant, Celeste, has just been released from jail and will stop at nothing to get back into her good graces, her pocket-book and her booze. Can their friendship survive the cruelty, the con men, hookers, cops, sailors and drunks? The Mutilated is one of Williams' funniest and most moving plays, and according to Williams himself is "an allegory on the tragicomic subject of human existence on this risky planet."
Red Tape Theatre and Stage Left Theatre at Theater Wit Mutt
The Republican Party finally realizes it has a problem with race. So it decides its best chance for success in the 2016 presidential election is to back a candidate who's of "mixed race," white and Asian descent.. They think they've found their man in Len, a multiracial war hero who can check off every single box - and maybe a couple more boxes no one knows about. A blisteringly funny satire that skewers not only the elephants in the room but the donkeys too, Mutt burns down the entire house of racial cards.
The Old Friends  
Raven Theatre The Old Friends
Set in the 1960s in the fictional town of Harrison, Texas, The Old Friends tells of the combative members of two longtime old-money Texas families. When hometown beauty Sibyl returns to Harrison after a long absence, not-quite-forgotten passions and jealousies resurface in a wildly funny play that is, uncharacteristically for Foote, brutally satiric in its depiction of small-town people with big money..
Other Letters  
The Other Theatre Company at The Side Project Other Letters
Inspired by A.R. Gurney's Love Letters, Other Letters will tell parallel stories of gay and lesbian couples. TOTC wants to replace phrases such as "normalizing gay relationships " and "normalizing queerness" with "queering normal." Queer relationships are just as flawed, just as messy, and just as wonderful as straight relationships. They aren't interested in re-creating Love Letters with gay couples; they're interested in showing a beautiful relationship, maintained through letters, that happens to be queer. People who are friends, lovers, and confidantes. People who come together, and drift apart, remember,, and forget. People who cannot be together, but cannot be apart. Other Letters will feature two separate scripts performed in reperatory by new cast members every night.
Pinocchio: a Folk Musical  
Filament Theatre Pinocchio: a Folk Musical
Filament presents Pinocchio: a Folk Musical a new musical adaptation by Tyler Beattie (Hungry Hungry Hippos film in development with Hasbro).and directed by Scott Ferguson (Schoolhouse Rock Live! writer/creator). Chicagoans will experience Pinocchio as he's never been seen before in this freewheeling folk musical adventure of the puppet who learns to be real.
Pony Boy  
Annoyance Theatre Pony Boy
Billed as a cross between The Music Man and Equus, this all-new musical comedy from the funny folks at Chicago's Annoyance Theatre follows the adventures of con man Frankie Blotch, who sets up his latest scam at the Waynesville, Ohio Sauerkraut festival. Blotch manages to rein in plenty of emotionally vulnerable women with his "therapy ponies," but then finds it tough to ride out of town when his faux methods actually begin to show results -- and when a romance blossoms with the Mayor's daughter.
Pop Waits  
Neo-Futurists Pop Waits
Pop Waits is an athletic, participatory, clown provocation to write a song. Partners and performers Malic White and Molly Brennan both struggle with depression and rely on music to yank themselves out of despair. With the help of a live band and the audience, White and Brennan call on the powers of their heroes, Iggy Pop and Tom Waits, to write a song of their own. Through monologues, movement pieces and performance of their rock heroes' most influential songs, Brennan strips away her penchant for theatricality, while White discovers that building a larger-than-life persona might be the key to survival.
Steep Theatre Posh
The Oxbridge dining club is filled with Britain's brightest, best and most moneyed young men. When their elitist position is threatened, they will stop at nothing to take it back. Posh puts you on the front lines of the war between the classes, the adolescent struggle for identity, and the battle for the status quo.
R+J: The Vineyard  
Oracle and Red Theater Chicago at The Den Theatre R+J: The Vineyard
R+J: THE VINEYARD is set in 1890's Martha's Vineyard where a unique deaf/hearing bilingual agricultural community gave way to a budding tourism industry. Intense cultural lines are drawn between hearing and non-hearing as land, lifestyle, and livelihoods ignite the Capulet and Montague families. This beautiful and physical production is both spoken and performed in American Sign Language and intended for all audiences.
Real Deal Money or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Guy Fieri  
The Public House Theatre Real Deal Money or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Guy Fieri
Successful game show host Skip Winkleman's life is perfect. That is until he breaks the heart of the wrong Gal. Gal Fieri, that is. Once Guy learns of his sister's broken heart he vows to ruin the life and career of Skip Winkleman, no matter the cost. And Guy doesn't just want to take over Skip's show. He wants to take over the world.
Satchmo at the Waldorf  
Court Theatre Satchmo at the Waldorf
After one of his final performances, Louis Armstrong retires backstage and begins to reminisce about his incredibly successful career. As the evening unfolds, he reveals an intimate, unknown portrait of the man behind the trumpet and the ever-evolving struggle to live with dignity as a Black musician in a White world. Written with theatrical ingenuity by Terry Teachout, who has entrusted Artistic Director Charlie Newell with the play's Midwest premiere, Armstrong's story is told through the voice of a single actor playing both Armstrong and his Jewish manager Joe Glaser, bringing to life an emotional journey of deep friendship and its tragic destruction. Satchmo at the Waldorf is an intimate exploration of Armstrong's life, legacy, and above all, jazz.
