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Cornservatory Bat-Hamlet
Bat-Hamlet tells the tale of a Dark Knight that emerges from betwixt the pages of Shakespeare to exact revenge on his murderous uncle, King Jester. Once resolved to avenge beloved King Police Commissioner Gordrick's death, Hamlet dons the persona of Bat-Hamlet, a flashier and much cooler version of his brooding youth. The universes of Shakespeare and Batman collide as Songbird Boy, Lord Riddles, O-Feline, Bat-Hamlet-Girl and many others unfold this dastardly plot. Fans of Shakespeare and Batman, alike, will love being immersed in the maddening spiral of these iconic characters. After all, madness in great ones must not unwatched go.
A Behanding in Spokane  
Chemically Imbalanced Theater A Behanding in Spokane
In A Behanding in Spokane, Carmichael has been searching for his missing hand for 27 years. Enter a bickering couple with a hand to sell and a hotel clerk with a death wish, and we're set for a twisted story of love, hate, desperation and hope.
Bible Bingo  
Royal George Theatre Bible Bingo
From Vicki Quade, the creator of the popular comedy Late Nite Catechism, comes the new interactive comedy Bible Bingo. The Archdiocese's new bingo department needs to raise money for the parish. That's where you come in: Get ready to play bingo for a variety of wacky prizes. Along the way, you'll be drawn into conversation about everything from Adam and Eve to modern sins. Just be careful: You might laugh so hard you forget to yell "bingo."
Blue Man Group  
Briar Street Theatre Blue Man Group
Blue Man Group is best known for its award-winning theatrical productions which critics have described as "ground-breaking," "hilarious," "visually stunning" and "musically powerful." These performances feature three enigmatic bald and blue characters who take the audience through a multi-sensory experience that combines theatre, percussive music, art, science and vaudeville into a form of entertainment that is like nothing else.
Silk Road Rising at Chicago Temple Brahman/i
In this provocative play masquerading as a stand-up comedy routine, an Indian intersex person, or "hijra," explores history, mythology, gender roles... and high school. Brahman/i - funny, cynical, inventive and intensely charismatic - takes on more than a dozen unforgettable characters in a fascinating life story that most of us can barely even begin to imagine.
Bye Bye Liver  
The Public House Theatre Bye Bye Liver
The Pub Theater Company performs a series of outrageous sketches centered on Chicago's favorite pastime: drinking. Bye Bye Liver is filled with interactive social games for the audience, pitting males versus females, actors versus audience and so on. Bar life and alcoholic adventures are held up for your amusement so you can laugh -- and drink -- your troubles away. With a spontaneous and interactive format, the outcome is always a fun and outrageous time for everyone, both audience and cast.
Marriott Theatre In Lincolnshire Cats
On January 25, 2003, the Marriott Theatre presented a new production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's CATS directed and choreographed by Marc Robin. It quickly became the best-selling show in our long history. CATS, based on the poems of T.S. Eliot, with its legendary score, provides the setting for spectacular and breathtaking dance. Our intimate surroundings bring you closer than ever to "The Jellicle Ball" with trouble-makers Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer, the magical Mr. Mistoffelees and the suave Rum Tum Tugger. Let the "Memory" live again!
Northlight Theatre Chapatti
Romance is a distant memory for two lonely animal-lovers living in Dublin. When forlorn Dan and his dog Chapatti cross paths with amiable Betty and her nineteen cats, an unexpected spark begins a warm and gentle story about two people re-discovering the importance of human companionship.
Cheaper by the Dozen  
Fox Valley Repertory Cheaper by the Dozen
As the father of twelve, Frank Gilbreth used to joke: "You know, they come cheaper by the dozen!" One of the best-loved American memoirs captures the trials, tribulations and sheer amusement recounted by the children of efficiency experts Frank and Lillian Gilbreth during the 1920's. You'll laugh the night away with this humor-filled look into the life of a family who often served as the subjects of their fathers' motion studies. The results are terribly embarrassing, funny and - extremely effective! It is a coming-of-age story about rebellion and reconciliation, love and laughter, selfishness and sacrifice that has delighted audiences all over the world.
