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Dutchman and TRANSit Aug 26 - Sep 25, 2016  
American Blues Theater at The Greenhouse Theater Center Dutchman and TRANSit
Experience two explosive plays in one event. First see Dutchman-one of the most important plays in 20th-century culture to take on race relations. Then, inspired by Baraka's pivotal work, watch the world-premiere commission TRANSit. New York City Transit: humanity's great collision place. One hot summer night, Veronica finds herself drawn to a sensitive, unpredictable street performer aboard a subway train. The rhythms of their encounter reveal more than either had planned, and soon an explosive mix of identity, sex, and betrayal is unleashed.
Oh Coward! Aug 26 - Sep 18, 2016  
Dead Writers Theatre Collective at Athenaeum Theatre Oh Coward!
Originally devised by Roderick Cook, Oh, Coward! is a cabaret approach that features two men and a woman covering Coward's favorite songs and most famous topics. "The best way to go back in time to meet Coward is in a cabaret setting," states Schneider. "He toured around the world to entertain British troops during World War II and later wrote several successful revues. His 1955 Las Vegas cabaret act was so successful that CBS engaged him to write three 90-minute television specials. To several generations, Noel Coward was the very personification of wit, glamour, and elegance. There seemed to be nothing he couldn't do."
For Annie Aug 26 - Sep 4, 2016  
The Sound at Edge Theatre For Annie
Annie Lambert was murdered the day before the second semester of her senior year, so her sisters in the BTA sorority at SUNY Onondaga are memorializing her the best way they know how: they're putting on a play. The sisters of BTA tell Annie's story with music, movement, and a lot of glitter, as they grapple with grief, guilt, and what it means to remember.
The Fantasticks Aug 26 - Sep 18, 2016  
Artists Walk Theatre The Fantasticks
The world's longest-running Musical: a girl and boy in love; their fathers; two itinerant players; an enigmatic stranger; and a Mute. This simple, charming, romantic and light-hearted piece has something for everyone including a lovely and delightful score.
The Time is Now (starting tomorrow) Aug 26 - Sep 30, 2016  
Under The Gun Theater The Time is Now (starting tomorrow)
Ah, dreams and aspirations: If only we didn't have to work so hard to make them a reality. In this original sketch comedy revue, the folks at Under The Gun Theater in Chicago ponder what would happen with just a little more effort on our part. They'll take crazy scenarios, like waking up after being in a coma for 10 years, or seeing your sibling after a long absence, or wondering if your boss is really hitting on you. And, the most timely question of all -- What are the craziest lengths Hillary could go to for your vote? Laugh at these scenes and more, complete with songs and general hilarity, in this original revue.
Thee Trinity Aug 27 - Oct 1, 2016  
Royal George Theatre Thee Trinity
The ghosts of Einstein and Oscar Wilde make an appearance along with the Arch Angels Michael and, an apparently gay, Gabriel. All engage, if not attack, each other and the issues presented in the play: bigotry, homosexuality, poverty, politics, social media, technology and almost any other social/political issue imaginable are targets of this dysfunctional heavenly family's infighting.
Kinky Boots Aug 30 - Sep 4, 2016  
Ford Oriental Theatre Kinky Boots
Kinky Boots returns to Chicago! In Kinky Boots, Charlie Price is forced to step in and save his family's shoe factory in Northern England, following the sudden death of his father. Help comes from the unlikeliest angel, a fabulous drag performer named Lola. Together, this improbable duo revitalizes the failing business, while stepping out from their fathers' shadows and transforming an entire community through the power of acceptance. Don't miss Kinky Boots in Chicago.
Smokey Joe's Cafe Sep 1 - Oct 23, 2016  
Drury Lane- Oakbrook Smokey Joe's Cafe
The longest running musical revue in Broadway history, "Smokey Joe's Cafe" is finally making its Drury Lane debut this season. Showcasing 39 pop standards, including rock and roll and blues anthems written by legendary duo Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, "Smokey Joe's Cafe" is guaranteed to keep you humming old favorites all night long. Winner of the 1996 Grammy Award for Best Musical Show Album, "Smokey Joe's Cafe" features jukebox hits such as "Yakety Yak," "Charlie Brown," and "Stand By Me."
The Black Slot Sep 1 - Oct 2, 2016  
AstonRep at Raven Theatre The Black Slot
Beth, a dramaturg at a regional theatre company, spends her waking hours reading new scripts in the hopes of finding "the one" that will please her boss Pam. Enter Tim, a young African American playwright, whose work is miles beyond anything else she has read so far. But when Tim's hot new play is rejected in favor of producing legendary playwright August Wilson in the theater's "black slot," Tim and Beth hatch a plan to reveal the racism and hypocrisy of the American theater. Things quickly get out of hand in this behind-the-scenes satire that skewers and challenges the politics of the business we call show.
1776 Sep 1 - Sep 17, 2016  
E.D.G.E Theatre at Mary's Attic 1776
If the musical history of Hamilton has peeked your interest, then this Tony-winning revolutionary drama is sure to captivate you as well. The musical 1776 comes to Chicago to take you behind the scenes of the historic signing of the Declaration of Independence, as John Adams tried to persuade his fellow forefathers to vote for freedom from British rule. Also making appearances are colonial superstars like Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and John Hancock, along with a variety of crabby drunks, befuddled secretaries and assorted sycophants who populate the proceedings as well. This much-beloved show stirs romance, comedy and conflict into a musical melting pot in Mary's Attic at Hamburger Mary's.
