Cast and crew announced for The Prodigal Daughter at Raven Theatre

Feb 4, 2024
The Prodigal Daughter at Raven Theatre in Chicago

Raven Theatre in Chicago is thrilled to unveil the lineup for its season finale, "THE PRODIGAL DAUGHTER," marking the culmination of its 41st season. This eagerly anticipated production, a unique commission by Raven Theatre, serves as the concluding chapter of "The Grand Boulevard Trilogy" by Joshua Allen. This trilogy narratively explores the lives of Black families in early 20th century Chicago, with each installment taking place on a distinct level of an apartment complex on the South Side. "THE PRODIGAL DAUGHTER" is set to grace the Raven Theatre stage at 6157 N. Clark St. from May 22 through June 23, 2024, with previews from May 16 to May 19. Tickets, priced between $35 and $45, are available for purchase at

Set against the backdrop of the tumultuous Red Summer of 1919, amidst soaring temperatures and escalating racial tensions in America's Black Belt, the story follows Virginia Bass, a prosperous saleswoman. Traveling with her business associate, Virginia decides to revisit her roots and family in her native city. However, the reception from her family, particularly her distant father, is colder than expected, prompting Virginia to ponder the possibility of reconciliation and belonging. This final act of "The Grand Boulevard Trilogy" intertwines unresolved emotions, underlying tensions, and the critical backdrop of a city on the edge.

"Joshua Allen has given us a trilogy of plays about the history of our city. Spanning several decades of the early 20th Century, The Grand Boulevard Trilogy takes place in the same building on Chicago's South Side. With the world premiere of The Prodigal Daughter, Raven Theatre is celebrating his tremendous accomplishment," said Raven Theatre Artistic Director Sarah Slight.

The cast of "THE PRODIGAL DAUGHTER" features Stephanie Mattos in the role of Virginia Bass, with Bradford Stevens as John Bass, Bryant Hayes as Rev. Eugene Maxwell, Stefan Brundage as George Oakley, RjW Mays as Lottie Dickerson, and Sol Fuller as Daisy Bass.

The production's creative team is spearheaded by playwright Joshua Allen and director Jerrell L. Henderson, including key contributors Ashley Keys (Associate Director), Rita Vreeland (Stage Manager), Andrea Enger (Assistant Stage Manager), Jared Gooding (Lighting Designer), Lauren Nichols (Scenic Designer), Stefanie M. Senior (Sound Designer), Gregory Graham (Costume Designer), and Catherine Miller (Casting Director), all working in concert to bring this compelling narrative to life.