Route 66 Theatre Company at The Greenhouse Theater Center Cicada
Set in rural Mississippi, Cicada tells the story of seventeen-year-old Ace and his mother Lily, who attempt to dig their way out of the past as the unrelenting July heat presses in on their lives. It's a story about letting go and shedding what is no longer necessary in a world full of secrets, ghosts and memories that hold on tight. Poetic, dynamic, lyrical and hard-hitting, this unique piece of theater sheds light on the enduring southern spirit and the ties that bind. Originally developed through Voices of the South Theatre Company in Memphis, TN, this play sings with the longing, the loss and the poetry inherent in the South.
A Clown Car Named Desire  
Second City A Clown Car Named Desire
Join the limber and handsome cast of A Clown Car Named Desire for a spectacular night of illusion featuring brave, multitasking mothers expressing themselves; hyper hipsters competing for the ultimate in cool; and long term monogamous couples desperately trying to remember how they got that way. It's a night to remember and the perfect antidote to that mundane and troublesome state called reality.
Profiles Theatre - The Main Stage Cock
In this tense comedy about sexual identity, Cock explores one man's choices about which path of love to pursue. When John takes a break from his longtime boyfriend, the last thing he expects is to fall in love with a woman. Trapped between two lovers, John feels the physical and emotional tug as neither party wants to lose the battle for his heart. John must make a choice as he navigates his sexuality, selfhood, and the intersection of the two.
Cupid Has a Heart On: A Musical Guide to Relationships  
Stage 773 Cupid Has a Heart On: A Musical Guide to Relationships
The Cupid Players are Chicago's all-musical sketch comedy group; their intelligent and satirical scenes are always accompanied by songs that are sure to puncture your aorta. They have performed from coast to coast and were just voted Critics Pick in the Chicago Reader! Come and see what Chris Jones of the Chicago Tribune calls "both refreshing and a memorably enjoyable 70 minutes."
The Dance Of Death  
Writers Theatre The Dance Of Death
As their 25th anniversary approaches, military captain Edgar and his wife, Alice, face off in a fierce battle of wills. Their sparring proves both harrowing and hilarious, amplified by the voice of celebrated playwright Conor McPherson (The Seafarer, Shining City, Dublin Carol). His adaptation brings lyricism and ferocity to the story of the tyrannical captain and his manipulative wife, and the "innocent" Kurt who stumbles into their midst and quickly finds himself ensnared in the couple's wicked game.
Cornservatory Deathprov
Beginning with a simple suggestion of an object (used to off the actors) and a real world situation, Deathprov sets our players on a Final Destination-esque journey as cast members stab, shoot, shock or otherwise maim each other with a whole myriad of miscellaneous materials. Even if they don't do each other in, you can be sure circumstance will take care of the rest. We don't know what will happen or even how it will happen, but we can tell you how it ends: TPK (Total Party Kill).
The Deer  
The Ruckus Theater at Flat Iron Arts Building The Deer
Clara got a degree in history, and she works in a bar. Russ is dropping out to get experience, see the world, and tag snowbanks. John hasn't written the Great American anything. The deer is a deer, and he's been hit by a car. As the snow falls on the wreckage, all four confront the wild edges of existence, clutching at memory and pawing through ash to arrive in the crisp but painful present. Brooke Allen's The Deer is a lyrical exploration of death, love, and obligation that celebrates moments of connection, the natural world, and pie.
Depraved New World  
Second City Depraved New World
Celebrate the creation of our brand new show and get an exclusive look at The Second City's hilarious 102nd Revue. The Second City's 102nd Revue is written and performed by an all-star cast including Chelsea Devantez, John Hartman, Mike Kosinski, Tawny Newsome (Jeff Award Winner - Best Revue), Emily Walker and Steve Waltien with Jeff Award-Winning Director, Mick Napier. Jesse Case will be at the keys as Music Director and Craig Taylor returns for his 34th Revue as Stage Manager for The Second City Mainstage.
The House Theatre of Chicago at Chopin Theatre Dorian
Oscar Wilde's love/hate affair with youth and beauty is captured in this visually arresting contemporary adaptation. House Company Members Director/Choreographer Tommy Rapley, Co-Writer Ben Lobpries and Composer Kevin O'Donnell seamlessly blend theatre and dance, revealing the unsightly truth behind each character's outer beauty. Dorian Gray's ill-fated portrait is a character who comes vividly to life, only to encourage his wicked and sexually irreverent indulgences.
