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Theatre In Chicago's 2019 Holiday Show Round-Up

Holiday Shows In ChicagoThat time of year is back, and what winter season is complete without a trip to the theater to take in some holiday plays? Whether you want to sit back and enjoy the classics that remind you of the true meaning of the season or you want to change things up and experience Christmas through a slightly more eccentric lens, there are plenty of plays to choose from. To see a complete list of the holiday plays, visit our Holiday Plays in Chicago page.

Traditional Classics
There's nothing quite like the classics at Christmas time. These are the stories that move people's hearts, remind them of goodwill during the holiday season and fill them with hope for a better future. Take a look at the following classic Christmas plays that are the most popular and have many versions that the whole family can enjoy:

-A Christmas Carol: Whose holiday doesn't begin with a resounding, "Bah, humbug"? You can join Ebenezer Scrooge on his adventures with the ghosts of Christmas as he rediscovers the real meaning of Christmas. This year as always there are several options for seeing this play, including at the Goodman Theatre from November 16 to December 29, the Metropolis Performing Arts Centre from November 29 to December 24, and a musical version at the BrightSide Theatre at Meiley-Swallow Hall from November 29 to December 15.

-White Christmas: Singing along to Irving Berlin's classic is a must for enthusiasts of holiday plays. Ring in the Christmas season with a trip to the cozy Vermont inn with some of the most iconic Christmas songs ever created. Showing in the Cadillac Palace Theatre from December 10 to December 15 and the Theatre At The Center from November 14 to December 22, it's a play the whole family can enjoy.

-It's a Wonderful Life: What holiday season isn't complete without shedding a tear at the heart-wrenching classic about a man and his guardian angel? You can experience Bedford Falls in a live radio broadcast at Stage 773 in the American Blues Theater from November 14 to January 4, and the Oil Lamp Theater from November 29 to December 29. Anyone who loves Christmas plays will definitely want to catch this showing

-The Nutcracker: It wouldn't be Christmas without a trip to the theater to watch a beautiful ballet performance of this classic. Find it at Chicago's Auditorium Theatre from November 30 to December 29, and a ballet-free version is between November 8 and December 29 at the Chopin Theatre.

Quirky Renditions
If you're looking for something a little different or want to go beyond the traditional plays, don't worry. There are plenty of quirky versions of the classics and original creations to satiate your needs, such as the following holiday plays:

-America's Best Outcast Toy: You can follow the journey of the misfit toys as they navigate the world and compete to be the very best of the misfits through singing, dancing and other challenges. The best part? Your vote as an audience member determines which toy wins! This is showing from November 29 to January 12 at the Pride Arts Center - The Broadway.

-Raks Geek - A Xenomorph Holiday Special: This production is perfect for anyone who wants to blend the cheerful spirit of Christmas plays with nerdy classics such as Doctor Who, X-Men, Star Wars and more. The Newport Theater puts on this display on December 13.

-The Wickhams - Christmas at Pemberley: Fall back into Jane Austen's classic novel as you rejoin the characters during Christmas with the Darcy's. Showing at Northlight Theatre from November 7 to December 15, you're sure to appreciate this behind-the-scenes look at what might have happened after "Pride and Prejudice" ended.

Hilarious Performances
Nothing spreads holiday cheer quite like a performance that makes people laugh. Fortunately, Chicago theaters have that section covered with hysterical wit that can only be found in these holiday plays.

- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Sweater is sure to make you laugh until you cry. The first showing is at the Paramount Theatre from November 29 to December 22, and the second showing is at the Metropolis Performing Arts Centre from December 21 to December 31.

-Next comes The Golden Girls: The Lost Episodes - The Holiday Edition, Volume 2. Join the lovable quartet as they navigate the holiday season in this sidesplitting parody of the popular sitcom.

-If you're looking for advice from a well-meaning but outspoken relative wrapped up in the good cheer found in Christmas plays, then Uncle Larry's Holiday Humbug Comedy Show is what you need. Larry Reeb, as Uncle Lar, gives the audience tips for every part of life, with a dose of hilarity and humor for this holiday season. You can meet Uncle Lar at the Metropolis Performing Arts Centre on December 10, and be ready to laugh your socks off.

Holiday Cheer Is Found at the Theater
Christmas is the perfect season for going to the theater and taking in plays ranging from the true classics to quirky originals and comedy acts sure to make you laugh.

For a complete list of the holiday shows in Chicago go to our Holiday Plays In Chicago page.

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