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Caught May 29 - Jul 3, 2016  
Sideshow Theatre Company at Victory Gardens Theater - Biograph Caught
A Chinese dissident artist and activist publishes an incredible account of his harrowing confinement at the hands of the government. But can he prove it? Layers of perception peel back, with echoes of Ai Weiwei, Mike Daisey and Jonah Lehrer, until reality itself comes into question. A hallucinatory new experience featuring celebrated visual and performance artists, CAUGHT explores what happens when we blur the dangerous line between story and truth.
Out Of The Blue May 30 - Jul 10, 2016  
Organic Theater Company at The Greenhouse Theater Center Out Of The Blue
Out of the Blue is set against the backdrop of current political and social turmoil in Russia. President Putin claims that Russia is one of only a few countries where homosexuality is not outlawed. The reality, however, is grim. Homosexuality is conflated with pedophilia in the government-run media, and Russia's LGBT community is in hiding. They are hunted, beaten and ostracized, and the Putin regime recently passed laws on "gay propaganda" make it illegal for LGBT voices to be heard. In the play, in the midst of this destructive atmosphere, a boy takes the courageous step of coming out to his parents who, along with family and community, attempt to rid the boy of his unsavory problem.
Voice Lessons May 31 - Jun 12, 2016  
Steppenwolf Theatre Voice Lessons
Justin Tanner's comedy Voice Lessons, is about the unlikely romance between a deluded community theater actress (Metcalf) and the over-educated vocal coach (Stewart) she hires to make her a star. Maile Flanagan rounds out the cast.
Thaddeus and Slocum: A Vaudeville Adventure Jun 1 - Aug 14, 2016  
Lookingglass Theatre Thaddeus and Slocum: A Vaudeville Adventure
It's 1908 and Chicago's Majestic Theatre is the jewel of the vaudeville circuit. The only thing stopping Thaddeus and Slocum from becoming the next great stage act is as simple - and complicated - as black and white. Will laughter triumph and friendship endure as racial boundaries threaten to destroy their dreams of making the "big time?" Lookingglass dives deep into the divided heart of American show biz for a daring cavalcade of slapstick, song and dance, and burlesque as two best friends risk everything to make it to the top together.
The Good Doctor Jun 1 - Jul 8, 2016  
Organic Theater Company at The Greenhouse Theater Center The Good Doctor
The Good Doctor is Neil Simon's heartwarming and hilarious tribute to Anton Chekhov. Simon, the popular Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, expertly weaves a variety of Chekhov short stories into a laugh-out-loud evening of infectious humor, touching tenderness and unending fun. Join us as we explore the intertwining genius of Simon and Chekhov in this delightful production.
I, Malvolio Jun 2 - Jun 5, 2016  
Chicago Shakespeare Theater I, Malvolio
I, Malvolio is renowned actor, writer and director Tim Crouch's one-man interpretation of Twelfth Night, as told by Shakespeare's much maligned steward, Malvolio. A story of lost dignity, prudery, practical jokes and bullying, this act of storytelling alchemy draws us deep into the madness of Shakespeare's classic comedy. Following the international success of Tim Crouch's previous works I, Caliban, I, Peaseblossom and I, Banquo, I, Malvolio is a hilarious, and often unsettling, rant from a man "notoriously wronged."
Will You Accept This Rose, an Improvised Parody of The Bachelor Jun 3 - Jul 29, 2016  
Under The Gun Theater Will You Accept This Rose, an Improvised Parody of The Bachelor
We interview an audience member about a relationship they have/had. Based on the interview we watch an improvised compelling night of television where our Bachelor goes on a series of dates with our eligible ladies in hopes to find a wife. The participants travel to romantic and exotic locations for their adventures, and the conflicts in the series, both internal and external, stem from the elimination-style format of the show. Who will win our Bachelor's heart?
Hauptmann Jun 3 - Jul 10, 2016  
City Lit Theater Hauptmann
On April 3, 1936, Richard Hauptmann was executed for the kidnapping and murder of the Lindbergh baby. He was innocent. In the moments before his execution, surrounded by guards, he relates his story in flashback. Woven into the telling are Hauptmann's flaws, which makes us unsure we can trust him.
World Builders Jun 3 - Jul 2, 2016  
First Floor Theater at Flat Iron Arts Building World Builders
A new drug has been developed to suppress the complex internal worlds of those with schizoid personality disorder, allowing them to focus on the reality in front of them. Max and Whitney are two participants in a clinical trial, and as the drug begins to take effect , they must choose which dream to pursue: their disparate fantasies or a future together. In this beautifully observed love story, we are forced to reckon with our own conceptions of mental illness and what it means to be "cured".