SEX a.k.a. Wieners and Boobs Sep 1 - Oct 1, 2016  
New Millennium Theatre Company at Playground Theater SEX a.k.a. Wieners and Boobs
From the creators of The State and Wet Hot American Summer, comes a musical tale of love, loss, and the battle between righteousness and wieners. Jack Greenberg is the new sheriff of Teaneck, New Jersey. Unfortunately, the corrupt town is run by Tad Theaterman, a crime boss armed with henchmen and a legion of hookers and gigolos. The Mayor and townsfolk fear Tad, but love the money the sinful brothels bring in! When Jack meets Hillary, a recent divorcee, it's love at first sight, but there's a showdown that's closin' in on our hero!! Will Jack save Teaneck, get the girl, and defeat Tad? Or will the wieners and boobs prevail?!
Bender Sep 1 - Sep 11, 2016  
Three Brothers Theatre at Heartland Studio Theatre Bender
Crashing through the partitions separating love, marriage and sex, Bender is the kind of rip-roaring, taboo-smashing fun that is usually followed by a hangover and apologetic phone calls. But now you can enjoy all the thrills with none of the guilt (and exactly zero walks of shame) thanks to this inventive new play from Josh Beadle. Protagonists Vic and Chels are a newly married couple forced into a double date with their neighbors Jack and Jackie. One wrinkle: Jack and Jackie happen to be polyamorous and are interested in inviting Chels into their relationship ... but only Chels. One part absurd comedy and one part meditation on relationships, Bender takes audiences on a wild spree at Heartland Studio.
Amour Sep 2 - Oct 8, 2016  
Black Button Eyes Productions at Athenaeum Theatre Amour
Adapted from the short story "Le Passe-Muraille" by beloved French author Marcel Ayme, AMOUR tells the story of Dusoleil, a shy clerk working in a dreary office in post-World War II Paris. One day he discovers he has the ability to walk through walls, and embraces a life of romance and adventure. With music by multiple Oscar and Grammy Award-winner Michel Legrand and adapted into English by Jeremy Sams from the French Libretto by Didier van Cauwelaert, AMOUR was nominated for multiple Tony awards when it played on Broadway in 2002.
I Do Today Sep 2 - Oct 9, 2016  
The Greenhouse Theater Center I Do Today
Failed relationships, former lovers and half-eaten wedding cake clutters the mind of one Jewish woman determined to track the trajectory of love and loss in her life thus far. As the play builds a constantly confounding and quickly changing family tree of many marriages (and even more divorces), it poses questions about how modern marriage fits in with potentially outdated ideals. Bisexuality, Kabbalah and baby teeth dangle from the many branches of this thoughtful play, exploring how we might use our inheritances to reimagine what's possible. Say I Do Today at Chicago's Greenhouse Theater Center
A Comedical Tragedy for Mister Punch Sep 2 - Oct 23, 2016  
The House Theatre of Chicago at Chopin Theatre A Comedical Tragedy for Mister Punch
Charlotte, a young orphan, has made a home for herself thieving on the streets of London. She soon falls into employment as the assistant to an eccentric Italian puppeteer, Pietro. A master of the violent Punch and Judy puppet show, Pietro becomes a reluctant mentor to Charlotte. She is inspired and charmed by his bold, cheeky, and witty creations. The two become an efficient pair under Pietro's gruff and focused attention. As their partnership flourishes, Charlotte's vivid imagination calls the puppets to life to conjure her own versions of the classic tales. But Pietro may not let his protege cut the strings easily. Reality blurs as live actors, hand puppets, shadow puppetry and marionettes share the stage to illustrate a dark reality of imperfect adults, corrupt authority, class discrepancy, and violence.
The Heidi Chronicles Sep 2 - Oct 8, 2016  
The Cuckoo's Theater Project at Prop Theatre The Heidi Chronicles
Wendy Wasserstein's Pulitzer Prize-winning The Heidi Chronicles is a poignant and poetic story about the Baby Boomer generation coming of age. Its iconic hero, Heidi Holland, is typical of many women born in the post-World War II era: She's intelligent, well educated and attempting to make it and have it all in a society that favors men. She watches her circle of friends move from the idealism and political radicalism of their college years through militant feminism and, eventually, back to the materialism and conservatism that they originally sought to reject. Heidi slowly comes to realize that liberation can be achieved through being true to oneself. Follow along on her path to the truth at Chicago's Prop Thtr courtesy of The Cuckoo's Theater Project.
First Time or Fan Sep 3 - Sep 24, 2016  
Under The Gun Theater First Time or Fan
A funny and fast-paced fusion of musical theater and improv comedy, First Time or Fan presents a different show each and every week. Performed in two acts, the first part of the show finds some of Chicago's finest musical theatre performers (the titular "fans") delivering two to four songs from a real musical, and then it's time for the "first timers" to take the stage. With no more knowledge of the source material than the few songs they've just seen performed, these improv comedians will deliver their off-the-cuff interpretation of that musical in 15 hilarious minutes. With a little something for just about everyone, you're sure to enjoy First Time or Fan at Chicago's Under the Gun Theater.

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