AuditionHQ Forum is rolling out a new tool for actors to help them get more information on auditions in Chicago. With our new AuditionHQ Forum, now in beta release, actors and theatre companies can register and go to the forum to update and receive information on the status of current auditions and callbacks as well as ask questions and share opinions and insights on working for the different theatre companies in Chicago. It can also be used by them to rant and rave about shows in Chicago, ask and answer questions about working in the industry, and just be a place to get things off their chest.

The AuditionHQ Forum is an extension of our popular audition listings pages where actors can find a listing of all the auditions around Chicago for no cost to the actors or theatre companies. Also with the new AuditionHQ Forum launch, actors can now sign up for email alerts to let them know every time a new audition is listed on the site.

Theatre companies who post audition listings on the site are also encouraged to use the forum to post updates on their auditions or answer questions.

The goal is to give the acting commumity in Chicago free resources to help them so they can continue to create great art and continue to make Chicago one of top theatre cities in the world.

You can try it out by registering for an account at the AuditionHQ Forum. Since this is still in beta, please be patient as we continue to grow the feature set and grow the user base.