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R+J: The Vineyard  
Oracle and Red Theater Chicago at Oracle Theatre R+J: The Vineyard
R+J: THE VINEYARD is set in 1890's Martha's Vineyard where a unique deaf/hearing bilingual agricultural community gave way to a budding tourism industry. Intense cultural lines are drawn between hearing and non-hearing as land, lifestyle, and livelihoods ignite the Capulet and Montague families. This beautiful and physical production is both spoken and performed in American Sign Language and intended for all audiences.
The Raid  
Jackalope Theatre Company at Broadway Armory The Raid
Unlike other prominent abolitionists, John Brown is convinced only bloodshed will dismantle American Slavery. After fighting alongside his sons in Kansas, Brown plots to make real his vision: To free and arm black slaves across the south. With Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman conflicted, Brown heads to Harpers Ferry. A tragedy of dissenting heroes, The Raid investigates the line between civic disobedience and civic duty, ultimately asking whether or not there's such a thing as justifiable violence.
Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus - Circus Xtreme  
United Center Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus - Circus Xtreme
The all-new, 145th Edition of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey headed for Chicago - Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Presents Circus XTREME - features artists who redefine the word extreme in everything they do, magnifying traditional elements of the circus and combining them with never-before-seen spectacles, original fast-paced performances and incredibly hilarious moments. The adrenalin-fueled spectacular offers extreme thrills, exotic animals and extraordinary performers that add up to the ultimate family entertainment experience.
Sad Songs for Bad People  
Rough House Theater Company at Neo-Futurists Sad Songs for Bad People
Sad Songs for Bad People invites you to step right up and trade in your troubles for an evening of murder ballads, ditties of death, and songs of tragic misfortune! Armed with piles of puppets, a live band, and a cheerful obsession with the macabre, the Sad Songs troupe is determined to put on one helluva show. But as puppet casualties accumulate, ill-buried tension begins to surface and threatens to shatter the troupe's sunny facade. Rough House Theater's Sad Songs for Bad People will thrill you, shock you, gingerly prod the soft spot in your heart, and sate the hunger for dark puppet theater you never knew you had.
Santaland Diaries  
Theater Wit Santaland Diaries
Don't miss this antidote to Christmas cheer. A celebration of the desperation of unemployment, the insanity of Christmas shopping and the ineffable "cheer" of the holiday spirit. David Sedaris' beloved account of his time in the trenches as an Elf at Macy's during the holiday season has been called the "24 funniest pages ever written in the English language."
The Second City's 104th Revue  
Second City The Second City's 104th Revue
Jeff Award-Winning Director Ryan Bernier is back along with returning ensemble members Chelsea Devantez, Paul Jurewicz and Daniel Strauss and new cast members Rashawn Nadine Scott, Sarah Shook and Jamison Webb. Jacob Shuda returns as Music Director and Craig Taylor is back for his 36th Revue as Stage Manager for The Second City Mainstage.
Marriott Theatre In Lincolnshire Seussical
Join the mischievous Cat in the Hat as he narrates the story of Horton the Elephant and his friends as they embark on a fanciful journey from the Jungle of Nool, through the mountains, and across the ocean, to help a young girl named Jojo bring harmony back to the tiny planet of Who. Along the way, meet zany Dr. Seuss characters including the tiny Whos, sour kangaroos, harmonizing birds, and trouble-making monkeys!
Sherlock Holmes  
Ford Oriental Theatre Sherlock Holmes
Thrilling, humorous, full of head-scratching crimes and dazzling deduction in the face of cunning evil, SHERLOCK HOLMES takes theatregoers on a heart-stopping adventure through the opium dens, the muddy docklands and the gritty backstreets of London during the turn of the century, a time of great social and technological change. The opium wars have ended. The Ripper has wreaked his havoc. Electricity is on the rise and Scotland Yard is in its infancy. Lord Neville St. John gives a moving speech in the House of Lords to ban opium and a vote on the matter is imminent. Meanwhile, Professor James Moriarty, notorious criminal kingpin, plots to thwart the upcoming opium vote. When a drowned body is discovered, and Lord Neville goes missing, Scotland Yard turns to "the world's only consulting detective" and newest resident of 221-B Baker Street: a certain Mr. Sherlock Holmes.
Soul Brother, Where Art Thou?  
Second City Soul Brother, Where Art Thou?
Soul Brother, Where Art Thou? hilariously explores the ups and downs of modern life - our co-dependent relationship with technology, the paranoid perils of online dating and battling the loud chorus of judgment we hear in our heads and from the world around us. From the very real threat of fatal peanut allergies to the embarrassment of miscast warriors, Soul Brother, Where Art Thou? searches for common ground and kindred spirits.
TimeLine Theatre Company Spill
Spill is a riveting human drama drawn from hundreds of interviews with fishermen and rig workers, oil industry executives and clean-up workers, environmentalists and families who lost loved ones in the Deepwater Horizon explosion.
Prologue Theatre Company at The Side Project Tea
Five Japanese "war brides" of American soldiers who live in Kansas, struggle with their cultural identity and the anti-Japanese prejudice that followed World War II. After one of the women commits suicide, her ghostly presence forces the other women to deal with the tensions of being Japanese in post-war America, marrying a 'foreigner' and living separated from their culture.
The Thanksgiving Circumcision  
MCL Chicago The Thanksgiving Circumcision
A bris -- the ceremonial removal of the foreskin of male Jewish babies -- traditionally occurs eight days after a child's birth. But for Jewish Elena and her gentile husband James, that eight-day window happens to land smack dab on Thanksgiving Day. Between the lull in their marriage and the countless stresses of planning a dinner and religious covenant in tandem, they're really dreading this year's get-together. Attending The Thanksgiving Circumcision will be Elena's deeply traditional mother Penny, James' blissfully ignorant father Carl, Elena and James' horrible first son, who is weeks away from his Bar Mitzvah, and more. Between the green bean casserole, Jewish prayers and machetes (you read that right), this MCL Chicago production will have you rolling in the aisles in recognition of the many hilarious trials and tribulations that come with tradition.
That's Weird, Grandma  
Barrel Of Monkeys at Neo-Futurists That's Weird, Grandma
An assortment of scenes and songs created by Chicago Public School students and produced by actors, musicians, comedians and playwrights. The hour-long show changes each week, based on audience votes.
Three Little Kittens  
Emerald City's Little Theatre Three Little Kittens
Three little kittens are on the hunt for their missing mittens, and they need your help finding them! Gather the clues and make new discoveries before Mother Cat comes home. With the promise of pie and the smell of a rat close by, this interactive spy story is the purr-fect way to introduce your little ones to the mystery and excitement of live theatre. (For ages 0-5)
Tommy Gun's Garage  
Tommy Gun's Garage Tommy Gun's Garage
The restaurant-cabaret presents a Roaring 20s-themed musical comedy revue in a speakeasy seting, with dining and drinking integrated into the show.
Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind  
Neo-Futurists Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind
Their signature show, Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind, which had its first performance on December 2, 1988, is now in its twenty-fifth year, making it the longest-running show in Chicago today. Too Much Light..., with its ever-changing "menu," is an attempt to perform 30 plays in 60 minutes. The single unifying element of these plays is that they are performed from a perspective of absolute honesty.
Treasure Island  
Lookingglass Theatre Treasure Island
Adventure beckons when a mysterious blind man delivers a dreaded Black Spot to an aging sea captain, plunging an innkeeper's son into a desperate race for buried treasure armed with only his wits against a dastardly crew of cutthroat pirates.

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