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Malice Buyers Club: When Villains Win Jun 5 - Jun 26, 2015  
The Public House Theatre Malice Buyers Club: When Villains Win
From King David to Daredevil, we love our heroes and their promises of justice. But in reality, we know the sad truth: Too often, the bad guy gets away with it. Malice Buyers Club: When Villains Win explores the lives of people who make the world worse and still come out on top. From bank robbers and corrupt CEOs to emotionally unavailable boyfriends and murderers with the best of intentions, this show asks the eternal question: In a world where one man's drug deal might pay off another man's crippling debt, what does it mean to be a villain? Can a villain be a hero simultaneously? And if you've ever wondered if you just might be the one who has completely ruined someone's life, you are invited to join the Malice Buyers Club.
My Girlfriend is the Devil! Jun 5 - Jul 11, 2015  
Cornservatory My Girlfriend is the Devil!
Michael heard dating could be hellish, but nothing prepared him for this. In My Girlfriend is the Devil!, Michael, a 25-year-old virgin, falls hard for his new girlfriend Tina. But it's only after Tina unexpectedly moves in with him and his improv-team roommates that their relationship starts to go south -- really far south. When a seance party inadvertently opens a portal to Hell and Beelzebub is set free, Michael and the gang must battle not only Evil Incarnate but also their own personal demons. Featuring dynamic fight sequences, original scoring, and the Dark Princess Herself, My Girlfriend Is the Devil!. takes rom-coms, sitcoms and old-school demonology and fuses them into a comedy like no other. Now Corn Productions presents their newest original production at The Cornservatory.
The Winter's Tale Jun 5 - Jun 21, 2015  
Fury Theatre at Indian Boundary Park The Winter's Tale
"Exit pursued by a bear" goes the Bard's most famous stage direction in this romance directed by Fury Artistic Director Mark Dodge*. Two kings, inseparable since childhood are torn asunder over jealousy of the beautiful Queen of Sicilia, Hermione. Tragedy marks the first part of Shakespeare's later Romance as all the king's men try to mend this tragic rift yet it'll take a ragtag family of shepherds and one conniving con-man to right this wrong. Join us as we blend Fury's unique style of theatre with song, dance, and plenty of laugh out loud moments! And a bear! Did we mention the bear?
Liberty City Jun 5 - Jul 12, 2015  
eta Creative Arts Foundation Liberty City
The compelling one-woman play tells a story of Miami in the 1980s - where race, politics and police brutality spark a community on edge and ignite a city-wide riot that a 10 year-old girl must navigate to get her young brother safely home. Everything her 60s revolutionary parents taught her about being black, invisible and strategic just might save them both. Liberty City foreshadows the current confrontations experienced in African American communities today.
The Fantasticks Jun 6 - Jun 14, 2015  
Light Opera Works at Cahn Auditorium The Fantasticks
The Off-Broadway hit about two fathers who plot to get their boy and girl together by pretending to keep them apart. This expanded version features a full orchestra accompanying the song classics "Try to Remember," "They Were You," "Soon It's Gonna Rain" and "Never Say No."
The Birds Jun 6 - Jul 19, 2015  
Griffin Theatre Company at Theater Wit The Birds
The Birds is a suspenseful, atmospheric adaptation of Daphne du Maurier's enthralling short story, also the inspiration for Alfred Hitchcock's chilling 1963 film thriller. Mysterious masses of birds have begun to violently attack at high tide, driving strangers Nat and Diane to take refuge in an isolated, abandoned house by the sea and form a bond to survive their haunting new circumstance. With no electricity and scarce food, the tension is palpable and hope is waning. Yet if two is company, three is a crowd, as the sudden arrival of a young woman with a mysterious nature of her own ruffles feathers in the house and quickly threatens to destroy their so-called sanctuary.
Queen Amarantha Jun 6 - Jun 28, 2015  
Other World Theatre at City Lit Theater Queen Amarantha
Good as Game of Thrones is, it's no replacement for enjoying your medieval fantasy drama -- complete with political intrigue, sexy scandal and nudity -- live on stage. For all these reasons and more, Otherworld Theatre's lavish production of Queen Amarantha beats HBO any day of the week. Headstrong and transgressive, Amarantha is far from a meek and mild medieval monarch. Yet, when her enemies destroy her reputation, she abdicates and runs away from her duties. The throne then falls to her hopelessly weak ward, Roderigo, and soon the kingdom is imperiled, forcing Amarantha to choose between her freedom and saving the country. Now Tiffany Keane directs the Midwest premiere of Queen Amarantha, an exciting homage to historical melodramas by Tony nominee Charles Busch (The Tale of the Allergist's Wife).
Roast Beef Jun 6 - Jul 18, 2015  
CIC Theater Roast Beef
Under the guidance of Miss Jessica Martini, the Roast Beef All-Male Revue entertains wild crowds every weekend with the hardest bodies and hottest moves legal enough to do in public. Starting backstage to learn what these slabs of meat get out of performing and ending with the actual revue, we follow a night with the Roast Beefers and see how they handle the bright lights of (adult) show biz!
