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Not Just Jocks In Frocks: Three Plays Highlight Women In Sports Today

Tight End in ChicagoAmerican Theater magazine wasn't giving away any secrets when it reported plays featuring narratives extolling athletic activities reaping the benefits of crossover marketing to audiences outside the usual theatergoing demographic. You won't find any argument disputing the timeliness of stories exploring the dark side of glory days under the stadium lights, either.

Whatever the deciding.... Read More


Not In Our Theater: Rehearsing Creepy Violence in By The Bog of Cats

By the Bog of CatsNobody expects Greek tragedy to be an exercise in polite restraint, but audiences at By the Bog of Cats, Marina Carr's updating of Medea, were still unprepared to witness acts of cold-blooded violence known to most American citizens only through hearing them described in accounts of war atrocities.

The play explores the conflicts arising.... Read More


Whistling The Wardrobe: The Dazzling Fashions of Priscilla and Brother's Keeper

My Brother's KeeperYou could hear the audience gasp at the 2016 production of The Other Cinderella when our much-abused heroine's drab household duster swirled gracefully into a princess-line gown as supple and shimmering as molten gold. The same response greets the entrance of Taylay Thomas, playing mid 20th-century Hollywood icon Dorothy Dandridge, in the currently-running My Brother's Keeper: The.... Read More


Don't Call Them Squats: Custom-made Environment for Refuge's High Fidelity

High Fidelity - Refuge TheatreThe storefront at 1415 North Ashland Avenue is crammed with bins of vinyl disks, cassette tapes and CDs. The walls and counter are decorated with vintage posters for music clubs like the Empty Bottle, Beat Kitchen and Double Door. Only the sixty-five chairs set up along two sides of the room offer a clue that this is not,.... Read More


This Way Out: The Three Faces Of Uncle Vanya

Vanya or, That's LifeNo one planned a Chekhov festival, but three sequential adaptations of Uncle Vanya in six months, all of them raising the question of what can be done to end the suffering of its author's unhappy characters, is too much of a confluence not to go unnoticed.

Chekhov's 1896 drama presents us with Vanya Voynitsky and.... Read More


Follow That Bus: Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Parks in Uptown

Priscilla Queen of the DesertSeeing a car in the process of being towed is not an uncommon sight in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood, but In 2002, residents were startled to see a full-size Crown Victoria taxicab unloaded into the front door of the storefront at 4137 Broadway for a production of Will Kern's Hellcab. If that boat-in-the-bottle proved to be a tight fit—a.... Read More


Warm Plays For A Cold Winter: Honky Tonk Angels and La Gringa Offer Escape From the Chill

Honky Tonk AngelsFor attracting playgoers in the winter months, nobody can dispute the advantages offered by plays boasting locales where overcoats are strictly tourist garb, to be promptly shed upon leaving the airport. Two shows currently running into 2017 provide audiences an opportunity to escape freezing Chicago temperatures: UrbanTheatre's La Gringa transports us to a sunny island in the.... Read More


The Outs and Ins of Philip Dawkins

Philip Dawkins - PlaywrightI first encountered Philip Dawkins in 2007 at The Paper Machete, Christopher Piatt's "Live News Magazine." It was a back-to-school show, and Dawkins - who had then been teaching playwriting in the Chicago Public Schools for 10 years - opened his monologue with comments his students had written on a class feedback survey form. An.... Read More


Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen- And Ladies: Cross-gender casting in A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol at Goodman TheatreOver the 39 years that the Goodman Theatre has presented Tom Creamer's adaptation of A Christmas Carol, its various directors have reminded us that Charles Dickens' tale of a lonely misanthrope restored to humanity through divine intervention has its counterpart in every culture the world over. Indeed, to declare the themes of this popular fable universal, wholly.... Read More


Why You Should Give The Gift of Theatre

Chicago Theatre Gift CertificatesIf you are stuck figuring out what to buy family and friends this holiday season, think of live theatre to get you out of a gifting dilemma. Theatre gift certificates make great holiday presents. In fact, you are not just giving gifts; you are giving enjoyable experiences to your loved ones.