Drink! The Sketch Comedy Drinking Game  
Cornservatory Drink! The Sketch Comedy Drinking Game
Corn Productions is celebrating its 21st birthday by introducing an all new, original BYOB sketch comedy show. "DRINK!" will feature original, comedic sketches by Corn Production writers with a new drinking game for every sketch. The seven person ensemble is aided by a luminescent "DRINK!" sign to help the audience follow along in the fun.
The God Committee  
Oil Lamp Theater The God Committee
Medicine, money and morality clash when the Heart Transplant Selection Committee of St. Patrick's hospital have only minutes left to decide which of three patients will receive the donor heart that has suddenly become available. This riveting drama by Mark St. Germain takes us into the inner workings of a hospital transplant program as fallible human beings struggle to reach a decision that is literally a matter of life and death. A cross between Twelve Angry Men and E.R., The God Committee captures the taut energy of people making these choices when time is running out and there are no easy solutions.
God's Work  
Albany Park Theater Project at Goodman Theatre God's Work
God's Work "explores the human capacity for resilience featuring one of the most inspiring heroines you'll ever meet and one of the most breathtaking redemptions you'll ever witness" (Chicago Sun-Times), when after nine years of emotional and psychological abuse, Rachel learns to trust, to love and to move towards a more hopeful future.
Good Boys and True  
Raven Theatre Good Boys and True
Who is the young man in a salacious video of a teenage couple that makes the rounds at St. Joseph's Preparatory School for Boys? His face remains out of view, but he resembles the football team captain and the Ivy League-bound son of two doctors who repeatedly deny it's him. Good Boys and True invites discussions of social class and hints of sexual abuse and homosexuality, revealing increasingly ugly implications about how a culture of privilege reveals its dark side through sexuality.
The Great God Pan  
Next Theatre Company The Great God Pan
Jamie is doing great: a beautiful girlfriend, a budding journalism career and parents who live just far enough away. But when a possible childhood trauma comes to light, he begins to question not only his past but his seemingly positive present as well. Director Kimberly Senior and playwright Amy Herzog are reunited (After the Revolution) with this moving and mysterious story about the nature of memory and the question of how definitively the past shapes present behavior.
Happy Endings  
Stage 773 Happy Endings
Second Thought Theatre Company announced today the World Premiere of Matt Tassell's Happy Endings. Directed by Co-Artistic Director Adam Benjamin, this emotionally charged and thought-provoking piece examines a ten-year friendship between a young heterosexual woman and a young homosexual man, and the limits of that friendship. The play explores concepts of power, manipulation, and the idea of sexuality versus sexual identity. It begs the question at what length would someone go to have their "happy ending".
The Haunting of Hill House  
City Lit Theater The Haunting of Hill House
The Haunting of Hill House is widely considered one of the best literary ghost stories published during the twentieth century; it is number three on Stephen King's list of his ten favorite horror novels. The Wall Street Journal calls it "the greatest haunted house story ever." Its plot concerns Dr. Montague's hope to find scientific evidence of the existence of the supernatural. He rents Hill House, an empty eighty-year-old mansion thought to be haunted, for a summer and invites as his guests people he has chosen because of their past experience with paranormal events.
In The Garden: A Darwinian Love Story  
Lookingglass Theatre In The Garden: A Darwinian Love Story
Long before The Origin of Species will forever change the world, Charles Darwin meets Emma Wedgewood and they forever change each other. In the space between science and faith, they find an unexpected and unlikely romance. In the Garden chronicles the struggle of two fiercely independent individuals, divided by ideology but united by a fire that fuels a passionate lifelong debate: evolution vs. salvation. Only by embracing this duality can they possibly navigate the struggles, triumphs, losses and discoveries that await.
Jackie and Me  
The Theatre School at DePaul University at Merle Reskin Theatre Jackie and Me
Joey Stoshack has a talent that many kids dream of: the ability to travel through time. When Joey is assigned to write a report on an African American role model, he uses his powers to travel back to 1947 and meet Jackie Robinson, one of the greatest baseball players of all time. Through their adventures, Joey learns about real courage and what it feels like to walk in someone else's shoes.
The Jewels  
TUTA Theatre Chicago at Storefront Theater The Jewels
The Jewels, a world premiere, adapted and directed by TUTA Company Member Kirk Anderson, is a mysterious and surprising love story, seen through the eyes of a middle aged Parisian man. Based on a short story by French writer Guy de Maupassant, ("The French Chekhov"), the play examines the life of two lovers, one older and one younger, through love, marriage, death, and all of the secrets that can lie between two people. TUTA loosely sets the production in Paris in the 1920's, and uses poetic text and a high level of physicality to deeply explore the universal topics of love, money, and greed.
