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  The Mystery Of Love and Sex at Writers Theatre

The Mystery Of Love and Sex

Writers Theatre
325 Tudor Court Glencoe

Charlotte and Jonny have grown up together, and are now trying to determine whether their close friendship might be something more. When they discover exactly what "more" actually entails, however, it comes as a surprise to them both-and to Charlotte's parents, who are holding secrets and resentments of their own. This compelling story of intricate relationships is an explosive and contemporary look at race, sexual identity and family dynamics.

Thru - Jul 9, 2017

Price: $35 - $80

Stage: The Gillian Theatre

Show Type: Comedy

Box Office: 847-242-6000

Running Time: 2hrs, 10mins; one intermission

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  The Mystery Of Love and Sex Reviews
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  • Somewhat Recommended
  • Not Recommended

Chicago Tribune - Recommended

"...Marti Lyons' production, staged with simplicity, thank the Lord, in Writers' smaller space, is mostly a very honest and credible production that displays this director's familiar skills at casting. Burgess, who is excellent and feels entirely present in every moment, takes every advantage her character can offer her. It's a very rich performance mostly matched by Turner, who knows how to play enigmatic characters like this one. It's only in his guy's unraveling that there are further mysteries to probe."
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Chris Jones

Chicago Sun Times - Not Recommended

"...In writing about "The Mystery of Love & Sex," the work of the British-born, New York-based playwright Bathsheba Doran that is now on stage at Writers Theatre, it might be best to construct an annotated laundry list. For if nothing else - and there is very little "else" of note in this play - Doran has managed to cram more cliches about both the hot (and lukewarm) topics of the day into her two-hour drama than you might think humanly possible."
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Hedy Weiss

Daily Herald - Recommended

"...An examination of sexual identity, race and relationships, it's a sweet, gently humorous albeit not entirely credible drama. Its "mysteries" aren't all that mysterious and its characters' motivations aren't always convincing. But the play -- in its Chicago area premiere at Writers Theatre in Glencoe -- gets some things right."
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Barbara Vitello

Windy City Times - Somewhat Recommended

"...But where is my focus supposed to be? I know that Charlotte is the center of the play, or Charlotte and Jonny, but the parents continually pull focus, especially Howard. The only key incident we actually see onstage is Howard's Act II confrontation with Jonny. I'm not certain of playwright Doran's message, but it seems to be that ( a ) friendship is love and love requires friendship and ( b ) friendships must be nurtured to be lasting. I believe most people know these things, which makes this play stylish but not particularly revealing—just as a comedy of manners should be."
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Jonathan Abarbanel

Around The Town Chicago - Recommended

"...Another "coming of age" play has hit one of our Chicago area stages. This time, it is Writers Theatre and the play is Bathsheba Doran's "The Mystery of Love & Sex". The title alone is ample reason for a theater company to do the show. They are certain to sell tickets just because of the title. This is, however, more than a "teaser" about love and or sex. It is in fact, a strong look at a relationship between a boy and a girl, as well as that of the family that has been the guiding light for both of them. I must advise you that there is full frontal nudity in this production and since it is in the Gillian Theatre (the smaller, Black Box venue) the actors are very close to the audience"
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Alan Bresloff

Chicago Theatre Review - Recommended

"...Keeping this production intimate was a wise decision. Bathsheba Doran’s latest comic drama could’ve easily been staged with more grandeur and technical hoopla, but Marti Lyons understands that this episodic play is basically a story of the heart. She’s directed her production with a simplicity that focuses on the shifting souls of her characters. It’s a play about people who, like all of us, are continually changing. This two-hour play, which sports nudity, adult language and situations, shows life in a constant state of flux. The story sometimes feels melodramatic, but it’s always engaging and entertaining. Doran proves once again that nothing is as fascinating as the human animal and as constant as change."
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Colin Douglas

Chicagoland Theater Reviews - Recommended

"...While “The Mystery of Love & Sex” (an apt rather than exploitive title), was unfolding on stage, I was continuously entertained. It was only on leaving the theater that I decided the play was far more successful in its literate dialogue than in its emotionally overstuffed narrative. But in a season of wonderfully acted new straight plays in Chicagoland theater, this one still stands tall."

Dan Zeff

Picture This Post - Recommended

"...Lyons' direction also puts the relationships at the center of the performance, allowing much of Doran's play to speak for itself. In stronger scenes, such as an opening dinner engagement or a confrontation between Howard and Jonny, the characters' actions are enough to hold the audience's attention. At other times, often in Act I as we are still getting to know these characters, the episodic nature of Doran's play is less engaging. Despite some of the script's unevenness, this is a well-produced play which ponders a multitude of interesting questions. It takes until the start of Act II to truly settle in to the play's rhythm, but for those interested in a play which covers many topics, the performances are worth the trip to Glencoe."
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Brent Ervin-Eickhoff

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