Lucha Teotl set for Goodman Theatre

Sep 8, 2023
Lucha Teotl at Goodman Theatre in Chicago

Will the forces of light prevail over darkness? Masked luchadores representing Aztec gods vie for domination in Lucha Teotl-a no-holds-barred, 90-minute thrill ride about family, honor, tradition and redemption, written and directed by Christopher Llewyn Ramirez and Jeff Colangelo. A full-sized professional wrestling ring and a 15-foot-high Aztec calendar set the stage for the heart-pumping action, transforming the Goodman Theatre's 350-seat flexible Owen Theatre into an immersive space that encourages audience participation.

Lucha Teotl at Goodman Theatre in Chicago

"Get ready to cheer, boo and go wild for some high-flying action, because this show is a roller coaster from the moment it begins," said co-creator Jeff Colangelo. "With an incredible ensemble of actors, circus performers and pro-wrestlers, we aim to transport our audiences into the world of lucha wrestling from the moment they walk into the space-and create an experience unlike anything Chicago has ever seen."

Co-creator Christopher Llewyn Ramirez added, "Chicago is one of the pro-wrestling capitals in the United States-so it's no surprise that the Goodman's casting team found the unbelievable artists needed to bring Lucha Teotl to life. We could not be more excited to celebrate Latinidad, theater and pro-wrestling-all under the same roof!"