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  Red Bowl At The Jeffs at The Frontier

Red Bowl At The Jeffs

The Frontier
1106 W Thorndale Chicago

The group of college friends who started Red Bowl Ensemble have been plugging away in the storefront theater scene for years, but now they've finally made it: to the Non-Equity Joseph Jefferson Awards, that is. Loosely inspired by Anton Chekov's Three Sisters , Red Bowl at the Jeffs is a bittersweet comedy about a group of young artists dealing with ambition, failure, friendship, and making it to Moscow.

Presented by The Sound

Thru - Apr 22, 2018

Fridays: 8:00pm
Saturdays: 8:00pm

Price: $10

Show Type: Comedy

  Red Bowl At The Jeffs Reviews
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NewCity Chicago - Highly Recommended

"...Much credit can and should be given to Hyland, whose gifts as a writer of grounded characters within high concept, meta-tinged scenarios are ear-catching and praiseworthy. In Rebecca Willingham she has a director and collaborator who intuitively understands the needs of her work and insures that the production's heart and brain stay in constant conversation. The theater community (even Chicago, with its pretensions of blue collar utilitarianism) loves an artistic duo and the pair, who have worked together on all of The Sound's productions thus far (2015's "Seagulls," another Chekhov experiment, and 2016's haunting "For Annie"), are on an inspired roll."
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Kevin Greene

Chicago On Stage - Highly Recommended

"...What is the nature and meaning of friendship? How do our friends affect who we are? What do we ultimately owe them? These are heady questions to deal with in a comedy, but perhaps when it is a comedy inspired by Chekhovís Three Sisters it all makes perfect sense. The Soundís latest play, the World Premiere of Beth Hylandís Red Bowl at the Jeffs, deals with these issues and also manages to take a caustic microscope to the world of live theatre, yet the play is very funny almost all the way through. It lets us explore its many issues while laughing, which is usually the best way to do it."
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Karen Topham

Picture This Post - Highly Recommended

"...This intuitive use of space is complemented by equally smart design. Alex Bealís lighting design neatly straddles realism and symbolism, evocatively upping the emotional resonance of several key moments without taking audiences out of the world of the play. Sound design by Shain Longbehn is just as engrossing, as is Dana Macelís Scenic Design, which, to this reviewer, nailed the milieu of a certain Chicagoland Mariottís ball room. Red Bowl at the Jeffsí keen direction and design slickly elevate the material."
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Brent Ervin-Eickhoff

  Red Bowl At The Jeffs Photo Gallery

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