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The Bricklayers Of Oz Jul 28 - Aug 5, 2017  
Chicago Dance Crash at Ruth Page Center For Arts The Bricklayers Of Oz
As the flagship production of Crash's historic 15th Anniversary Season, 'Bricklayers' is an action-packed, lighthearted street tale of the lesser known laborers that toil within The Land of Oz. Crash's hip hop fusion style full of flips & spins help tell the story of the Wicked Witch of the East and her power-hungry plan to coax others into building her a magical road (that was originally supposed to be silver!), followed quickly by the realization and uprising of an otherwise ignored group of people. This family-appropriate production uses lollipops and breakdancing as an allegory for modern day politics, unsaid social assumptions, and what it's like growing up as a "Second-Class Citizen of Paradise."
The Vagina Monologues Jul 28 - Aug 13, 2017  
The Aleatoric Theatre Company at Mary's Attic The Vagina Monologues
Based on interviews conducted with women from all over the world, Eve Ensler's award-winning play The Vagina Monologues is a hilarious and deeply poignant collection of stories that gives voice to a chorus of common experiences and feelings once considered taboo. The popular show, performed by Chicago's Aleatoric Theatre Company, manages to be feminist without being man-hating, entertaining without being trite and political without being offensive. See The Vagina Monologues when it makes its way to Mary's Attic at Hamburger Mary's.
The Rover Jul 28 - Aug 6, 2017  
BYOT Productions at Prop Theatre The Rover
Written in 1677 by breakout English female playwright Aphra Behn and set during Italy's Carnival, the comedy centers around two groups of people. Three young women, Hellena, Florinda and Valeria live under the control and protection of a male relative, Pedro, who has very distinct ideas about their future, romantic and otherwise. Meanwhile, Belville (the forbidden love of Florinda) and his rowdy friends have descended upon Carnival for celebration and, perhaps, a little romance. Throw in a beautiful courtesan named Angelica, masks, mistaken identities and a few surprises, and you have the makings of a fast paced romp through gender politics and the difference between temporary and permanent happiness.
Nicholas Sparks: The Musical Jul 28 - Aug 18, 2017  
Stage 773 Nicholas Sparks: The Musical
For those who love a good romance movie, but would never admit that they love romance movies, comes "Nicholas Sparks: The Musical". Taking influences from The Notebook and the other (not as good) titles by Nicholas Sparks, the show parodies the corny tales of love and romance in one act. Sam (not Samantha) never thought she'd fall in love until she meets Lawson Dawson, and sings about it.
This Is How You Always Lose Aug 3 - Aug 24, 2017  
The Public House Theatre This Is How You Always Lose
No person is an island. Except Isla and Elliot. But when their paths cross in a catastrophic-yet-serendipitous accident, the two lonely souls decide to turn their lives around and forge a relationship together. With their newfound key to happiness, they embark on a mission to spread their wisdom to others, and become motivational speakers. But the bigger they get in the Self-Help industry, the less they become able to help themselves.
Low-Hanging Fruit Aug 3 - Aug 13, 2017  
Stage 773 Low-Hanging Fruit
Dane A. Campbell's Low-Hanging Fruit addresses the racial tensions surrounding police shootings in the inner city and the challenges interracial friendships face in the wake of them. An interracial friendship of five is torn apart when one of them, a white cop, in the line of duty, shoots and kills an unarmed teenager. Published author and award winner, Campbell, directs a talented, diverse, ensemble cast of actors, who fearlessly give voice and movement to each branch of the ravaged tree, rooted in police brutality, inner-city violence, black-on-black crime, racism, and hate. See the most controversial stage play to ever hit Chicago theatre.
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Aug 4 - Aug 20, 2017  
Pulse Theatre Chicago at City Lit Theater Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
First produced on Broadway in 1962, "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" concerns a middle-aged married couple in a college town -- George, an associate professor of history, and Martha, the daughter of the college's president -- who invite a younger couple to their home very late one evening. The guests -- Nick, a biology teacher at the college, and his wife Honey -- walk into a quagmire of drinking, fights, sex, games, and delusions.
Murder the Hypotenuse Aug 4 - Aug 25, 2017  
Under The Gun Theater Murder the Hypotenuse
Ever wish TV was a little less scripted? Stopped paying for cable six months ago and miss the feeling of watching television live? Then you're in luck, because for the month of August, members of Chicago's Under The Gun Theater will be bringing you an episode of a completely improvised television show every Friday night. Tune into Murder the Hypotenuse each week to watch a made-up soap opera based entirely on suggestions received from you, the audience.
Trevor Aug 9 - Sep 17, 2017  
Writers Theatre Trevor
Meet Trevor, a 13-year-old boy in 1981 whose vibrant imagination drives a turbulent journey of self-discovery. As he deals with adolescence and all that goes with it, Trevor begins to explore what it means to be himself, influenced by his friends, parents . . . and Diana Ross. Based on the story that inspired the Academy Award-winning film, the charity and the national movement, TREVOR the musical is a coming-of-age story about identity, emerging sexuality and the struggles of growing up in a world that may not be ready for you. This world premiere musical is directed by Marc Bruni, who helmed the Tony Award-winning production of Beautiful: The Carole King Musical on Broadway.
