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  Matilda The Musical at Nederlander Theatre

Matilda The Musical

Nederlander Theatre
24 W. Randolph Chicago

The story of a very bright and rebellious little girl, with special powers. Matilda's parents, Mr and Mrs Wormwood, have no time for her and treat her as a nuisance. She spends most of her time reading books from the library astonishingly quickly, whilst they watch the telly and Mr Wormwood sells dodgy used cars. At school things are no better as despite the care and support of her teacher, the lovely Miss Honey, Matilda has to contend with the terrifying headmistress Miss Trunchbull who rules the school with cruelty and fear. Matilda fights against the injustices at home and at school. Eventually she decides the grown-ups should be taught a lesson and in the process discovers her supernatural powers.

Thru - Apr 10, 2016

Price: $25-$123

Show Type: Musical

Running Time: 2hrs, 30mins; one intermission

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  Matilda The Musical Reviews
  • Highly Recommended
  • Recommended
  • Somewhat Recommended
  • Not Recommended

Chicago Tribune - Highly Recommended

"...The brilliance of "Matilda The Musical," the 2013 Broadway hit from Britain's Royal Shakespeare Company that has now arrived for just three spring weeks at Chicago's Oriental Theatre, lies in its full-bore embrace of the warped, cruel, satirical world of Roald Dahl - the literary guardian of many a past bedtime in my house - coupled with a moving and impassioned plea for educating children, especially girls, with compassion, warmth and a spirit of empowerment."
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Chris Jones

Chicago Sun Times - Somewhat Recommended

"...If you sense some lack of enthusiasm for the show here, you are on target. "Matilda" comes with with an overly long book by Dennis Kelly, a snappy but largely unmemorable score by Tim Minchin, and direction by Matthew Warchus that turns much of the show into an unrelenting English panto. Subtlety is sacrificed in favor of the most telegraphed forms of evil and vulgarity - no doubt designed to create a contrast with the more humane librarian and teacher, and the exuberant kids. But, particularly in the first act, this grows exceedingly tiresome."
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Hedy Weiss

Chicago Reader - Somewhat Recommended

"...This musical version of Roald Dahl's dark children's tale (book by Dennis Kelly, music and lyrics by Tim Minchin) is packed with spectacle: wall-to-wall singing and dancing, acrobatics and loud music, colorful costumes, clever set pieces, cartoonishly over-the-top acting. That would be great if the show were the length of a music video rather than a production that's two and a half hours long. After a while, I found myself yourself yearning for some of the other things I go to theater for-like witty, well-delivered dialogue, nuanced character development, audible lyrics, and a story that moves me, or at least makes sense."
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Jack Helbig

Time Out Chicago - Somewhat Recommended

"...Roald Dahl’s creation seems a bit of wish-fulfillment for bookish children across the world. Disdained by her awful parents, who are obsessed with making a buck or an impression on the telly, Matilda (played on tour by a rotating trio of young actresses) grows her brain so large that she can actually move objects with her mind."
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Kris Vire

Stage and Cinema - Recommended

"...Imagine Annie with psychokinetic powers, Nancy Drew as a mind-reader, or Cinderella acting as her own fairy godmother. