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  Hercules at Lyric Opera


Lyric Opera
20 N. Wacker Drive Chicago

Mighty Hercules has triumphed in war again. But while the hero celebrates, his wife Dejanira seethes — convinced that her husband has been seduced by a winsome captive. The Nemian Lion, the nine-headed snake, the fearsome dog that guards the underworld...Hercules has defeated every kind of mythic creature. But the beast that kills him in the end is Jealousy — delivered from beyond the grave and unleashed by a wife driven mad by suspicion. Love, sorrow, vengeance, nobility — Hercules immediately enthralls with its vast emotional sweep and gloriously inventive music.

Thru - Mar 21, 2011

Price: $33-$217

Show Type: Opera

Box Office: 312-332-2244

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  Hercules Reviews
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Chicago Stage Review - Recommended

"...The music itself is executed flawlessly by the Lyric orchestra under the direction of maestro Harry Bicket and the casting is outstanding, particularly the female roles. Ms. Coote and Ms. Crowe are nothing short of sensational. Owens however, would be well advised to present a more commanding physical presence as Hercules, whose sense of unease should not eclipse his self-identity as a life-long warrior. The American bass, who created a sensation this season in his role as Alberich in Wagner’s “Das Rheingold” at the Met, seems less comfortable with Handel’s vocal gymnastics and the conversely understated emotions of the tortured Hercules. Despite these production bumps, Hercules is an exciting and fascinating collaboration that heralds a more bold and forward-looking direction that is long overdue at Lyric."
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Lori Dana

ChicagoCritic - Highly Recommended

"...Still, in all, and especially when factoring in how impressive the set was (although the craggy interior of the ruins I felt was underused), the lack of shockingly good costumes was forgivable (although highlighted all the more). And with such exceptional talent on display, performing such an enjoyable piece, it is allowable, I think, for the lack of fashion to take a back seat to the music. This is a wonderful piece of art that those who like experimental work, opera, or Baroque music will consume rapaciously."
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Will Fink

Chicago Theater Beat - Somewhat Recommended

"...Once you dig past Handel’s redundancy, Dejanira and Hercules seem remarkably layered. Stuck on the home front, they are dealing with a realistic quagmire, even if the circumstances (like him being a demigod and her killing him with a coat that rips out his organs) are not. Handel’s Hercules is a confounding work, but Sellars, a populist at heart, stares it down unflinchingly."

Barry Eitel

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