The Job  
Riverfront Playhouse The Job
"The Job" is the story of Frank, a down on his luck con artist trying to go straight and sober and marry the love of his life. He finds himself wrestling with his conscience after accepting a "job" at an agency that poses a serious moral dilemma. The pay is good and if he accepts this job he would be well on his way to financial freedom and he could finally marry, Mags, the love of his life. Unable to look past nefarious nature of this assignment, Frank panics and subcontracts the "Job" to his old partner who is now making it as a shyster fire and brimstone evangelist. There are deals, sub-deals, changes of mind and heart and Frank suddenly finds himself in over his head.
Babes With Blades at Rivendell Theatre Ensemble L'Imbecile
Sprouting up from the cast-off tatters and scraps of our society, L'Imbecile is (according to playwright Aaron Adair) "shamelessly stolen" from Giuseppe Verdi's opera Rigoletto, which, in turn, was adapted in 1851 from Victor Hugo's play Le roi s'amuse. But even if they were still around, Verdi and Hugo might not recognize their work when they see it: A Queen and her Fool, in a deadly dance of betrayal and revenge, play fast and loose with curses and courtly manners... with catastrophic consequences.
Late Nite Catechism  
Royal George Theatre Late Nite Catechism
Late Nite Catechism is an uproariously funny play, written by Vicki Quade and Maripat Donovan, where the irrepressible Sister teaches class to a roomful of "students." Throughout the course of the play the benevolent instructor rewards audience members for correct answers with glow-in-the-dark rosaries and other nifty prizes. Naughty students may well find themselves on stage sitting in a corner reflecting their actions. Now in its 20th year in Chicago, Late Nite Catechism is a sharp satire, but never mean. Itís simply an evening of fun and laughter.
Les Miserables  
Drury Lane- Oakbrook Les Miserables
Drury Lane will begin its 30th anniversary season with one of the world's most iconic musical classics - a sweeping tale of romance, passion, suspense and redemption. Based on Victor Hugo's novel, Les Miserables travels through three turbulent decades of 19th century France. Convict Jean Valjean is on the run, hunted relentlessly by Javert for breaking his parole. Valjean must leave his past behind and keep his vow to raise the young orphan Cosette. With revolution in the air and Javert closing in, Valjean has no choice but to fight for his life and sacrifice everything to protect the people he loves. Les Miserables is the recipient of over 50 international theater awards and is considered the world's longest running musical.
Little Red Riding Hood  
Chicago Kids Company at St. Patrick Performing Arts Center- Stahl Family Theater Little Red Riding Hood
Theatre for Children (CKC) presents Little Red Riding Hood, a one-hour musical adaptation! Meet Little Red and her friends as she travels through the woods to Grandma's house. Will she listen to her Mama's warning not to stray from the path? And why is the wacky Wolf so eager to help her out?
Lyle Finds His Mother  
Lifeline Theatre Lyle Finds His Mother
Lyle loves his life with the Primms in the house on East 88th Street. But everything changes when Hector P. Valenti, Star of Stage and Screen, appears with an offer to take Lyle to meet his mother in the land of the crocodile. Should Lyle trust the devious showman? And will his adopted family understand his desire to meet his birth mother? Travel the world on a journey of hilarity and heart in this world premiere musical
(re)discover theatre at Flat Iron Arts Building Lysistrata
The classic comedy, about the efforts of Greek women to end a war by withholding sex, has been updated for a modern audience. The production offers a laugh-a-minute while also highlighting the prevalence of gender roles and expectations by inserting a new and different mix of male and female actors on both sides of this 'blue balling' conflict. According to Dagenfield, "Lysistrata is a play that features sharply drawn characters in a classically funny situation. Our adaptation captures the essence of ultimate 'low comedy' and re-frames it in a contemporary format." To spice things up, a male and female actor will alternate the roles of Lysistrata and the Magistrate every other night. The (re)crew is even allowing audiences to pick their own gender for the evening! They have surprises in store for both, so audiences will want to choose wisely in the easiest gender reassignment they'll ever get.
