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Moulin Rouge! The Musical - Something to Possibly Look Forward To

Moulin Rouge! The Musical in ChicagoIt's safe to say that no matter who you are or what your profession is, the problems that have come with COVID-19 have left you stressed and tired. Sometimes it might even feel as though these health and economic threats will never end. One way to reassure yourself that you will get through the madness that has taken over your life is to envision your post-pandemic life after it has returned to normal. One of the most anticiapted shows coming to Chicago to look forward to if things will go back to normal by the end of the year is "Moulin Rouge! The Musical" which is scheduled to come to the Chicago Nederlander Theatre in December.

"Moulin Rouge The Musical" became an instant Broadway hit when it premiered in 2019. Adapted from the Oscar-nominated movie of the same name, the play includes many of the same songs while adding several new Billboard chart hits. Don't assume that because you saw the movie you already know the play - this musical is a new take on the well-loved film, and it been received well by critics and audiences.

The play ran on Broadway with Alex Timbers as director. Timbers has said that his most satisfying moment of the play came about because of his experiences living in Chicago as a teen. He has fond memories of basketball games in the 90s, watching the Bulls be introduced with spotlights, and that experience influenced the way he set up The Duke to first enter the stage. The mood and power that Timbers captures using a combination of spotlights, pomp and the character's contrasting nonchalance sets the tone for the way the entire play melds extravagance, history, pop and depth of emotion.

It is not common for such a new musical to start touring the nation, but with the high level of excitement and popularity that the play has generated, the 2020 tour was scheduled only one year after the Broadway Premier. The touring company will be performing with the same style of over-the-top extravagance in the props and costumes of the Moulin Rouge lounge. The high level of luxuriance keeps the touring play in keeping with Timbers' vision that brings out the genuineness of the emotion that is at the core of this stunning re-telling of an unforgettable story.

The curtains will not be closed forever, and we are still prepared for the much-anticipated showing of "Moulin Rouge! The Musical" in its first national tour. The stress of COVID-19 and drudgery of too much time stuck at home are easier to swallow when you can anticipate special events such as this. Until then, replay that movie you enjoy so much as you look forward to being back in the theater for a spectacular play that is filled with unending, show-stopping current hits. Because of COVID-19, the on-sale date for tickets to "Moulin Rouge! The Musical" has been pushed back until August. Here at Theatre in Chicago, we share your love for the theater and we too look forward to the performances that will be coming soon.

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