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  It Is Magic at Chopin Theatre

It Is Magic

Chopin Theatre
1543 W. Division Chicago

A mashup of Macbeth and The Three Little Pigs, IT IS MAGIC is a sorrowful and hilarious meditation on the deep, ancient evil at the heart of the community theater audition process, and an investigation into the mysteries of theater-making itself.

Presented by Theater Oobleck

Thru - Jun 29, 2019

Price: $20

Show Type: Comedy/Drama

Box Office: 773-897-5089

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  It Is Magic Reviews
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  • Somewhat Recommended
  • Not Recommended

Chicago Reader - Highly Recommended

"...Even as the proceedings seem to take a metaphysical (or perhaps mythological) turn, Maher never slackens the tension between silly and serious and never allows his characters to stoop to cheap laughs or gratuitous dramatics. There isn't a second when there's any doubt that any of these people don't believe in what they're doing. A very earnest question is at the heart of this play, the question every artist must ask sooner or later: how and why do you go on in the face of overwhelming indifference?"
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Dmitry Samarov

NewCity Chicago - Somewhat Recommended

"...While the magic is very real (an undeadening that shocked me awake) and the script well-conducted, there is a lack of specificity in the rules of the universe and the journey of its characters. Despite having clearly marked story beats and sharply delivered humor, the live experience felt blobby between those measures and would bottleneck at moments of tension into a starkly visioned piece of theater."
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Jay Van Ort

Third Coast Review - Recommended

"...If It Is Magic sounds like it has a lot of inside-theater about it, never fear. Yes, theater folk will especially enjoy it (the call-back joke, ďacting is a trickĒ), but if youíre enough of a theater fan to read this review this far, you will too. Itís not a perfect play but itís a guaranteed 95 minutes of theatrical pleasure with a very clever script and excellent performances by all five actors."
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Nancy Bishop

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