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Why You Should Give The Gift of Theatre

Chicago Theatre Gift CertificatesIf you are stuck figuring out what to buy family and friends this holiday season, think of live theatre to get you out of a gifting dilemma. Theatre gift certificates make great holiday presents. In fact, you are not just giving gifts; you are giving enjoyable experiences to your loved ones.

Extra Special Experiences

A 20-year study from Cornell University concluded that experiences create more happiness than things. While buying objects creates happiness, that feeling fades quickly. Experiences, on the other hand, have a spectrum of positive emotions attached to them. First, there is the anticipation of the experience to get excited about. Then there is the enjoyment of the experience itself. Afterwards, you have memories of the experience that you will remember for a long time.

A recent study at San Francisco State University echoes this result. They also found that the people in their study who spent money on experiences were happier and more satisfied with their purchase than the people who bought material things.

With theatre gift certificates, you can give an experience full of wonder and excitement. In addition you have built-in versatility with a gift certificate. You need not worry about giving tickets for a specific show, such as the very hard to get tickets for Hamilton for example, because there are a great variety of theatre options for everyone on your Christmas list. Maybe your parents enjoy big musical productions, but your brother and sister-in-law would like a storefront theatre production in a more intimate setting. You can make both couples happy by gifting them theatre gift certificates.

Theatre Gift Certificate Options

There are a great variety of online resources to find theatres that offer or accept gift certificates. Goldstar sells certificates for both large and smaller storefront theatres and is a great place to find ticket deals. Broadway in Chicago has its own websites for touring Broadway shows making their way to the Windy City. The well-known ticket purveyor Ticketmaster sells gift certificates to theatre productions as well as musical concerts and sporting events.

For a really great deal on multiple theatre experiences, check out the Rogers Park Flex Pass. The Flex Pass costs 50 dollars and is good for one show at each of the four member theatres. If you want to present someone with a theatre gift certificate for a particular venue, theatres such as Steppenwolf, Goodman, Lookingglass, Chicago Shakespeare, Second City, Writers Theatre, and Marriott Theatre, each have their own websites where you can purchase tickets and certificates.

The Hidden Benefit

While you will be remembered as the person who gave original and memorable gifts this holiday season, you will be enjoying another benefit of your generosity with theatre gift certificates. You will not be frazzled from dealing with the holiday shopping crowds, as these gifts can be purchased online. Serenity during the holiday season is an experience you would like to have yourself, right?

Enjoy the ease of shopping online and give the unique gift of a theatre outing this holiday season. The happiness and enjoyment from receiving a material present tend to fade, while the great memories of a wonderful live performance will continue for a lifetime.

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