Moby Dick Jun 10 - Aug 9, 2015  
Lookingglass Theatre Moby Dick
Madness rages like the angry sea when man pits himself against leviathan in Melville's epic and poetic tale furiously reimagined on the Lookingglass stage by director David Catlin (Lookingglass Alice). Set sail with Captain Ahab and the intrepid crew of the Pequod in this harrowing and intoxicating exploration of fate vs. free will.
City Of Angels Jun 10 - Aug 2, 2015  
Marriott Theatre In Lincolnshire City Of Angels
CITY OF ANGELS is the deliciously funny celebration of the decade's film noir genre and dark detective fiction, with a liberal touch of femme fatale, weaving together two plots unfolding at once. The double feature follows the "real" world of young New York writer, Stine, and his fictional alter-ego in the "reel" world, "Stone". Stine arrives in Los Angeles with the hopes of turning his crime novel into a Hollywood blockbuster, and while his movie plays out in black and white, Stine's new life is all-too colorful as he struggles to balance his relationship with his wife, Gabby and his overbearing producer Buddy Fidler. Each movie scene that Stine writes comes to life in the split-stage show, bringing double the laughter and intrigue to the audience.
Body and Blood Jun 11 - Aug 9, 2015  
The Gift Theatre Body and Blood
Body & Blood follows Dan as he finally finds his calling in life, and in the process, sends all of his loved ones spiraling into a spiritual crisis. The Gift co-founder and playwright of Northwest Highway depicts a beautiful local story about overcoming obstacles and following your heart.
A Work of Art Jun 11 - Jul 19, 2015  
Chicago Dramatists A Work of Art
A Work of Art tells the story of a woman who lost her brother to the war in Vietnam and the course of her life was changed forever. Now, at a crossroads, she must do battle with her past and the ghosts that continue to haunt her. This achingly beautiful new work, which depicts the burden that military families are asked to carry, explores the lingering pain and soul-searching that accompanies the aftermath of any war. The first of Romero's trilogy Graveyard of Empires is currently being produced by 16t Street Theatre.
Goldfish Jun 11 - Jul 12, 2015  
Route 66 Theatre Company at The Greenhouse Theater Center Goldfish
Two children of dysfunctional single parents come to college and fall in love with each other in Goldfish, a quirky romantic dramedy at Greenhouse Theater Center. Uptight 19-year-old Albert has left behind his irresponsible father, a degenerate gambler prone to squandering the family's savings on his habit. Meanwhile, the lovely Lucy's mother is an alcoholic dowager who lounges around their mansion in her bathrobe and pearls. As these two lovers' relationship evolves, friction heats up on both sides of the generational divide, as the children must increasingly serve as wards to their own troubled parents.
The Who and the What Jun 12 - Jul 12, 2015  
Victory Gardens Theater - Biograph The Who and the What
Raised in a conservative Muslim family in Atlanta, the outspoken and brilliant Zarina recently completed a book about women and Islam. When her traditional father and sister discover the manuscript, it threatens to tear her family apart. With humor and ferocity, 2013 Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Ayad Akhtar and director Kimberly Senior examine the giant chasm between our traditions and our contemporary lives.
The America Play Jun 13 - Aug 1, 2015  
Oracle Theatre The America Play
Oracle invites audiences to participate in a patriotic ritual: the reevaluation of our country's "history" in pursuit of a better society. A darkly comic tale. THE AMERICA PLAY opens with audiences seated around "a great hole. In the middle of nowhere. The hole is an exact replica of The Great Hole of History." In the first act, the Foundling Father has left his wife and son to seek a greatness out west. He, a black gravedigger, has been told that he is a dead ringer for President Abraham Lincoln. This inspires him to set up a venue where people are invited to reenact the assassination of the Great Emancipator. In the second act, his wife and son visit the abandoned venue - "a great hole" - and search for signs of the Foundling Father. THE AMERICA PLAY engages audiences in provocative questions about what defines us, and how we each are shaped by it.
The Beautiful Days of Aranjuez Jun 13 - Jul 19, 2015  
Theatre Y The Beautiful Days of Aranjuez
The Beautiful Days of Aranjuez is a voluptuous prose-poem for the stage between a Man and a Woman, two 'figures' in the heart of a bucolic garden in the heart of high summer-something of an eternity, something of an irretrievable moment. It is not a drama that occurs between them, but a summer dialogue that proceeds by way of interrogation-play. The mysteries of eroticism and nature surface in their incursions into untold memories, silent happenings that for the first time demand a language. In Handke's text, amorous attraction is transfigured into metaphysical desire; a game of questions becomes a game of passions, and this play of passion becomes a world of poetic images as sensuous as the soundscape of the outside world: premonitory and encroaching.
Porcelain Jun 14 - Jul 12, 2015  
Prologue Theatre Company at The Greenhouse Theater Center Porcelain
An examination of one young man's crime of passion, Porcelain centers on John Lee -- a gay, 19-year-old Asian man who has confessed to shooting his lover in a public lavatory in London. Dissecting the crime though a prism of conflicting points of view, this Greenhouse Theater Center production combines newscasts, flashbacks and John's recollections to a prison psychiatrist to create a truly compelling play. One of the earliest works from celebrated playwright Chay Yew, Porcelain was initially produced in 1992 and won the London Fringe Awards for Best Play and Best Playwright.

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