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  List Of Restaurants Near Raven Theatre

Leonardo's Tuscan Bistro

5657 N Clark
Chicago IL 60660

Distance to Raven Theatre: 0.6 Miles Get Directions

This elegant Italian restaurant features a menu with a contemporary twist. Appetizers include fried calamari in a delicious batter. Entrees include outstanding pasta dishes, including the popular veal osso buco ravioli. Other options include steak, fish, veal, and chicken dishes.
Phone: 773-561-5028
M. Henry

5707 N. Clark St
Chicago IL 60660

Distance to Raven Theatre: 0.6 Miles Get Directions

This cozy Edgewater breakfast and lunch spot features upscale twists on American classics, and features a seasonally changing menu that highlights regional and local products.
Phone: 773-561-1600

5547 N. Clark St
Chicago IL 60660

Distance to Raven Theatre: 0.8 Miles Get Directions

Dubbed 'Sushi Mike' by adoring patrons, sushi chef/owner Mike Ham lives up to his nickname in his new restaurant. His improvisational talents are well regarded, and many diners prefer to let him choose their meal instead of ordering off the menu.
Phone: 773-878-6886
Ras Dashen

5846 N Broadway
Chicago IL 60660

Distance to Raven Theatre: 0.9 Miles Get Directions

This award-winning Edgewater restaurant features classic Ethiopian cuisine. Menu items include an array of chicken, lamb, beef, and vegetarian stews, eaten family-style with torn pieces of injera, a pancakelike bread, instead of utensils. Each main dish comes with three side dishes; servers are happy to help you make selections.
Phone: 773-506-9601
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Ann Sather - Clark Street

5207 N Clark
Chicago IL 60640

Distance to Raven Theatre: 1.2 Miles Get Directions

This bustling spot is known for its traditional Swedish cuisine. Each meal comes with a basket of warm, sticky cinnamon rolls. Other baked goods include pecan rolls, coffee cake, muffins, and scones. Entrees include roast pork, meat loaf, and a sampler plate that includes meatballs, dumplings, and roast duck.
Phone: 773-271-6677
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