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Grand Concourse Jul 2 - Aug 30, 2015  
Steppenwolf Theatre Grand Concourse
Having dedicated her life to religious service, Shelley runs a Bronx soup kitchen with unsentimental efficiency. Her brisk nature masks an unsettling fear that her efforts are meaningless. When Emma-a rainbow-haired college dropout-arrives to volunteer, her volatile mix of generosity and self-involvement pushes Shelley over the edge. With both humor and heart, Grand Concourse asks big questions about the value of compassion and the limits of forgiveness.
Kiss of the Spider Woman Jul 2 - Jul 26, 2015  
Benevolent Theatre at Trap Door Theatre Kiss of the Spider Woman
The winner of seven Tony Awards, Kiss of the Spider Woman spins its web at Trap Door Theatre. John Kander and Fred Ebb's musical is the story of two cellmates in a Latin American prison -- Valentin, a Marxist revolutionary, and Molina, a gay window dresser. Molina survives the torture and humiliation by escaping into a fantasy world of the movies he loved as a child, conjuring a beautiful and beguiling screen enchantress named Aurora as his imaginary diva. The lines between reality and fantasy begin to blur as the relationship between Valentin and Molina becomes more and more complicated, and the danger increases in this mesmerizing classic from the songwriting team that created Chicago and Cabaret and the four-time Tony Award-winning author of Love! Valor! Compassion! A harrowing tale of torture and political oppression, this captivating musical nonetheless embraces hope and the beauty of love.
Two Dead Women Jul 2 - Jul 30, 2015  
Annoyance Theatre Two Dead Women
Set in Chicago circa 1893, "Two Dead Women" is the story of Nettie and Freddie, two cousins from Middlebottom Maine who travel to Chicago to find love, adventure, and a new identity at the Chicago World's Fair. Sadly, they meet their untimely end at the hand of HH Holmes. Nettie and Freddie's tale will be told with movement, sound, humor, and the help of a few willing audience members.
Public Access Live Jul 2 - Aug 27, 2015  
The Public House Theatre Public Access Live
Earlier this year, Mark Rosenthal and Lorenzo Toia turned the late night talk show on its ear with "Public Access Live." Now, they're moving to Primetime, and the Talk Show/Behind-the-Scenes farce is just as groundbreaking as ever. Featuring an eclectic mix of late night comedy, narrative sketch, and audience interaction, Public Access Live is unlike anything else out there. Lorenzo and Mark interview Chicago's most intriguing guests. Audience members play self­confronting games like "Inspirational Quotes" and "Gimme Gimme Gummy Gummy." And in between, viewers are treated to a backstage look at the grinding wheels that make Public Access Live, with everything from weddings to ghosts to musical numbers to good, old-fashioned nacho waterfalls.
The Little Mermaid Jul 3 - Aug 16, 2015  
Chicago Shakespeare Theater The Little Mermaid
This summer, families will venture under the sea with Ariel and her aquatic friends to the tune of one of Disney's most beloved classics. Chicago Shakespeare's newly adapted 75-minute production of Disney's The Little Mermaid is based on the full-length Broadway musical and staged by Jeff Award-winning director and choreographer Rachel Rockwell. Featuring the Academy Award-winning song "Under the Sea," children and adults alike will delight in the dazzling production and unforgettable music following Ariel's adventure to find true love-and her voice. Each performance features special opportunities for audiences to interact with the actors for one-on-one conversations and photos.
Forever Hold Your Piece Jul 3 - Jul 24, 2015  
Stage 773 Forever Hold Your Piece
Love is patient, love is kind, love sometimes makes us say very stupid things. From wrestling fanatics and sassy baristas to apologetic politicians and the dreaded first-date, "Forever Hold Your Piece" explores the dumb, lovable idiot inside us all.
My Two Sons Jul 3 - Aug 21, 2015  
Annoyance Theatre My Two Sons
"My Two Sons" follows Danny and Max who are propelled by their parents' refreshingly practical advice, the disturbing influence of their incendiary friend Viktor, and the reserved attentions of their childhood-playmate-turned-romantic-preoccupation Molly. Danny and Max deal with sex, drugs, CD's, and violence as they hurtle toward an uneasy adulthood.
Jihad Jul 5 - Aug 2, 2015  
Genesis Theatrical Productions at Theater Wit Jihad
Israel's struggle with Hamas receives a stirring dramatization in Jihad, in which two families -- one on each side of the conflict -- lose a daughter in a suicide bombing. In researching the project, playwright Stephanie Liss spent time undercover with groups such as the Palestine Liberation Organization, Israeli Defense Forces and Hamas itself. The result is a provocative, deeply felt theatrical experience that takes viewers inside the world of terrorism and its affects on the families' public and private lives. Experience Jihad at Theater Wit in Chicago.