The Wedding Singer Aug 10 - Aug 13, 2017  
Stage 773 The Wedding Singer
It's 1985 and rockstar wannabe Robbie Heart lives in his grandmother's basement biding his time as New Jersey's favorite wedding singer. He's the life of every party -- until his fiancee leaves him at the altar. Robbie promptly falls for Julia, an admiring young waitress. Unfortunately, Julia is about to be married to a Wall Street tycoon, and unless Robbie can pull off the performance of a decade, the girl of his dreams will be gone forever. Based on the hit Adam Sandler movie, with a score straight out of the 1980s pop songbook, The Wedding Singer at Stage 773 in Chicago takes audiences back to a time when hair was big, collars were up and greed was good.
How Does That Make You Feel? Aug 10 - Aug 20, 2017  
Stage 773 How Does That Make You Feel?
Taking inspiration from outrageous dark comedies like Clue, Death at a Funeral and In Bruges, How Does This Make You Feel? is a new production from Stage 773 that'll challenge the skills of one therapist -- and many patients' lives are depending on him. One evening, a group of them visit the therapist with intentions to take their own lives after hosting a raging "end of the world" party. Through a series of final couch sessions, it's up to him to convince them otherwise, but also consequently becomes a personal battle against his own demons.
Machinal Aug 11 - Sep 24, 2017  
The Greenhouse Theater Center Machinal
One young woman must break out in this exhilarating reimagining of MACHINAL, the American classic inspired by the sensational, true story of murderess Ruth Snyder. Trapped in an unhappy marriage, the young woman finds a thrill in the arms of a flyby lover. But when reality returns, how far will her fight for freedom take her? And who will pay the ultimate price? How do you escape the machine?
Shockheaded Peter Aug 11 - Sep 16, 2017  
Black Button Eyes Productions at Athenaeum Theatre Shockheaded Peter
A sinister but incompetent master of ceremonies leads the audience through the tale of a childless couple that has their fondest wish granted in the most delightfully dreadful way imaginable, accompanied by vignettes in which the hilariously horrible fates that befall naughty children everywhere are brought to darkly comedic life.
The Audience Aug 16 - Nov 12, 2017  
TimeLine Theatre Company The Audience
A portrait of a dynamic and provocative woman-the symbol of a nation-as she weathers decades of history and political strife. Every Tuesday afternoon for more than 60 years, Queen Elizabeth II has met with each of her 12 Prime Ministers in a private audience, a gesture of unity between government and Crown. Through moments of tension, negotiation, war, and unrest, these conversations with political leaders from Winston Churchill to Harold Wilson to Margaret Thatcher have remained a constant across the years. Playwright Peter Morgan re-imagines each of these meetings, giving us a glimpse at the queen's role in guiding the circumstances that have shaped Great Britain, and a window into the mystery, compassion and humor of the woman behind the iconic crown.
The Veil Aug 17 - Sep 17, 2017  
Idle Muse Theatre Company at Edge Theatre The Veil
With her family facing financial ruin as the Irish rural way of life comes to an end, Hannah's impending marriage to a British lord will settle her mother's debts and save the estate. Catastrophe strikes, however, when a defrocked reverend pushes her to embrace the strange voices that have haunted her since birth. Against the backdrop of Ireland's troubled colonial history, The Veil is a transfixing, mystical story about the search for love and the circularity of time - and the ghosts that are woken by scarcity and the fear of dispossession.
Barbecue Aug 17 - Sep 30, 2017  
Strawdog Theatre Company at Steppenwolf Theatre Barbecue
A modern American family uses a summer barbecue as a pretext to ambush sister Barbara with an intervention. If you think "all families are crazy" is just a cliche, you've not spent time under the influence of the O'Mallerys. An afternoon in the park with these raucous siblings and you'll be challenging your own assumptions about family, race, and reality. The Chicago premiere of Barbecue by Obie and Helen Hayes Award winner Robert O'Hara will have you laughing out loud and questioning how it's true that in America, you sometimes taze the ones you love.
A Love Affair Aug 17 - Oct 1, 2017  
Oil Lamp Theater A Love Affair
If you could go back and give advice to your younger self, what would you say? In the rom-com A Love Affair, Jimmy and Alice Diamond find themselves reliving the flawed masterpiece that is their marriage as financial issues force them to clear out the attic of their Malibu home. Brimming with all the hilarious and moving moments captured from almost 40 years of marriage, A Love Affair is both a timeless and a timely play, because its story is about financial reverses and how they can either weaken or reinforce relationships. See the affable rom-com at Glenview's Oil Lamp Theater.

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