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Mike and Seth Jul 31 - Aug 24, 2014  
The Side Project Mike and Seth
As an unexpected snowstorm rages outside, twenty-somethings Mike and Seth pull an all-nighter in a ritzy Dallas hotel on the night before Mike's wedding, hashing through all of life's conundrums, the recent strains on their friendship, and what it means to be alive today.
Churchill Aug 1 - Sep 14, 2014  
SoloChicago at The Greenhouse Theater Center Churchill
Based on Winston Churchill's own writings, Ronald Keaton's one-man show finds the former British prime minister chafing under forced retirement after a shocking loss in the post-World War II election. But when President Harry Truman invites him to speak in the U.S., the famed politician, painter, Nobel Prize-winning author and witty raconteur begins to reflect on his life and times with humor, pride and regret. The inspiring leader who led England through one of its most difficult periods not only shares his political and military history, but also his fondness for whiskey, cigars and women. Keaton's been called one of the city's "top-tier theater veterans" by the Chicago Tribune.
The Coming World Aug 1 - Aug 17, 2014  
The Blind Owl at Prop Theatre The Coming World
Directed by founding artistic director Azar Kazemi, THE COMING WORLD is set in Connecticut in a pre-9/11 America. It tackles issues regarding class, violence, intimacy and the heartbreak that occurs when loving someone is more painful than letting them go.
All Our Tragic Aug 2 - Oct 5, 2014  
The Hypocrites at The Den Theatre All Our Tragic
From the most popular titles to the most rarely produced, experience the 32 surviving Greek tragedies by Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides in one breathtaking and unforgettable theatrical event. ALL OUR TRAGIC builds on the success of The Hypocrites’ 2011 production of Sophocles: Seven Sicknesses, which received critical praise and earned multiple Jeff Awards including Best Production and Best Director. ALL OUR TRAGIC is designed to create a contemporary Festival of Dionysus, the ancient gatherings for which these tragedies were originally crafted – to bring together a daily community to bond, eat food, drink wine and discuss complicated topics of society that we have been wrestling with since the creation of civilization.
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown Aug 2 - Aug 31, 2014  
Theatre-Hikes at Morton Arboretum You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown
Our first musical since 2009, this production is unique for Theatre-Hikes. Theatre-Hikes is always a great introduction to theatre for young children, for a variety of reasons, partly because Theatre-Hikes performs outdoors, not tied to a chair indoors. This production will be stationary with the hikes taking place before the show and during intermission. For lovers of indoor theatre, this is an introduction to our combination of light exercise, the beauty of nature and entertainment in a 2 act format that is familiar.
Miles Away Aug 4 - Aug 31, 2014  
The Side Project Miles Away
For Sissy and Ron, two desperate pool hustlers holed up in a cheap hotel, a brutal cycle of dependency, betrayal, and hope comes to a head.
Down Range Aug 7 - Aug 31, 2014  
Genesis Theatrical Production at National Pastime Theater Down Range
For many soldiers, it is after the shooting stops that the real battle begins. In Down Range, the raw and touching new play by Jeffrey Skinner (Dream On), two veterans return home after their convoy is hit by an IED in Iraq. Torn between family and the call of duty, the men face a new kind of fight -- one against betrayal, fear, infidelity and loneliness. A poetic portrait of two couples as well as an incisive commentary on current events, Down Range is not simply a "realist" drama, but a play charged with a rare authenticity, filled with the surprising and bitter stuff of real life. Kay Martinovich directs at the National Pastime Theater.
Making God Laugh Aug 7 - Sep 14, 2014  
Oil Lamp Theater Making God Laugh
Making God Laugh follows this quirky group through the years up to the present day as old rituals and dubious family recipes are trotted out and old tensions flare up. As time passes, these family members learn that their paths through life aren't always the ones they planned, and their ultimate destinations are rarely what they expected.
Coraline Aug 8 - Sep 6, 2014  
Black Button Eyes Productions at City Lit Theater Coraline
Adapted from the beloved fantasy novel Coraline by Neil Gaiman, this original musical by Stephin Merritt & David Greenspan tells the story of Coraline Jones, a young girl who has just moved with her parents into a new flat in an old house. Bored by her colorless surroundings and her busy parents, she goes exploring and discovers a door unlike any in the house - a magic door that, when unlocked, reveals a passage to a strange world like her own, but with one key difference: all the grownups have black buttons for eyes. This new world seems to offer all she wants: parents who are keenly interested in her, toys that sing and dance, neighbors who get her name right. But as this parallel world becomes increasingly unsettling, Coraline must learn the true meaning of bravery to save her parents and herself.
