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  Tangles and Plaques Reviews
Tangles and Plaques
Tangles and Plaques

Tangles and Plaques
Thru - Nov 18, 2017

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Chicago Reader- Highly Recommended

"...Inspired in part by Riiber's work as an assistant in a retirement community, the piece challenges its audiences to experience the decline into oblivion as sufferers of dementia themselves experience it. The result is a funny, scary, and ultimately transformative journey."
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Max Maller

NewCity Chicago- Highly Recommended

"...Combined with Jen Ellisonís apt direction, John Wilsonís nostalgic and delightful set and a strong and cohesive ensemble, the production is able to not only achieve its goal of ďdemystifyingĒ the experience of this affliction but also connect with the audience in a personal yet painstakingly artful way."
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Danielle Levsky

Chicago Theatre Review- Highly Recommended

"...Tangles and Plaques isn't just an issue play. It doesn't just draw in and then draw away from the sad misfortune that might affect us, or a family member, or almost inevitably someone we love and admire. Unlike any "issue" play I've seen before, it busies itself with means of correcting its issue and our perception of it. For all we need to be caretakers is patience, an ability to say yes to proposed improbable circumstances and say it whole heartedly, and take the time to make a connection with a stranger. Just like when you go to the theater. It gives us the tools, real concrete precepts, to be better people, in the midst of sterling remembrances and an evening you are not likely to forget."
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Ben Kemper

The Fourth Walsh- Highly Recommended

"...Although the overarching message in TANGLES AND PLAQUES is powerful, the production itself oozes merriment. Director Jen Ellison orchestrates this with plenty of uplifting pizzazz. Ribbon dancing, parachute billowing and a gaudy set (designer John Ross Wilson) glittered in nostalgia. The crew continually makes fun memories until Riiber gently brings the focus back to dementia. Itís the aching sobriety after a whirlwind bender. But itís important to remember about dementia until we forget. My memory of this show may not last forever but for now, I remember I loved this show."
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Katy Walsh

Picture This Post- Highly Recommended

"...Deeply moving and incredibly relevant, Tangles & Plaques is a story that must be shared. Riiber leads the audience through a roller coaster of emotions that is only the beginning of understanding a disease that touches so many, but so few understand. As she asks in her play, why wouldn't we talk about it?"
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Lauren Katz