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Writers Theatre
Thru - Oct 8, 2017

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Writers Theatre

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Chicago Tribune- Recommended

"...Trevor, the hero of the very promising, exceptionally timely and consistently artful new musical from writer Dan Collins and composer Julianne Wick Davis at Writers Theatre, is no ordinary kid. He's already saved young peoples' lives since his first appearance in an Academy Award-winning short film led to the creation of the eponymous Trevor Project, an ongoing suicide-prevention hotline for LBGTQ kids. That gives this fictional teen what the business suits call "pre-awareness," which should help "Trevor the Musical" win a good deal of much deserved love in its world premiere in Glencoe. I suspect Trevor's story of how an ill-chosen middle school crush leads to his triumph over a soul-crushing humiliation will turn into the biggest hit in this theater's history."
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Chris Jones

Chicago Sun Times- Recommended

"...Driven by a sensationally talented cast of professional teenage actors, the show stars the supremely confident Eli Tokash, who arrives here with Broadway, TV and film credits and remarkable singing, dancing and acting skills. And though filled with recognizable stock characters, all these actors' distinctive personalities memorably supply a third dimension under the expert guidance of director Marc Bruni (the hand behind Broadway's "Beautiful, the Carole King Musical")."
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Hedy Weiss

Daily Herald- Recommended

"...This new musical -- nimbly staged by Marc Bruni ("Beautiful: The Carole King Musical") -- clearly has Broadway ambitions. If authentic, unaffected performances by terrific, mostly local young actors were enough, "Trevor" could pack its bags tomorrow. But the show, which unfolds in 1981 in an unnamed suburb, needs tweaking. The second act feels rushed and the show overall lacks weight. Too often, "Trevor" feels like it skates along the surface. It's like an after-school special when it has the potential of a premium cable drama."
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Barbara Vitello

Chicago Reader- Highly Recommended

"...Albeit the very best After School Special you ever saw. The cast features a large contingent of talented young people led by Eli Tokash's ever wry but resilient Trevor. Building on textual hints that Pinky is more than he lets on, Declan Desmond never lets the character turn into a stereotypical jock (which makes it all the more disappointing that Collins's book ultimately reduces him to that for the sake of a single sharp line)."
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Tony Adler

Time Out Chicago- Highly Recommended

"...The writing team of Dan Collins and Julianne Wick Davis (best known for the musical Southern Comfort, based on the documentary about a transgender community in rural Georgia) smartly expand the film's world, fleshing out Trevor's friends and classmates so they, like all junior-high kids, have their own worries about fitting in. Pinky Faraday (Declan Desmond), the hunky object of Trevor's affection, is desperate for his father's approval; Trevor's best friend Walter (Matthew Uzarraga) sees himself being traded in for a cooler model; Frannie (Maya Lou Hlava) betrays Trevor to preserve her own precarious social status. If this all sounds a little archetypal, it also feels universally relatable-you'll find your own teen anxiety here somewhere."
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Kris Vire

ChicagoCritic- Highly Recommended

"...Writerís Theatre never disappoints. From the moment of entering the starkly modern, architecturally fascinating new venue in Glencoe, to enjoying the always-talented cast, to the introduction of exceptional material, it can and often does create a shining theatrical experience. Trevor is a prime example."
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Beverly Friend

Around The Town Chicago- Highly Recommended

"...The musical director for this exquisite production is by Matt Deitchman and the choreography by Josh Prince is priceless. Writer's stage is on the small side for musicals, but they have managed to do a few in a row to perfection. Donyale Werle's set shows creativity and allows us to move from scene to scene with very little wasted time, allowing the flow of the story to keep us involved. Mara Blumenfeld's costumes are clearly 1980's and the lighting (Peter Kaczorowski) and sound (Ray Nardelli) along with the props ( Scott Dickens) are what makes the tech side of this show so special."
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Alan Bresloff

Chicago Theatre Review- Recommended

"...This new play is topical, poignant, yet very funny and, despite the artificiality of being a musical, pretty realistic. The characters are authentic. The songs come from the heart and the choreographed numbers are all well-executed and highly energetic. However, the musical's just a smidge too wholesome and innocent. It lacks an edge. Anyone who's ever worked with this age group knows that middle school kids can, even back in the early 1980's, be heartlessly cruel and vicious to their peers."
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Colin Douglas

Chicagoland Musical Theatre- Highly Recommended

"...Feeling every bit the mash-up of Jason Robert Brown's 13 and this year's every-accolade-including-the-Best-Musical-Tony, Dear Evan Hansen (maybe a little Kinky Boots thrown in there, too), Marc Bruni's splendidly directed Trevor, the Musical is the coming-of-age/sexual identity story based on the 1994 Academy Award-winning short film."
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Barry Reszel

Third Coast Review- Somewhat Recommended

"...As an ensemble, the cast works seamlessly to transport you from location to location, aided by some inventive direction from Bruni and engaging choreography from Josh Prince. Donyale Werle's scenic design is equally effective in creating the world of Trevor, harnessing a variety of tricks to keep the story flowing smoothly throughout the evening. While not all of Davis' score is memorable, there are some songs that serve the piece well, and others feel like further development could make them shine."
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Brent Eickhoff

Picture This Post- Recommended

"...What is abundantly present in TREVOR is the pure joy of theater. For those with tweens (8-12) in their lives, this show could introduce them to a musicalís ability to combine great fun and serious messaging. TREVOR makes a compelling case for the next generation to put their screens aside and give musicals a try Ė whether from the stage or the seats of their school auditorium. For that alone, Writers Theaterís TREVOR serves a noble purpose."
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Susan Lieberman

The Hawk Chicago- Recommended

"...Cast standouts include the lovable and lively Matthew Uzarraga as Trevor's best friend Walter, a performer whose acting is trumped only by his effortless and energetic dancing. Pulling off her braces' rubber bands in preparation for her first kiss, Tori Whaples displays perfect comedic timing as Trevor's "beard" Cathy, and Sophie Grimm's dual performances as Trevor's mom and teacher offers up even more laughs with her hilarious facial expressions."
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Emily Schmidt

Chicago Theater and Arts- Recommended

"..."Beautiful" director Marc Bruni has brought his seamless touch to this production which has aspirations of moving on to Broadway. Expertly choreographed by Josh Prince (also "Beautiful") it likely will get there."
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Jodie Jacobs