12 Angry Candidates Jun 3 - Jun 25, 2016  
The Public House Theatre 12 Angry Candidates
As the 2016 presidential race heads into the final months, Republicans find themselves in the throes of a brokered convention. In an attempt to unite the party, 12 former candidates are tasked with selecting the nominee by unanimous decision. Once negotiations begin, personal aspirations take over, and the GOP braces for what could be its greatest hurdle: Republicans.
A Small Oak Tree Runs Red Jun 3 - Jul 3, 2016  
Congo Square Theatre at Athenaeum Theatre A Small Oak Tree Runs Red
In A Small Oak Tree Runs Red, audiences enter a realm between reality and purgatory with historical figures Mary Turner and Sidney Johnson. Shackled and trapped someplace between a dream and a nightmare, Mary and Sidney struggle to move on, but like the rest of us, have to piece together their past to make ensure that history doesn't repeat.
The Green Bird Jun 3 - Jun 19, 2016  
Flat Iron Arts Building The Green Bird
Magic and spectacle collide in The Green Bird, an update of Carlo Gozzi's 18th-century comedy about two orphans on an epic quest for enlightenment. This masked fantasia includes a lovesick king, a greedy fortuneteller, an insatiable sausage-maker, a magical green bird and a talking statue that's losing control of the story it's narrating. The vibrant world combines philosophical ideas about truth, love, sacrifice and compassion with physical comedy. With the king lost on the battlefield, the queen stuck underground, the royal heirs presumed dead and the kingdom in ruins, it takes magic and mayhem aplenty to guide everyone on the chaotic path back to happily ever after. The wild fairy tale inspired by Italy's commedia dell'arte comes to the Collaboraction Pentagon Theater in Chicago.
The Importance of Being Earnest Jun 3 - Jun 25, 2016  
3 Brothers Theatre The Importance of Being Earnest
Oscar Wilde's last play has been hailed as one of the most clever comedies in the English Language. Friends Jack Worthington and Algernon Moncrief have both fallen in love. However, their love interests Gwendolyn and Cecily have their hearts set on marrying men named Ernest. Thus begins a subterfuge to conceal their true names. Unfortunately for them, they will quickly realize that no one can truly be Ernest.
An InCornvenient Truth Jun 3 - Jun 24, 2016  
Cornservatory An InCornvenient Truth
The high and mighty champions of the 26th season of The Original Improv Gladiators, the Rough Cut Players return to the stage of Chicago's Cornservatory to perform their original new show, An InCornvenient Truth. Have you ever wondered what the state of comedy, entertainment and theatre might be after the end of the world? If you're emphatically nodding your head (or even if you're not), you're in luck, as this loose and fearlessly funny show explores a post-apocalyptic landscape of laughs with a mixture of scripted and over-the-top improvisation. The end of the world doesn't get much funnier than this.
Bat Boy: The Musical Jun 4 - Jul 24, 2016  
Griffin Theatre Company at The Den Theatre Bat Boy: The Musical
Based on a story in The Weekly World News, Bat Boy: The Musical is a musical comedy/horror show about a half boy/half bat creature who is discovered in a cave near Hope Falls, West Virginia. The local sheriff brings Bat Boy to the home of the town veterinarian, Dr. Parker, where he is eventually accepted as a member of the family and taught to act like a "normal" boy by the veterinarian's wife and teenage daughter.
My Fair Lady Jun 4 - Jun 12, 2016  
Light Opera Works at Cahn Auditorium My Fair Lady
Based on George Bernard Shaw's play and Gabriel Pascal's motion picture "Pygmalion," MY FAIR LADY includes the songs "I Could Have Danced All Night," "I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face," "With a Little Bit of Luck" and "On the Street Where You Live."
Mitch and Megan are Fine Jun 4 - Jun 25, 2016  
The Public House Theatre Mitch and Megan are Fine
Mitchell and Megan were a regular couple in a regular sketch group getting ready for a regular show. Until they weren't, and their bickering caused the other members of their group to abandon ship before opening night. Now, Mitchell and Megan are stuck together, broken up, with a whole show to perform between the two of them. Watch as they struggle to find humor in their heartbreak, taking on their opposing ideas of what comedy is, what love is, and what a sexy cop is. Because they are two people who are hungry to perform, and absolutely shouldn't be doing it with each other.

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