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Lucio Silla Sep 23 - Oct 4, 2015  
Chicago Opera Theater at Harris Theater Lucio Silla
When Lucio Silla (loosely based on Roman general and statesman about Lucius Conelius Sulla Felix, one of the most hated Roman consuls during the first century) is denied the heart of Gunia, the daughter of his arch enemy, he commits his considerable power and influence to manipulate matters in his favor. He soon discovers that his are not the only plots and conspiracies hidden in the streets of Rome. This saga of deceit, love and intrigue is punctuated by awe-inspiring arias and ravishing melodies.
Scream, Queen, Scream! Sep 24 - Oct 31, 2015  
Hell in a Handbag Productions at Mary's Attic Scream, Queen, Scream!
Join the twisted ensemble at Hell in a Handbag Productions in a twisted trio of tales featuring ravenous monsters, Ed Jones as Maggie and Agnes Marlowe, identical but deadly twins in a Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte/Strait Jacket mashup, and an evil bitch from hell known simply as 'Betty' in an even campier tribute to the already campy The Crate from the classic '80s film, Creepshow.
Love and Information Sep 24 - Nov 1, 2015  
Remy Bumppo Theatre at The Greenhouse Theater Center Love and Information
In a bold Midwest premiere, Remy Bumppo Theatre Company will mount the innovative Caryl Churchill's Love and Information, in which she attempts to capture the human experience of the internet age, exploring the ways in which mass media and communication both distance and unite us.
Jest a Second Sep 24 - Nov 8, 2015  
Oil Lamp Theater Jest a Second
The sequel to his hit play Beau Jest, Jest A Second! revisits the lovable Goldman family. Sarah and Bob (portrayed by Elizabeth Mazur and Evan Johnson, respectively), who are expecting a child, are hosting a birthday bash for Sarah's mother. But Sarah's brother Joel (played by Andrew Clancy) shows up early with a shocking surprise - he is gay, and the amazing girlfriend Randy he has been telling the family about is actually a man (played by Neil Austin Edwards). Joel's plan to come out to their parents (Rick March and Julie Mitre) comes off the rails when he chickens out, and Bob decides to help him by dressing in drag and pretending to be Randy, the successful doctor girlfriend that Sarah and Joel's parents have heard so much about. Hilarity ensues as the Goldman family comes together to discover love, honesty, and acceptance.
Jake's Women Sep 24 - Oct 11, 2015  
Spartan Theatre Company at Royal George Theatre Jake's Women
A struggling novelist handles the world in his much imagination much better than that pesky real one just outside his study, where the shadow of a failing marriage looms large. Jake, who is more comfortable passively observing his life as opposed to living it, calls upon the ghost of a memory, a snarky therapist, an abrasive sister and a host of other dynamic and hilarious women to help him save his marriage-and him from himself.
Fog Island Sep 25 - Nov 1, 2015  
Filament Theatre Fog Island
When the fog refuses to lift from their sleepy Irish fishing village, siblings Cara and Finn must take matters into their own hands. The children take to the sea, only to find themselves washed ashore on the mysterious and dangerous Fog Island. A spooky adventure story adapted from Tomi Ungerer's award winning picture book, Fog Island asks what it means to grow up and face your fears.
Blood Brothers Sep 26 - Nov 15, 2015  
Theo Ubique Cabaret Theatre at Heartland Studio Theatre Blood Brothers
The musical drama is the story of twin brothers separated at birth - one raised by a rich family, the other by the impoverished birth mother of the boys. The musical ran an amazing 24 years in London's West End.
A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder Sep 29 - Oct 11, 2015  
Bank of America Theatre A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder
Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder tells the uproarious story of Monty Navarro, a distant heir to a family fortune who sets out to jump the line of succession, by any means necessary. All the while, he's got to juggle his mistress (she's after more than just love), his fiancee (she's his cousin but who's keeping track?), and the constant threat of landing behind bars! Of course, it will all be worth it if he can slay his way to his inheritance... and be done in time for tea.