Magic Up Close  
Theater Wit Magic Up Close
Magic Up Close is a theatrical magic show that combines sleight-of-hand illusions with skilled storytelling to create an experience that is both amazing and entertaining. Sean Masterson's highly original presentations give the magic its theatrical flair: Sam Spade, played by the Ace of Spades, mysteriously apprehends his thief; a photograph of the legendary Harry Houdini dematerializes in an instant; and Sean enchants and amazes with a magical version the Frog Prince fairy tale.
Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament  
Medieval Times Schaumburg Castle Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament
Medieval Times is an exciting, family-friendly dinner attraction inspired by an 11th century feast and tournament. Guests are served a four-course banquet and cheer for one of six knights as they compete in the joust and other tests of skill. Expect lots of jousting, swordsmanship, thrilling hand-to-hand combat, and displays of extraordinary horsemanship as part of an exciting story set in Medieval Spain.
A Midsummer Night's Dream  
Piccolo Theatre A Midsummer Night's Dream
The marriage of King Theseus and Queen Hippolyta dishes up more than cake when mortal and enchanted characters clash in misadventures of the heart. Hermia and Helena, both in love with "the wrong men" Lysander and Demetrius, become entangled in a potion-induced folly created by mischievous fairy Puck, confusing the couples even further. Oberon and Titania, fairy royalty, focus their attentions on a hapless troupe of actors, one of whom - Bottom - falls under Puck's spell and becomes Titania's temporary diversion. The hedges of reality and illusion grow wild in this time-honored and revealing comedic charade of what people will do for love.
Million Dollar Quartet  
Apollo Theater Million Dollar Quartet
MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET is the smash-hit musical inspired by the famed 1956 recording session that brought together rock 'n' roll icons Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley for the first and only time. That legendary night is brought to life in this thrilling musical which features a score of hits including "Blue Suede Shoes," "Great Balls of Fire," "Walk the Line," "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On," "Hound Dog" and more. Don't miss your chance to be a fly on the wall of fame... at MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET!
Mud Blue Sky  
A Red Orchid Theatre Mud Blue Sky
A high school pot dealer abandons his prom night to crash the hotel room reunion between three flight attendants (all old enough to be his mother). Booze is poured, herb is smoked, the room blurs and futures, careers, and kindness snap sharply into focus. We suggest that you keep your seat belt fastened throughout the performance, as you are certain to experience turbulence. Local Playwright Marisa Wegrzyn's profoundly compassionate and fiercely witty play makes its Chicago Premiere.
Our Class  
Remy Bumppo Theatre at The Greenhouse Theater Center Our Class
For decades, it was believed the annihilation of the Jewish population of Jedwabne, Poland, in 1941 was a Nazi atrocity. The truth turned out to be even more shocking. In Our Class, which won Poland's top literary prize, Slobodzianek looks at the build-up to the massacre, the events themselves, and the impact on the lives of survivors, through the eyes of ten classmates, half Jewish and half Catholic, who were young adults in 1941. Our Class is a searing look at the horror that can be perpetrated by one group on another, in the struggle to retain humanity under repression.
Theo Ubique at No Exit Cafe Passion
The musical by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine opened at Broadway's Plymouth Theatre on May 9, 1994 and ran for 280 performances, winning the Tony Award for Best Musical, Best Score, Best Book and Best Actress in a Leading Role (Donna Murphy). The musical is based upon the film Passione d'Amore (1981) directed by Ettore Scola, and on the novel Fosca by I. U. Tarchetti.
16th Street Theater at Berwyn Cultural Center Pinkolandia
Exiled from Chile to the strange land of Reagan-era Wisconsin, two young sisters must create imaginary worlds to uncover the story of their family's past. Traveling through fantasies of glaciers, talking bears and Nazi-fighting revolutionaries, Pinkolandia is a play about growing up - because sometimes, when you lose your country, you have to invent your own. Performed in English with a sprinkling of Spanish,
A Place In The Woods  
The Fine Print Theatre Company at Profiles Theatre - The Alley Stage A Place In The Woods
In line with Gernand's previous work and the mission of The Fine Print, "A Place in the Woods" addresses compelling cultural phenomena of the present time (eg, gay rights, the rise of Alzheimer's) through a story driven by character and relationship. When his mother is found incoherent and wandering on a country road late one night, Shaun, a gay man living in Chicago, is called back to his childhood home in smalltown Indiana that he has all but abandoned. With his teenage son in tow, Shaun is forced to confront this present crisis, as well as a past trauma that won't stay hidden.
