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Tomorrow Morning  
Kokandy Productions at Theater Wit Tomorrow Morning
Tomorrow Morning follows two couples, separated by time, both preparing for a monumental day ahead. When morning comes, twenty-somethings John and Kat will marry and embark upon a new life, while older couple Jack and Catherine will sign their divorce papers. Trouble is, is anyone really sure they're doing the right thing? Tomorrow Morning is about the uncertainty of impending change and ultimately, the redeeming power of love.
12 Angry Jurors  
Oil Lamp Theater 12 Angry Jurors
A young man's life is in the hands of a jury. Set against the backdrop of the police shooting of Chicago teen Laquan McDonald and similar events across the country, this taut courtroom drama gets a relevant update from Oil Lamp Theater. Cloistered in a sweltering jury room until they reach a decision, 11 are ready to convict, but one holdout is far less certain. While tempers flare and arguments grow heated, a dozen angry jurors must reach deeply within to find a common ground that ensures justice. Adapted from Reginald Rose's teleplay Twelve Angry Men, which later became a hit play and an Oscar-nominated film starring Henry Fonda, 12 Angry Jurors is blistering character study and examination of race, justice and bias. At intermission, you'll get a chance to cast your vote -- guilty or not guilty -- in this journey to the very heart of the American criminal justice system.
Steep Theatre Wastwater
Countless stories have come to an end at the bottom of Wastwater, the deepest lake in England. Tony Award winning playwright Simon Stephens' Wastwater delves into three relationships, each sitting on the edge of a defining decision. Where will their stories end, and what are the consequences of the choices we all make?
We Gotta Bingo  
Chicago Theatre Works We Gotta Bingo
Get your cards and markers ready for We Gotta Bingo, a raucous, interactive dinner theater experience where you're placed in the middle of two rival parishes who are set to be merged with each other. Since neither can support the expanding congregation by itself, they decide to raise the money the best way they know how -- through a bingo blowout. In between games, you'll enjoy a tasty Italian dinner, musical interludes between the rival parish choirs and The Vokel Chords playing hits from today and yesterday, polka-style. Following in the hilarious footsteps of Tony 'n Tina's Wedding, throw on your game face for We Gotta Bingo at Chicago Theater Works.
Weekend Comedy  
Oil Lamp Theater Weekend Comedy
Jeanne and Sam Bobrick's Weekend Comedy is a comedic clash between the generations that will make you laugh and touch your heart. Two New York couples discover that, due to a booking error, they've rented the same cottage in the Catskills for a romantic three-day weekend. Frank and Peggy are sedate and middle-aged. Tony and Jill are freewheeling and young. They decide to share the cabin and, before long, the comedy breaks out as the very different couples confront some perplexing questions. Before long, both couples stumble onto new realizations about themselves and about that mysterious and wonderful thing called love. This production in Glenview will be staged at the Oil Lamp Theater.

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