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   May 21, 2007

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Gabe Greene and Richard Pettengill

Gabe Greene and Richard PettengillGabe Greene and Richard Pettengill talk with Anne Nicholson Weber about the crucial role of the audience as participant in the theatrical creation, and the many resources available to theatergoers who want to deepen their understanding of a particular play, production or company.
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Theatre News

Theatre NewsNeo-Futurists, Special Jeff Citations, and more. Chicago's Theatre News is hosted by Dustin Mote
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Arcadia - Review

Arcadia - Review"Arcadia" is Tom Stoppard’s whimsical masterpiece that is part comedy of manners, part scientific mystery, and part romantic drama. Court Theatre's thrilling production is so fast paced and marvelously acted that you'll have to get to Court Theatre to see why they are among the best theatre companies in Chicago.
Listen: (MP3) Time: 6:02

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