Murderers Jul 5 - Jul 22, 2015  
Oil Lamp Theater Murderers
Murderers is a set of three sharply comical monologues delivered by a group of unrepentant people who have, for various reasons, killed someone. Tale One: "The Man Who Married His Mother-in-Law." Gerald (played by Neil Edwards) schemes to inherit a fortune from his mother-in-law, but things get messy when nosy neighbors and unexpected feelings crop up. Tale Two: "Margaret Faydle Comes to Town." Lucy (portrayed by Julie Mitre) plots revenge on her unfaithful husband and his mistress in a most unconventional way. And finally Tale Three: "Match Wits with Minka Lupino." Minka (played by Lauren Lichtenstein), who claims her murders are acts of justice. All of the drama and intrigue takes place at the seemingly typical Florida retirement community of Riddle Key.
MASHterpiece Theatre Jul 5 - Jul 26, 2015  
Under The Gun Theater MASHterpiece Theatre
MASHterpiece Theatre brings chaos to order by taking famous scenes from TV, film and the theater and mashing them into a game show. An ensemble of six actors and a host is divided into two teams to play scenes from memorable productions, but with the addition of crazy twists. For example, the ensemble may play the cast of Seinfeld, but Kramer has to guess that Jerry has underwear on that is way too tight. If he figures it out, his team scores points. From Shakespeare to Simon, from Moliere to Mamet, the ensemble wreaks havoc on classics and tries to give the crowd something new.
Iron Mask Jul 5 - Jul 26, 2015  
Theatre Hikes at Morton Arboretum Iron Mask
A new adaptation by Spenser Davis based on The Man in the Iron Mask by Alexandre Dumas, this swash buckling sequal to The Three Musketeers is sure to please the adventurist in all of us. From the dungeons of the Bastille to the court of King Louix XIV, a tale of twins and the fate of France lay in the hands of our favorite Musketeers.
Kinky Boots Jul 7 - Jul 26, 2015  
Cadillac Palace Theatre Kinky Boots
Kinky Boots returns to Chicago! In Kinky Boots, Charlie Price is forced to step in and save his family's shoe factory in Northern England, following the sudden death of his father. Help comes from the unlikeliest angel, a fabulous drag performer named Lola. Together, this improbable duo revitalizes the failing business, while stepping out from their fathers' shadows and transforming an entire community through the power of acceptance. Don't miss Kinky Boots in Chicago.
Putting Our Heads Together Jul 7 - Jul 14, 2015  
The Public House Theatre Putting Our Heads Together
Like a gallon of Neapolitan ice cream, Putting Our Heads Together combines three absolutely delicious experiences into one amazing treat -- but with zero chances of brain freeze. Featuring a trio of solo shows in one hour, this fast-paced and varied production features the work of Billy Jones, Travis Marsala and Adrienne Teeley. First, tune into Adrienne Teeley: Lady-Killer, a "televised" special from 1997 that details the most infamous crime ever committed. Then get your daily caffeine fix with Billy Jones and his journey through the everyday joys of miscommunication. Finally join Travis Marsala as he travels though space and time, pondering and pontificating about their implications. Be entertained, enlightened and energized by Putting Our Heads Together at The Public House Theatre.
The Winter's Tale Jul 8 - Aug 2, 2015  
First Folio Theatre The Winter's Tale
A royal family is ripped apart when King Leontes' envy brings about the death of his wife, the rejection of his best friend, and the estrangement of his newborn daughter. Broken hearts are mended when the king's abandoned child falls in love with a Bohemian prince. Filled with wonder, magic, and mystery, THE WINTER'S TALE is a celebration of faith and redemption, of holding on and letting go, and the transcendent power of love.
Come Again? Jul 8 - Jul 29, 2015  
The Public House Theatre Come Again?
In an era where just about any type of communication can be replaced with the push of a button, it's even harder to connect with others than ever before. That's why sketch duo Honk and the Senator -- made up of a real-life couple, Ryan and Virginia, giving them plenty of firsthand experience with communication breakdowns -- put together the comedic compilation that is Come Again? This show seeks the answers to some truly troubling and significant questions -- like will Virginia's best friend ever respond to that Facebook message she already read? She's clearly online right now! And what did Ryan's dad mean when he texted "Go Cubes Go" anyway? This cathartic night of relatable comedy (seriously, they hate autocorrect just as much as you do) can be enjoyed at Chicago's Public House Theatre.
Join The Club! Jul 9 - Jul 25, 2015  
Skokie Theatre Join The Club!
Fast paced and lighthearted, JOIN THE CLUB! follows the story of rising lawyer Sara, who must do community service at the local women's club in order to make partner at her firm. Joining in the club's fight to rebuild a neighborhood shelter, Sara quickly finds herself in a conflict of cultures as she struggles to appreciate the importance of female friendship and community. An ensemble of strong and witty women accompany Sara along on her journey of self-discovery, offering insight into overcoming all of life's major challenges, including marriage, children, Brazilian waxes, and flying coach.
Whatever Jul 9 - Aug 9, 2015  
The Side Project Whatever
Everything will be fine for sixteen year-old Chloe once this afternoon's abortion is checked off her list. Likewise, her boyfriend Declan has finally found the courage to go off his anger meds and keep his hyper-concerned mother at bay. Two suburban teenagers try to navigate love, anger, and the bewildering adults who orbit their world.

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