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Satchmo at the Waldorf  
Court Theatre Satchmo at the Waldorf
After one of his final performances, Louis Armstrong retires backstage and begins to reminisce about his incredibly successful career. As the evening unfolds, he reveals an intimate, unknown portrait of the man behind the trumpet and the ever-evolving struggle to live with dignity as a Black musician in a White world. Written with theatrical ingenuity by Terry Teachout, who has entrusted Artistic Director Charlie Newell with the play's Midwest premiere, Armstrong's story is told through the voice of a single actor playing both Armstrong and his Jewish manager Joe Glaser, bringing to life an emotional journey of deep friendship and its tragic destruction. Satchmo at the Waldorf is an intimate exploration of Armstrong's life, legacy, and above all, jazz.
Saturday Eight Night  
CIC Theater Saturday Eight Night
Saturday Eight Night is an earlier version of your favorite late night show hosted by comedians Damian Anaya, Mark Denny, and Meaghan Strickland. Each week brings a new guest interview, stand-up comedy, Chicago cultural exploration, and THE CHALLENGE! Every show a guest performer takes part in a 5-10 minute comedy piece designed to push them outside of their comfort zone. Saturday Eight Night is always new, always funny, and always Saturday at 8:00pm.
The Shape of Things  
Eclectic Theatre Company at Athenaeum Theatre The Shape of Things
Some people donít know true love when itís staring them in the face. Think you can do better? In this paradoxical romantic comedy that just might be neither, get caught up in a new relationship while questioning the differences between art and pornography, honesty and cruelty, love and sex. Written by the recipient of the Sundance Filmmakers Trophy and the American Arts and Letters Award in Literature.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs  
Chicago Kids Company at Beverly Arts Center Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
The Queen has banished Snow White to the woods out of jealousy for her stepdaughterís beauty. Once there, Snow White discovers that there are plenty of kind friends in the forest, including seven silly dwarfs and a handsome prince. Can Snow White and her new pals overcome the jealous Queen? All CKC shows feature plenty of audience participation and run for one hour with no intermission. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is targeted for children ages 2 to 8.
Chicago Children's Theatre at Ruth Page Center For Arts Snowflake
As Snowflake, Lajoye stages a tale of a kindhearted soul who, with little more than imagination and hope, breathes life into what others regard as useless, transforming the simplest of objects into comedic treasures.
Lifeline Theatre Sparky
Libby desperately wants a pet, but her mother says she can only have one that doesn't need to be walked, bathed, or fed. So she orders a sloth and names him Sparky. It's love at first sight... even if Sparky doesn't know how to fetch and always loses at Hide-and-Seek (though he's very good at playing "statue"). But after know-it-all Mary Potts mocks Sparky as lazy and unimpressive, Libby must throw a backyard talent show to highlight the talents of her misunderstood companion. Roll up for the first-ever "Trained Sloth Extravaganza!" and learn about accepting your friends for who they are, in this world premiere musical based on the delightful 2014 book by Jenny Offill, illustrated by Chris Appelhans.
Sunset Baby  
TimeLine Theatre Company Sunset Baby
SUNSET BABY explores a woman's journey from a brutal existence to her own liberation. Her father, a former revolutionary in the Black Power movement, has finally come to Brooklyn to mend their relationship. But he is totally unprepared for the hardened, modern woman he finds and is forced to confront his most challenging revolution of all: fatherhood. As father and daughter circle one another, old wounds are revealed, generational differences exposed, and blazing truths laid bare. The Guardian raved that SUNSET BABY is "a play that-like its flawed, complex characters-has a fiercely beating, damaged heart."
The Things We Keep  
The Arc Theatre at Noyes Cultural Arts Center The Things We Keep
A locally famous collage artist sifts through the contents of her attic at the end of her life, revealing a family history rife with hidden turmoil. As her family returns home to settle her estate, old wounds are unearthed that were thought to be packed away. When emotions are archived like pieces of paper, what beauty could be salvaged from the remnants?