Ride the Cyclone Sep 29 - Nov 8, 2015  
Chicago Shakespeare Theater Ride the Cyclone
This fall marks the Chicago debut of Ride the Cyclone, a new musical with a refreshingly offbeat twist. Part comedy, part tragedy -- and wholly unexpected -- this wildly imaginative story delivers surprises at every turn. The lives of six teenagers from a Canadian chamber choir are cut short in a freak accident aboard a roller coaster. A mechanical fortune-teller invites each one to tell his or her story of a life interrupted, offering them all the chance to come to terms with their fates. At once quirky and smart, edgy and beautiful, Ride the Cyclone ultimately reveals the resilience of the human spirit in spite of senseless tragedy. This inventive musical from Jacob Richmond and Brooke Maxwell hits the upstairs stage at Chicago Shakespeare Theater.
Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny Sep 30 - Oct 11, 2015  
Chicago Children's Theatre at Ruth Page Center For Arts Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny
This enchanting double-bill of family favorites adapted from Margaret Wise Brown and Clement Hurd's beloved bedtime books combines Mermaid's signature innovative puppetry, striking effects and evocative original music into a terrific family theater experience hailed as "entrancingly beautiful, masterfully designed" by the Winnipeg Free Press.
For Her As A Piano Sep 30 - Nov 1, 2015  
Pegasus Theatre Chicago at Chicago Dramatists For Her As A Piano
Nambi E. Kelley's new play is the story of one woman's journey to unravel a history that she's never been told. Through music, memory and magic, FOR HER AS A PIANO traces the lives of three generations of women, and how they are interconnected across time and space.
The Cheats Oct 1 - Nov 7, 2015  
Steep Theatre The Cheats
It's the end of October, 2012: John and Anne have two children and a good marriage - they have sex, drive hybrids, and have cut out sugar. But John has been spying on the neighbors, frankly, for a while now, and at 9 a.m, Halloween morning, the neighbors have come for a visit. The Cheats is a play about your marriage, and how it can get f*cked when you forget to lock the front door.
Marvin's Room Oct 1 - Nov 14, 2015  
Shattered Globe Theatre at Theater Wit Marvin's Room
Bessie devotes her life to caring for her elderly father and aunt and so her own diagnosis of leukemia plummets their world into a tailspin. In need of a bone marrow transplant, Bessie reaches out to her estranged sister Lee and her two nephews. If they are to be of any help, then old wounds must be opened. MARVIN'S ROOM is about finding family and the timeless concerns of living, dying and caring for others told with McPherson's signature humor.
Good For Otto Oct 1 - Nov 22, 2015  
The Gift Theatre Good For Otto
Haunted by his own childhood, a psychologist tries to minister to the distressed souls who find their way to the doors of the health center he runs in a cluster of Connecticut hamlets and villages. Absurd at times, sadly comic and touching in the twists and turns of their simple humanity, men and women, young and old, rich and poor bring their pain in from the bucolic setting of trees, white churches, streams and mountains ranges for Dr. Michaels and his collogues with hopes of relief in the world premiere of this whimsical, yet tornadic, ensemble piece.
Barefoot In The Park Oct 2 - Nov 1, 2015  
Step Up Productions at Athenaeum Theatre Barefoot In The Park
Paul and Corie Bratter are newlyweds just back from their honeymoon – he’s a straight-as-an-arrow lawyer and she’s an impulsive romantic always looking for the latest kick. When Corie’s loopy, widowed mother drops in for a surprise visit, the couple decides to play matchmaker during a dinner with their upstairs neighbor, Victor. During the meal, everything that can go wrong – does.
The Seagull Oct 2 - Nov 1, 2015  
Eclectic Full Contact Theatre at Athenaeum Theatre The Seagull
What could happen on vacation in the countryside? You'll meet an intertwined ensemble of friends and relations as they escape the responsibilities of city life-and reveal their inner desires and frustrations. Funny and tragic, this is a classic of modern theatre by an acknowledged master. Honored with eight fully mounted Broadway productions: more than any other play in history.
A Strange Disappearance of Bees Oct 2 - Oct 28, 2015  
Forget Me Not Theatre Company at The Den Theatre A Strange Disappearance of Bees
Maybe it's pesticides, mites, or an HIV-like virus, no one knows why millions of honey bees are disappearing, but they are. People disappear, too, but we like to think we know why. Cancers from chemicals, isolation through technology, or a disconnect from the larger community. A Strange Disappearance of Bees tells the story of 5 people struggling to connect in a world where the bees are abandoning them.

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