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Devil's Day Off

Devil's Day Off
Signal Ensemble Theatre
1802 West Berenice Ave Chicago

A city is battling a record-breaking heat wave for several days when the power goes out for twelve hours. What follows is a mosaic of deprivation, fear, humor, survival, and reflection in over 50 mini-plays featuring 100 characters, from the author of Successors, the Aces Trilogy, Blizzard '67, and the music.... Read More

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Social Creatures
The Den Theatre
Great Expectations
Strawdog Theatre
Dancing Pros: Live!
Cadillac Palace Theatre
Annoyance Theatre
The American Revolution
Adventure Stage Chicago
Women At War
Rivendell Theatre Ensemble
The Birds
Berger Park Coach House
A Nightmare on Backstreet
The Public House Theatre
Athenaeum Theatre
Dead Accounts
The Den Theatre
Agreed Upon Fictions
Berwyn Cultural Center
Take Me Out
Athenaeum Theatre
   Performance Spotlight
Brutus from The Clean House

Fight Like A Fish: Swimming Against the Current in The Clean House

"Life is a joke, so why not die laughing?" is the moral of The Clean House, as well as the rallying cry of the newlywed cancer-stricken Ana—whose recently-acquired family encompasses her doctor/husband, his ex-wife, his former.... Read More
Jane Eyre Lifeline Theatre

An Eye For An Eye: The Wounded Hero of Jane Eyre

The Romantic sensibility reflected in Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre mandates that the title character's final step toward conquering her horrific early childhood memories is the rescue of her chosen consort from his demons, the latter manifested,.... Read More