Saturday Eight Night  
CIC Theater Saturday Eight Night
Saturday Eight Night is an earlier version of your favorite late night show hosted by comedians Damian Anaya, Mark Denny, and Meaghan Strickland. Each week brings a new guest interview, stand-up comedy, Chicago cultural exploration, and THE CHALLENGE! Every show a guest performer takes part in a 5-10 minute comedy piece designed to push them outside of their comfort zone. Saturday Eight Night is always new, always funny, and always Saturday at 8:00pm.
The Shape of Things  
Eclectic Theatre Company at Athenaeum Theatre The Shape of Things
Some people donít know true love when itís staring them in the face. Think you can do better? In this paradoxical romantic comedy that just might be neither, get caught up in a new relationship while questioning the differences between art and pornography, honesty and cruelty, love and sex. Written by the recipient of the Sundance Filmmakers Trophy and the American Arts and Letters Award in Literature.
Sister Act  
Marriott Theatre In Lincolnshire Sister Act
A feel-amazing musical comedy, SISTER ACT tells the hilarious story of Deloris Van Cartier, a disco diva whose life takes a surprising turn when she witnesses a crime and is taken to a convent for protective custody - the last place anyone would think to look for her. Disguised as a nun, Deloris finds herself at odds with both the rigid lifestyle and a high-strung Mother Superior. With her king-size personality and killer voice to inspire the choir, Deloris breathes new life into the church and the community, but in doing so, blows her cover. Chaos ensues as the criminals are on the hunt for the former disco diva, only to find themselves up against the heavenly power of her newly found sisterhood. Hailed as "ridiculously fun," by The New York Post, SISTER ACT will have audiences of all ages jumping to their feet in praise.
Skippyjon Jones in the Cirque de Ole  
Emerald City Theatre Company at Apollo Theater Skippyjon Jones in the Cirque de Ole
Our favorite feline, Skippyjon Jones, canon-blasts into his imagination and discovers an extraordinary circus world. Upon reuniting with his Chihuahua chums, the gang takes turns performing circus stunts, with Skippyjon to perform the daring final act. Taken from the best-selling book series, this captivating tale of trapeze dreams and flying machines is cherished by all.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs  
Chicago Kids Company at Beverly Arts Center Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
The Queen has banished Snow White to the woods out of jealousy for her stepdaughterís beauty. Once there, Snow White discovers that there are plenty of kind friends in the forest, including seven silly dwarfs and a handsome prince. Can Snow White and her new pals overcome the jealous Queen? All CKC shows feature plenty of audience participation and run for one hour with no intermission. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is targeted for children ages 2 to 8.
Chicago Children's Theatre at Ruth Page Center For Arts Snowflake
As Snowflake, Lajoye stages a tale of a kindhearted soul who, with little more than imagination and hope, breathes life into what others regard as useless, transforming the simplest of objects into comedic treasures.
Lifeline Theatre Sparky
Libby desperately wants a pet, but her mother says she can only have one that doesn't need to be walked, bathed, or fed. So she orders a sloth and names him Sparky. It's love at first sight... even if Sparky doesn't know how to fetch and always loses at Hide-and-Seek (though he's very good at playing "statue"). But after know-it-all Mary Potts mocks Sparky as lazy and unimpressive, Libby must throw a backyard talent show to highlight the talents of her misunderstood companion. Roll up for the first-ever "Trained Sloth Extravaganza!" and learn about accepting your friends for who they are, in this world premiere musical based on the delightful 2014 book by Jenny Offill, illustrated by Chris Appelhans.
Sunset Baby  
TimeLine Theatre Company Sunset Baby
SUNSET BABY explores a woman's journey from a brutal existence to her own liberation. Her father, a former revolutionary in the Black Power movement, has finally come to Brooklyn to mend their relationship. But he is totally unprepared for the hardened, modern woman he finds and is forced to confront his most challenging revolution of all: fatherhood. As father and daughter circle one another, old wounds are revealed, generational differences exposed, and blazing truths laid bare. The Guardian raved that SUNSET BABY is "a play that-like its flawed, complex characters-has a fiercely beating, damaged heart."
The Things We Keep  
The Arc Theatre at Noyes Cultural Arts Center The Things We Keep
A locally famous collage artist sifts through the contents of her attic at the end of her life, revealing a family history rife with hidden turmoil. As her family returns home to settle her estate, old wounds are unearthed that were thought to be packed away. When emotions are archived like pieces of paper, what beauty could be salvaged from the remnants?
Those Sensational Soulful '60s  
Black Ensemble Theater Those Sensational Soulful '60s
Those Sensational Soulful '60s is a highly energetic and fun remembrance of the golden era of the sixties. Black Ensemble will take audiences back in time as they bring back the hits of the great 60's groups such as The Temptations and The Four Tops, soul singers of the era including Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Mary Wells and many other soulful surprises.
