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  Queen Of Sock Pairing at The Ready

Queen Of Sock Pairing

The Ready
4546 N. Western Ave Chicago

Feeling unheard both at her job and in her relationship, Celia initiates a new game with her boyfriend. Queen of Sock Pairing employs meta-theatricality, comedic naturalism, and rhythmic, driving narration to tell a visceral and playful story about childcare, learning dominance through imitation, and speaking the truth while playing pretend.

Presented by Red Tape Theatre

Thru - Dec 14, 2019

Show Type: Comedy
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  Queen Of Sock Pairing Reviews
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Chicago Reader - Highly Recommended

"...Elena Victoria Feliz is magnetic as Celia, at once vulnerable and resilient in her journey to empowerment. She's a delight to watch, emoting so much with just a look. Brenda Scott Wlazlo (Joan) oozes with self-important status while sporting a humorous Ivy League accent. Aaron Latterell is terrifyingly good as Cai, whose sadism violates agreed-upon boundaries. Submit to the Queen of Sock Pairing!"
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Josh Flanders

Chicago On Stage - Recommended

"...The acting is top-notch. Feliz is brilliant as a young woman trying desperately to find out where she fits, seeking real agency in her life even while enjoying the "sub" role in the bedroom. That she is so utterly likable as a performer enables us to sympathize with her from the outset, no matter what kinds of kink she is into. Greene's role is both an observer and a kind of inner voice making clear and commenting on the turmoil in Celia's head. Once the audience becomes used to her presence, the Narrator's function morphs to include saving Celia from moments that might otherwise overwhelm her emotionally exhausted brain. Latterall is sharp and undeniably appealing as Cai, though the character is an unabashed dom who at one point proclaims that he beats women, but only when they ask for it by saying, "Please, Sir, I want you to hurt me." Celia manages to get out a "Please Sir..." before the subject changes. "
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Karen Topham

Picture This Post - Recommended

"...Thought-provoking writing and strong acting makes Queen of Sock Pairing a theatrical event to remember - one that might just keep you on the edge of your seat, anxious to discover what will happen next."
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Lauren Katz

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