Three Little Kittens  
Emerald City's Little Theatre Three Little Kittens
Three little kittens are on the hunt for their missing mittens, and they need your help finding them! Gather the clues and make new discoveries before Mother Cat comes home. With the promise of pie and the smell of a rat close by, this interactive spy story is the purr-fect way to introduce your little ones to the mystery and excitement of live theatre. (For ages 0-5)
Two Fell Into the Cuckoo's Nest: The Timmy Heidi Picture Show  
The Public House Theatre Two Fell Into the Cuckoo's Nest: The Timmy Heidi Picture Show
Heidi Cheek and Timmy Hart Barron seem like extremely normal people. But living inside them are some extremely curious characters. From the minds that went wild in "Bye Bye Liver: The Chicago Drinking Play" and "Game of Mobile Homes" comes "Two Fell Into the Cuckoo's Nest: The Timmy Heidi Picture Show": A two-person sketch show that lives in the middle of absurdity and reality.
MPAACT at The Greenhouse Theater Center Upstate
Based on a novel Sapphire called "wild and true," UPSTATE brings new energy and authenticity to the stage in a world premiere from MPAACT. A coming-of-age story told through a series of letters, UPSTATE chronicles the trials of Natasha and her sweetheart Antonio, who is "upstate" serving time in prison. Both from Harlem, the two young lovers struggle to keep their relationship alive even as their paths diverge. At a time when movements like "Black Lives Matter" are central to the national conversation, UPSTATE is vital exploration of hard decisions and the importance of individual human connections. Carla Stillwell directs Aaron Todd Douglas' adaptation of Kalisha Buckhanon's acclaimed novel.
VAMP Comedy Cabaret  
MCL Chicago VAMP Comedy Cabaret
MCL Chicago and VAMP Chicago have teamed up to create a evening infused with cocktails, hilarious musical comedy games, and some showstopping cabaret solos.
Vices and Virtues  
Profiles Theatre - The Alley Stage Vices and Virtues
An Evening of Vices. An Evening of Virtues. Running in rotating repertory, Profiles presents two full evenings of short works by Neil LaBute, each filled with many surprises, both virtuous and otherwise. Each evening features stories of lust and hate, humor and sadness, virtue and depravity. Through them all, "love" will be the dominant theme--what it is, what it's not and how far it can be stretched.
Voyage of the Saucy Maiden  
Annoyance Theatre Voyage of the Saucy Maiden
Like some unholy lovechild of Moby Dick, the Marquis de Sade and the musicals of Gilbert & Sullivan, Annoyance Productions' Voyage of the Saucy Maiden bubbles to the surface of the sea to shock and amuse you. Following the journey of a young sailor named Fishmael, this high-spirited musical finds its hero tossed from one adventure to the next, encountering everything from whales, mermaids, pirates and mushrooms to ... sodomy? Catch this crazy, fun ride at The Annoyance Theatre & Bar in Chicago.
We Gotta Bingo  
Chicago Theatre Works We Gotta Bingo
Get your cards and markers ready for We Gotta Bingo, a raucous, interactive dinner theater experience where you're placed in the middle of two rival parishes who are set to be merged with each other. Since neither can support the expanding congregation by itself, they decide to raise the money the best way they know how -- through a bingo blowout. In between games, you'll enjoy a tasty Italian dinner, musical interludes between the rival parish choirs and The Vokel Chords playing hits from today and yesterday, polka-style. Following in the hilarious footsteps of Tony 'n Tina's Wedding, throw on your game face for We Gotta Bingo at Chicago Theater Works.
A Widow Of No Importance  
Rasaka Theatre Company at Victory Gardens Theater - Biograph A Widow Of No Importance
Deepa, a devout Hindu woman living in Mumbai, has been a widow for two years. Her only desire now is to see her daughter Tara married so that she can die in peace. But when she starts receiving romantic advances from her recently divorced neighbor Vinod, who is also her son's best friend, she starts to see the benefits of living.
Yasmina's Necklace  
16th Street Theater at Berwyn Cultural Center Yasmina's Necklace
Meet Abdul Samee: his father is Iraqi, his mother is Puerto Rican, but if you ask him, he'll say he's Italian. Longing to shed his cultural identity he changes his name to Sam, marries an American and does everything in his power to turn his back on his heritage. But when Sam meets Yasmina, a beautiful war refugee from his father's homeland, he begins to learn that a tree without roots cannot stand for long.

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