Extra Special.... Read More


Bottoms Up At Curtain Time: a Proliferation of Drinking Game Shows

Bye Bye Liver ChicagoOn a weekend night in Bucktown circa 2006, citizens might have seen a convoy of young clubbers marching to the Gorilla Tango playhouse at the junction of Milwaukee, Armitage and Western Avenues, laden with six- and twelve-packs of beer, liters of wine and fifths of sundry firewaters. Their destination wasn't a block party, however, but a show rapidly.... Read More


Theatre In Chicago's 2016 Holiday Show Round-Up

Holiday Plays In ChicagoThe holiday season has arrived and with it another season of spectacular holiday plays in Chicago. Along with traditional family favorites like "A Christmas Carol," "The Nutcracker" and "It's A Wonderful Life," Chicago theaters are presenting everything from elves in drag bars to interactive comedy to a Scrooge roast and much, much more. To see a complete.... Read More


Quicker Than The Eye: Dennis Watkins Brings Close-Up Magic to The Magic Parlour

The Magic Parlour in ChicagoThe term "Magic Show" most often calls to mind a series of elaborately-structured and lavishly-staged illusions. Rarely did these exhibits include a connective narrative providing continuity—until the House Theatre of Chicago made its debut in 2000 with Death and Harry Houdini, Nathan Allen's play combining the real-life biography with a fictional examination of the reasons behind the legendary.... Read More


Fighting Or Flirting? "Intimacy Design" in Hand to Hand

Hand In HandPlaygoers might be startled to see "violence/intimacy design" listed in the playbill for Akvavit Theatre's production of Hand in Hand. For centuries, the extent of sex-on-stage training for actors was learning how to kiss while facing the audience, but as playwrights demand ever-increasing levels of realism in scenes requiring physical interaction, whatever its motivation, the potential for.... Read More


Semper Fi, Ladies! Babes With Blades Train with the USMC in Promise of a Rose Garden

The Promise of a Rose GardenPopular myth dictates that the "few good men" of the United States Marines, being trained in combat to the exclusion of other skills, spend most of their off-duty time in recreational activities based on perfecting their battle readiness, whether through martial sports or old-fashioned street brawling. This archetype also applies when the marines are female, as in Dustin.... Read More


Solo Noir: Chicago Playwright Douglas Post and English Actor Simon Slater Team Up For Bloodshot

Bloodshot in Chicago"He had a funny kind of accent, but his clothes weren't from the Red Shields and his hair didn't look like his mother had cut it, so I guessed he was on the level when he strolled into my office, He came to the point right away. 'I can do magic tricks, play the saxophone and ukulele, I.... Read More


The Artist Reveals Himself: The Portrait Offers an Intimate Look at Symbolist Painter Gustav Klimt

The PortraitFor an artist whose state-sponsored murals were denounced as "pornographic," and who never married (but was rumored to have fathered fourteen children), Gustav Klimt was actually one of the more low-profile members of the nebulous fin de siecle coterie dubbed "Symbolists" by art historians. The contradictions engendered in embracing an aesthetic mandating complete body-and-soul connection with his muse.... Read More


Second-Act Playwright: From Numbers to Words with David Alex

David Alex and Eroica castDavid Alex isn't your average workshop-hustling, grant-grubbing, chardonnay-swilling playwright, but while the term "hobbyist" can be invoked as a pejorative, its negative connotations are undeserved.

A former high school mathematics teacher and track coach, he has served on the administrative boards of several arts organizations, including the Joseph Jefferson committee. He has been married.... Read More


How to Get the Best Seats for "Hamilton" in Chicago

Hamilton Tickets in ChicagoAs the Broadway production nominated for the most Tonys in history and the winner of 11 Tony awards, Hamilton is sure to take your breath away no matter where you sit. However, if you want to take advantage of the full experience, use the following tips and seating chart when purchasing your Hamilton tickets to ensure you.... Read More


Farewell To Broadway: Strawdog Theatre Company Draws Curtain on its Lakeview Loft

Strawdog Theatre - Once In A LifetimeMoving to a new home is always an occasion for contemplation, whether coming after years of planning or launched in the heat of expediency. For the Strawdog Theatre Company, the prospect of abandoning an environment associated with a thirty-year history of hope, ambition and creativity cannot help but call forth memories.

To be sure, these.... Read More


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