Three Little Kittens  
Emerald City's Little Theatre Three Little Kittens
Three little kittens are on the hunt for their missing mittens, and they need your help finding them! Gather the clues and make new discoveries before Mother Cat comes home. With the promise of pie and the smell of a rat close by, this interactive spy story is the purr-fect way to introduce your little ones to the mystery and excitement of live theatre. (For ages 0-5)
Tuesdays With Morrie  
Provision Theater Company Tuesdays With Morrie
Tuesdays With Morrie is the autobiographical story of Mitch Albom, an accomplished journalist driven solely by his career, and Morrie Schwartz, his former college professor. Sixteen years after graduation, Mitch happens to catch Morrie's appearance on a television news program and learns that his old professor is battling Lou Gehrig's Disease. Mitch is reunited with Morrie, and what starts as a simple visit turns into a weekly pilgrimage and a last class in the meaning of life.
Two Fell Into the Cuckoo's Nest: The Timmy Heidi Picture Show  
The Public House Theatre Two Fell Into the Cuckoo's Nest: The Timmy Heidi Picture Show
Heidi Cheek and Timmy Hart Barron seem like extremely normal people. But living inside them are some extremely curious characters. From the minds that went wild in "Bye Bye Liver: The Chicago Drinking Play" and "Game of Mobile Homes" comes "Two Fell Into the Cuckoo's Nest: The Timmy Heidi Picture Show": A two-person sketch show that lives in the middle of absurdity and reality.
MPAACT at The Greenhouse Theater Center Upstate
Based on a novel Sapphire called "wild and true," UPSTATE brings new energy and authenticity to the stage in a world premiere from MPAACT. A coming-of-age story told through a series of letters, UPSTATE chronicles the trials of Natasha and her sweetheart Antonio, who is "upstate" serving time in prison. Both from Harlem, the two young lovers struggle to keep their relationship alive even as their paths diverge. At a time when movements like "Black Lives Matter" are central to the national conversation, UPSTATE is vital exploration of hard decisions and the importance of individual human connections. Carla Stillwell directs Aaron Todd Douglas' adaptation of Kalisha Buckhanon's acclaimed novel.
VAMP Comedy Cabaret  
MCL Chicago VAMP Comedy Cabaret
MCL Chicago and VAMP Chicago have teamed up to create a evening infused with cocktails, hilarious musical comedy games, and some showstopping cabaret solos.
Vices and Virtues  
Profiles Theatre - The Alley Stage Vices and Virtues
An Evening of Vices. An Evening of Virtues. Running in rotating repertory, Profiles presents two full evenings of short works by Neil LaBute, each filled with many surprises, both virtuous and otherwise. Each evening features stories of lust and hate, humor and sadness, virtue and depravity. Through them all, "love" will be the dominant theme--what it is, what it's not and how far it can be stretched.
Voyage of the Saucy Maiden  
Annoyance Theatre Voyage of the Saucy Maiden
Like some unholy lovechild of Moby Dick, the Marquis de Sade and the musicals of Gilbert & Sullivan, Annoyance Productions' Voyage of the Saucy Maiden bubbles to the surface of the sea to shock and amuse you. Following the journey of a young sailor named Fishmael, this high-spirited musical finds its hero tossed from one adventure to the next, encountering everything from whales, mermaids, pirates and mushrooms to ... sodomy? Catch this crazy, fun ride at The Annoyance Theatre & Bar in Chicago.
We Gotta Bingo  
Chicago Theatre Works We Gotta Bingo
Get your cards and markers ready for We Gotta Bingo, a raucous, interactive dinner theater experience where you're placed in the middle of two rival parishes who are set to be merged with each other. Since neither can support the expanding congregation by itself, they decide to raise the money the best way they know how -- through a bingo blowout. In between games, you'll enjoy a tasty Italian dinner, musical interludes between the rival parish choirs and The Vokel Chords playing hits from today and yesterday, polka-style. Following in the hilarious footsteps of Tony 'n Tina's Wedding, throw on your game face for We Gotta Bingo at Chicago Theater Works.
A Widow Of No Importance  
Rasaka Theatre Company at Victory Gardens Theater - Biograph A Widow Of No Importance
Deepa, a devout Hindu woman living in Mumbai, has been a widow for two years. Her only desire now is to see her daughter Tara married so that she can die in peace. But when she starts receiving romantic advances from her recently divorced neighbor Vinod, who is also her son's best friend, she starts to see the benefits of living.
Yasmina's Necklace  
16th Street Theater at Berwyn Cultural Center Yasmina's Necklace
Meet Abdul Samee: his father is Iraqi, his mother is Puerto Rican, but if you ask him, he'll say he's Italian. Longing to shed his cultural identity he changes his name to Sam, marries an American and does everything in his power to turn his back on his heritage. But when Sam meets Yasmina, a beautiful war refugee from his father's homeland, he begins to learn that a tree without roots cannot stand for long.