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Days Like Today May 6 - Jul 13, 2014  
Writers Theatre Days Like Today
Lovely, hopeful Tessa has vowed that she is through with love-despite the best efforts and conflicting advice of her parents (and their respective lovers). After all, it's never easy to move on before you've had time to heal. But when a handsome young stranger arrives, Tessa must decide whether the idea of love might still be one worth fighting for. With soaring melodies and lyrics that are by turns witty, wry and heartbreakingly poignant, the musical explores what it takes to sustain a relationship in a world where love sometimes seems impossible-and how the first step in finding happiness might be getting out of your own way.
Vieux Carre May 6 - Jun 28, 2014  
Raven Theatre Vieux Carre
A nameless, newly-transplanted, innocent, aspiring writer who is struggling with his literary career, poverty, and homosexuality survives amid the other starving and ailing tenants of a rooming house in 1930's New Orleans. This auto-biographical tragicomedy is filled to the brim with sexuality, desperation and loneliness woven together through a poetry unique to Williams.
Buyer and Cellar May 6 - Jun 15, 2014  
Broadway Playhouse Buyer and Cellar
Alex More has a story to tell. A struggling actor in L.A., Alex takes a job working in the mall in Barbra Streisand's Malibu basement. One day, the Lady Herself comes downstairs to play. It feels like real bonding in the basement, but will their relationship ever make it upstairs? BUYER & CELLAR is an outrageous comedy about the price of fame, the cost of things, and the oddest of odd jobs.
Jacob May 7 - Jun 15, 2014  
Provision Theater Company Jacob
Packed with disasters, demons, giants and scenes of unforgettable awe and terror, the Book of Genesis has inspired centuries of artists, from the likes of John Milton (1667's Paradise Lost) to Darren Aronofsky (2014's Noah). Now Timothy Gregory, founding director of Provision Theater, has created Jacob, a new work based on that ancient, yet inexhaustible, text. A retelling of the story of Jacob, the Hebrew patriarch who wrestled with God, this play focuses on the relationship of two brothers consumed with a deadly secret and a murderous rivalry. The Isaacsons, a wealthy Chicago family, are being torn apart by an un-civil war. Everything comes to a head when Jacob's dark world of fear, manipulation and deception collides with a supernatural force of truth and redemption. Gregory and Lia Mortensen co-direct this world premiere at Provision Theatre.
M. Butterfly May 8 - Jun 8, 2014  
Court Theatre M. Butterfly
M. Butterfly is an exquisitely delicate and aggressively original play about sex, espionage, and Imperialism. Skillfully intertwining the story of Puccini's opera Madame Butterfly with an extraordinary plot inspired by true events, M. Butterfly untangles the story of Rene Gallimard, a meek French civil servant who meets the woman of his dreams in Song Liling, a beautiful, Chinese opera diva. What Gallimard doesn't realize-or refuses to see-is that his "modest Chinese girl" may be much more than she appears. M. Butterfly has become a post-modern classic whose exploration of the sexual politics of East and West continues to resonate today.
The Doll's House Project: Ibsen Is Dead May 8 - Jun 8, 2014  
Interrobang Theatre Project at Athenaeum Theatre The Doll's House Project: Ibsen Is Dead
It's November 9, 1989 and The Berlin Wall is coming down for the entire world to see. A husband is reading of the deconstruction in the paper over a breakfast of scrambled eggs. A wife is hearing of it while shopping for couture. An old friend is watching it on a television window display on a street in Manhattan. And a doctor is sleeping right through it. Inspired by A Doll's House, THE DOLL'S HOUSE PROJECT: IBSEN IS DEAD explores and welds the genius of Henrik Ibsen and the grit of Calamity West in this world premiere play about deception, love, lies, class and gender.
Wit May 8 - Jun 7, 2014  
AstonRep Theatre Company at Raven Theatre Wit
WIT revolves around the story of Vivian Bearing, Ph.D., a renowned professor of English, a specialist in the metaphysical, life and death themes of John Donne's Holy Sonnets, who finds herself the subject of research designed to try to save her life as she is being treated for stage IV metastatic ovarian cancer. Vivian comes to reassess her life and her work with a profundity and humor that are transformative both for her and the audience.
The Best Intentions of Selfish Men May 8 - May 24, 2014  
The Rum & Coke Collective at Profiles Theatre - The Alley Stage The Best Intentions of Selfish Men
Oppressed and marginalized passed the point of reason the aggression of the human animal is all too often turned inward. When out Brent blackmails closeted Taylor, a merciless game of cat and mouse ensues. But upon returning to his home, Brent begins to realize that Taylor is hiding much more than his sexuality. From the passionately warped mind of Associate Artistic Director Jeff Newman comes a vicious thriller exploring the powder keg of rage lying inside each of us just waiting to go off. The Best Intentions of Selfish Men will leave you asking yourself if you're sick of being reasonable, and what you're prepared to do for the right to love.