The President  
Oracle Theatre The President
Originally titled "1, 2, 3" when it was written in 1929, THE PRESIDENT is a farcical Pygmalion story set entirely in the New York office of Mr. Norrison, a powerful business executive, just prior to The Great Crash. The stability of Norrison's business rests on the potential financial investment of one man, whose daughter Lydia has been staying with Norrison under his care. Just as Norrison is about to finalize the deal with his investor - and leave on a much needed vacation - Lydia announces that she's eloped with a communist taxi driver, a marriage of which her parents will most assuredly not approve. Norrison has one hour to transform Lydia's new husband into a successful capitalist, and he must use the well-oiled machinery of his enterprise to enact the transformation. The clock is ticking! Translated from Hungarian with pitch-perfect comedic timing, Morwyn Brebner's adaptation has audiences rooting for capitalism even while a display of its corruptive powers unfolds before them.
The Princess Peach Conspiracy  
New Millennium Theatre Company at Studio BE The Princess Peach Conspiracy
Join Mario, Luigi, Peach and the rest of the gang down the Warp Pipes and into post-wartime economies; resulting in doubledealings, desperate measures, and dubious romances. When the game is almost over, Princess Peach will do what she must to keep The Mushroom Kingdom and its people alive. Shady dealings-and puppets are indeed afoot in this re-imagining of the world of Super Mario Bros directed by NMTC Company Member, Joseph White.
Principal Principle  
Theatre Seven of Chicago and Stage Left Theatre at Theater Wit Principal Principle
Ultimately, Principal Principle explores the question: how does a teacher succeed within a broken system? Many of the specific issues the script raises are directly related to ongoing debates surrounding the state of Chicago Public Schools. Some of these issues lead to the strikes in the fall of 2012. By teaming together to present this timely and relevant story, Stage Left Theatre and Theatre Seven of Chicago hope to create not only a piece of entertainment, but a forum for this ongoing debate. To that end, after each performance, we will offer a post-show discussion with artists from the production, local education professionals or other Chicago residents with a distinctive perspective on the questions raised by the production.
Ramona Quimby  
Emerald City Theatre Company at Apollo Theater Ramona Quimby
Ramona Quimby is about to start 3rd grade and everything is about to change. Her sister Beezus guides us through a full year on Klickitat Street, bringing changes for the Quimby familyand the speediest wedding this side of Alaska. Reunite with Beverly Cleary's classic family in this hysterical and heartwarming play.
reWILDing Genius  
The New Colony at Steppenwolf Theatre reWILDing Genius
An Uptown Chicago loft becomes a breeding ground for young minds looking to change the world. Self-identified geniuses, cybervigilantes, hacktivists and anarchists cast off the laws of the land as they attempt to alter Humanity's fate. As these Millennials plot against enemies and build complex data schemes, reWILDing Genius asks how far is too far in our quest to save us from ourselves.
Road Show  
Chicago Shakespeare Theater Road Show
Constantly reinventing themselves to achieve success in the first part of the twentieth century, the legendary brothers Addison and Wilson Mizner embark on a musical journey that spans decades. Traversing America from Alaska to Florida, the brothers muscle through 'get-rich-quick-schemes' that explore the many sides of the American Dream.
Russian Transport  
Steppenwolf Theatre Russian Transport
A rowdy Russian family in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn is on a daily hustle to achieve the American Dream. When Uncle Boris arrives from the old country, his mysterious business ventures force the family to decide just how far they are willing to go to come out on top. A funny, passionate family drama that slyly transforms into a heart-pounding thriller, Russian Transport is a fascinating look at the contemporary American immigrant experience.
First Folio Theatre Salvage
SALVAGE tells the tender story of a shy owner of a collectables store in Detroit who finds his staid existence turned topsy-turvy when a mysterious women enters his life with valuable items she is trying to sell. But as their business relationship grows, so does their personal relationship...and so does the mystery of where she keeps finding these items.