To Catch a Redditor Aug 8 - Aug 30, 2014  
The Public House Theatre To Catch a Redditor
To Catch a Redditor is a long-form narrative sketch show based around the characters that frequent the world's second most visited website. Byron Hatfield (Bye Bye Liver; Love Me, Tinder) has teamed up with The Dancing Pig (Please Sir, May I Have Some War) to create this exploration of the Wikipedia of Human Experience.
10-4: The Truck Stop Plays Aug 8 - Aug 30, 2014  
Chemically Imbalanced Theater 10-4: The Truck Stop Plays
"10-4" consists of four short plays written by four male playwrights from the Ohio University MFA Playwriting program. They are directed by four up-and-coming female directors from Chicago. They are being produced by CIC Theater and Ryan Patrick Dolan. The plays examine the personal journeys of people filled with loneliness, angst, and junk food, as they arrive at a travel-oasis crossroad in their life.
Medea Aug 8 - Sep 14, 2014  
Dream Theatre Medea
Glauce bravely offers her own, gentler peace to the feared and isolated Medea, and in so doing gives Medea the opportunity to reclaim her past glory and win back Jason's heart. Medea's magic was powerful enough to slay a Titan, but it may not be powerful enough to save her marriage - and it comes at a terrible, bloody price.
The Size Of The World Aug 9 - Sep 1, 2014  
Redtwist Theatre The Size Of The World
Peter Hogancamp thinks big. He's a charming young man who longs for big-time success. He shares his hopes and dreams, his stardust ideas, and his unbridled enthusiasm with an elderly couple in whose home he rents a room near the big city. Peter has a small dash of Walter Mitty and a large dose of Willy Loman, with big, complicated plans. But, he also has serious issues coming to terms with something simple...reality.
Fiddler On The Roof Aug 9 - Aug 24, 2014  
Light Opera Works at Cahn Auditorium Fiddler On The Roof
Tevye, a hardworking dairyman, is driven to hilarious distraction by his freethinking daughters and his equally headstrong wife. With the themes of family and faith, the musical weaves together a touching portrait of love, laughter, devotion and deviance.
Witch Slap! Aug 9 - Sep 20, 2014  
Babes With Blades at Raven Theatre Witch Slap!
What could be funnier than a good old-fashioned witch hunt? In the hands of Babes With Blades Theatre Company -- not much. Their new original show Witch Slap! finds mass hilarity amidst mass hysteria in a colonial town, as local witches band together to stop the madness of those who would hunt them. You're in good hands with Babes With Blades, who place exciting, strong, complex women and their stories center stage, developing theater that showcases their strength and vitality through the art of stage combat. Witch Slap! by Jeff Goode was the winner of their 2013-2014 Sword & Pen writing competition, which inspires playwrights to develop scripts featuring stage combat roles for women.
Musas Aug 13 - Aug 24, 2014  
The Greenhouse Theater Center Musas
A fictional meeting between two of the 20th century's most fascinating artists -- Mexican painter Frida Kahlo and American poet Sylvia Plath -- is imaginatively explored in Nestor Caballero's Musas. Though Kahlo and Plath never met in real life, this drama depicts their unique perspectives on art, love and death, as well as with their tumultuous relationships with painter Diego Rivera and English poet Ted Hughes, respectively. Musas is full of biographical details and references to the two dynamic women's lives, revealing portions of their distinct personal and creative paths that were each marked by a fatal destiny.
On The Town Aug 13 - Oct 12, 2014  
Marriott Theatre In Lincolnshire On The Town
Based on Bernstein's 1944 ballet, Fancy Free, sailors Gabey, Ozzie and Chip have only 24 hours to see the famous sights and find romance before they report back to the ship. From the Bronx to the Battery, the explosion of song and dance that ensues proves that "New York, New York, it's a helluva town." ON THE TOWN features the classic hits "New York, New York," "I Can Cook Too," and "Lonely Town."

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