One Hit Wonders May 9 - Jun 29, 2014  
Black Ensemble Theater One Hit Wonders
This not-to-be-missed, hilarious musical spans some of the world's biggest hits of the '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s. They may have been one hit wonders, but they were hits nonetheless, including I Will Survive, It's Raining Men, Kung Fu Fight, Doin Da Butt, Ooh Child, Funkytown, Ice Ice Baby, and Macarena, among many others.
Charles Ives Take Me Home May 9 - Jun 21, 2014  
Strawdog Theatre Charles Ives Take Me Home
When a father's love of music clashes with his daughter's passion for basketball, long-dead modernist composer Charles Ives is the perfect referee. Featuring Ives pieces performed by Dave Belden including "Variations On America," "The Unanswered Question," "Things Our Fathers Loved (from 114 Songs)," "Sonata for violin and piano no. 4," and "The Concord Sonata." Charles Ives Take Me Home is a comic and poignant story of dissonance, defense and devotion.
Exit Strategy May 9 - Jun 15, 2014  
Jackalope Theatre Company at Broadway Armory Exit Strategy
From the acclaimed writer of Hit the Wall and Loom, comes the story of a Chicago public high school slated for closure at the end of the year. The impending shut-down causes tensions in the school's already volcanic neighborhood to rise to the breaking point, but a small group of teachers launch a last minute battle to save the school. Over the course of the year, they put their careers, their future and their safety in the hands of a fast talking administrator who comes on strong: but might actually have no clue what he's doing.
Mileep Saves Tuesday May 10 - Jun 15, 2014  
Cornservatory Mileep Saves Tuesday
Mileep is back, with some old friends and his trusty imagination and this time he must battle the evil forces and save Tuesday from being wiped off the calendar. Will what lurks around the corner and between Wednesday and Monday stop Mileep from restoring the weekdays to their rightful order? Bring the whole family to this musical adventure and find out!
Mamma Mia! May 13 - May 18, 2014  
Cadillac Palace Theatre Mamma Mia!
An independent, single mother who owns a small hotel on an idyllic Greek island, Donna is about to let go of Sophie, the spirited daughter she's raised alone. For Sophie's wedding, Donna has invited her two lifelong best girlfriends-practical and no-nonsense Rosie and wealthy, multi-divorcee Tanya - from her one-time backing band, Donna and the Dynamos. But Sophie has secretly invited three guests of her own. On a quest to find the identity of her father to walk her down the aisle, she brings back three men from Donna's past to the Mediterranean paradise they visited 20 years earlier. Over 24 chaotic, magical hours, new love will bloom and old romances will be rekindled on this lush island full of possibilities. Inspired by the storytelling magic of ABBA's songs from "Dancing Queen" and "S.O.S." to "Money, Money, Money" and "Take a Chance on Me," MAMMA MIA! is a celebration of mothers and daughters, old friends and new family found.
The Passions of Emma Goldman May 13 - Jun 1, 2014  
ShPIeL Theatre at Stage 773 The Passions of Emma Goldman
Award-winning Chicago stage veteran Roslyn Alexander fills the fascinating shoes of fearless activist Emma Goldman in this new solo drama that explores the passions behind the controversial figure's political agitation and the price she was willing to pay for it. A charismatic speaker and organizer, Goldman threatened the turn-of-the-century status quo with her liberal views on social issues and women's rights, but became infamous as an anarchist who advocated free love and who was jailed several times for demonstrating contraceptives, inciting to riot and opposing the draft. Dennis Zacek directs for the ShPIeL Theatre.
Look Back in Anger May 14 - Jun 15, 2014  
Redtwist Theatre Look Back in Anger
The seminal British drama of the 20th century, Look Back in Anger, exploded onto London's post-war theatrical landscape in the midst of silly comedies and splashy musicals. It took no prisoners and gave no quarter, mercilessly skewering the leftover relics of the Edwardian class system while blazing a trail for every British dramatist who followed. In a recent Entertainment Weekly poll, it was voted #17, among the 50 Greatest Plays of the Past 100 Years.
Cirque Shanghai: Warriors May 21 - Sep 1, 2014  
Navy Pier Skyline Stage Cirque Shanghai: Warriors
This summer's production of "Cirque Shanghai: Warriors" brings an extraordinary line-up of thrilling acts to the stage, including The Kinetic Poles, the powerful Water Meteor and the heart-pounding Pageant of Arms. Returning to the production from last year is the fate-tempting "Wheel of Destiny," and China's premier daredevil steel-globe motorcycle troupe, "Imperial Thunder".
Eat Your Heart Out May 22 - Jun 28, 2014  
Rivendell Theatre Ensemble Eat Your Heart Out
Eat Your Heart Out, the hit of the 2012 Humana Festival of New Plays, intertwines the stories of six people and delves into the complexities of family, body image and hearts and minds consumed by longing. Alice (Mary Cross*) and Gabe (Michael Szeles) are desperate to adopt a child and create a family. Single mom Nance(Katherine Keberlein) is eager to connect with her overweight teenage daughter Evie (Anne Joy). Evie is trying to get her geeky best friend (Andrew Goetten) to like her as much as she likes him. Woven through these stories is Nance's attempt to find love on with Tom (Charlie Strater) as all six characters dance around their own loneliness.

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