Tympanic Theatre Company at The Side Project Sandalwood
When a young man blazes a trail of blood and destruction throughout the American West, his father embarks on a quest to stop him. But as he makes his way through the ghost towns his son has visited, he questions how evil the boy's intentions truly are, and if his terrible acts are somehow bringing him closer to humanity. Blending conventions of classic Western cinema with shades of Cormac McCarthy and even Pinocchio, Sandalwood explores the genetic inheritance of sin and violence.
Saturday Night/Sunday Morning  
Steppenwolf Theatre Saturday Night/Sunday Morning
As the world wages war in 1945, Miss Mary's beauty parlor and boarding house in Memphis, Tenn., is a popular gathering place for local African-American women. Amidst the hustle and bustle of primping and preening, Miss Mary's provides these ladies with the perfect social setting in which to exchange tales of their soldiers overseas. As the war's end looms somewhere on the horizon, these women wrestle with an uncertain future, finding love and friendship in the most unexpected of places. This Chicago premiere of Saturday Night/Sunday Morning continues Prologue Theatre Company's mission to produce untold historical stories from underrepresented voices, expanding understanding in Chicago's theatre community.
eta Creative Arts Foundation Saviour?
A white client hires a black attorney to represent him in a reverse discrimination case. They both need to win for desperately different reasons. Intelligent and emotionally charged sparring leads these men into an examination of class and privilege in a supposedly post-racial America.
Schoolhouse Rock Live!  
Marriott Theatre In Lincolnshire Schoolhouse Rock Live!
Schoolhouse Rock Live! Is the story of Tom, a nervous school teacher who learns how to win his students over with imagination and music, through such songs as "Just A Bill," "Lolly, Lolly, Lolly" and "Conjunction Junction." The original "Schoolhouse Rock" television series was the brainchild of an advertising executive who noticed his son could remember all the words to popular songs on the radio, but could not memorize the multiplication tables. He then realized that if important educational information was coupled with exciting animation and catchy music, children would be able to learn and retain it.
Seven Homeless Mammoths Wander New England  
Theater Wit Seven Homeless Mammoths Wander New England
Dean Wreen is having a difficult week. Her campus renovations are meeting stiff resistance from the town and her ex has returned to live with her. This complicates her relationship with Andromeda, her new (and much younger) girlfriend. Museums, romance, politics and yes, seven enormous mammoths collide in this academic sex comedy by one of America's most fun and original new playwrights.
Sleeping Beauty  
Metropolis Performing Arts Centre Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty has a curse put on her by the evil Maleficent - if she is pricked by a spinning wheel, she will fall into a sleep that can only be awoken by the kiss of a prince. Protected by three fairy godmothers, Sleeping Beauty is safe until her sixteenth birthday when she pricks her finger and falls into a deep sleep. The Prince goes to rescue Sleeping Beauty, but can he get past the enchanted castle covered with thorns and guarded by a dragon? It's a fun, musical version of the beloved fairytale! Recommended for grades PreK-3
Songs from an Unmade Bed  
Pride Films and Plays at Apollo Theater Songs from an Unmade Bed
Songs from an Unmade Bed explores the experiences (romantic, sexual and otherwise) of gay men living in the city. Lyricist Mark Campbell worked with eighteen composers (one per song) to create a unique musical revue, accompanied by piano and cello, with gorgeous songs that range from funny, poignant, melancholy and ultimately hopeful about life and love. Songs from an Unmade Bed has previously been presented in New York City (Off-Broadway), Los Angeles and elsewhere; this will be its premiere professional production in Chicago.
Adventure Stage Chicago Spark
Pandora lives a regimented life within the underground tunnels of Sanctuary, a secluded community designed to outlast the raging violence outside its walls. Each inhabitant of Sanctuary has a purpose, a place, and a common enemy-the mysterious Outliers who live in the world above. But after Pandora personally encounters two young Outliers, she starts to question all that has been taught to her. Is Sanctuary the safe haven she has always believed it to be, or a prison built on fear? As sides are chosen and truths shattered, Pan must ultimately decide between the life she knows and the one that is calling to her. Using projections designed by Liviu Pasare to simulate the texting and gaming that is ever-present in Sanctuary's techno-savvy world, this inventive adventure set in the near future is recommended for ages 9 (grade 4) and up
The Teddy Bears' Picnic  
Emerald City's Little Theatre The Teddy Bears' Picnic
Mama Bear and Baby Bear have invited you to pack up your picnic basket and head out to the woods. Mama Bear needs your family's help to set up the picnic and gather the materials for a perfect lunch. Explore your surroundings and squeal with delight at the surprises you and Baby Bear discover there. Best suited for kids 0 - 4.
The Tempest  
Suitcase Shakespeare Company at Athenaeum Theatre The Tempest
Shakespeare's dynamic magical adventure is brought to life through puppetry, masks, movement and music. The brooding sorcerer Prospero commands storms and spirits that he might meddle in the affairs of those that have been drawn by fate to his secluded island. Adapted by the Suitcase Shakespeare Company.
Thinner Than Water  
The Gift Theatre Thinner Than Water
Three estranged half-siblings reunite upon their father's illness in this blood-raw, and wicked comedy-drama about fighting through the thick-and-thin of family.
The Three Little Pigs  
Emerald City Theatre Company at Apollo Theater The Three Little Pigs
When the pigpen starts to look like a real sty, Mama says it's time to leave and build something new. Help Cha, Stu, and Bao watch for wolves while they use hay, sticks, and bricks to make it in a big, bad world. From the same Broadway composers as Honk! and Mary Poppins, this American premiere of this Stiles and Drewe musical is curly tail not to be missed!
To Kill An Angry Bird  
Stage 773 To Kill An Angry Bird
How do you stay modern when the world is changing at super speed? Mass St. Productions' new sketch revue, "To Kill An Angry Bird," tackles the always funny, usually silly, and sometimes scary realities of getting older in a rapidly changing world. And history may be scary, but the future is shocking!
Tommy Gun's Garage  
Tommy Gun's Garage Tommy Gun's Garage
The restaurant-cabaret presents a Roaring 20s-themed musical comedy revue in a speakeasy seting, with dining and drinking integrated into the show.
Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind  
Neo-Futurists Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind
Their signature show, Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind, which had its first performance on December 2, 1988, is now in its twenty-fifth year, making it the longest-running show in Chicago today. Too Much Light..., with its ever-changing "menu," is an attempt to perform 30 plays in 60 minutes. The single unifying element of these plays is that they are performed from a perspective of absolute honesty.
Trash Boy: The Musical!  
The Public House Theatre Trash Boy: The Musical!
When the refuse-obsessed Mayor of Fairweather finalizes his anti-garbage campaign, he burns down the town dump. The fire unleashes Trash Boy and lays waste to his home and family. Will the gentle Trash Boy seek revenge? How will the Mayor react when his own daughter falls in love with the boy made of garbage, and what questions will her star athlete boyfriend ask himself? Will the Janitor keep the town from falling into chaos?
Vaudezilla (Burlesque Cabaret)  
Stage 773 Vaudezilla (Burlesque Cabaret)
Vaudezilla! Burlesque Cabaret is one of the hottest tickets in town, bringing you the best in Chicago burlesque and variety! Every week, the cast changes. Every month, the theme changes. But the one thing that never changes is how much fun you'll have every Saturday night! Each show features your favorite Vaudezilla performers, as well as burlesque, comedy, and musical performers from Chicago and all over the country. Join us and find out what everyone's ROARing about!
A View From the Bridge  
Teatro Vista at Victory Gardens Theater - Biograph A View From the Bridge
A View from the Bridge follows the cataclysmic downfall of Eddie Carbone (^Ramon Camin), who spends his days as a hardworking longshoreman and his nights at home with his wife, Beatrice (^*Sandra Marquez), and niece, Catherine (Ayssette Munoz). But the routine of his life is interrupted when Beatrice's cousins, illegal immigrants from Italy, arrive in New York. As one of them embarks on a romance with Catherine, Eddie's envy and delusion plays out with devastating consequences.
The Way West  
Steppenwolf Theatre The Way West
In a modern-day California town that's seen better days, Mom shares death-defying tales of pioneer crossings with her two squabbling adult daughters as she waits for her bankruptcy to come through. Peppered with original prairie songs, this hilarious and heartbreaking play about today's American family explores the mixed blessing of our great frontier spirit, which has fueled both self-delusion and survival.
The Wild  
Walkabout Theater Company at Steppenwolf Theatre The Wild
Rhythmic, muscular and full of risk, The Wild is the world premiere of a devised laboratory theater performance based on the words of playwright Charles Mee, Dionysian rituals and a pulsing mix of global folk performance. Walkabout Theatre Company examines what happens to people when institutions crumble and deities fail to show up.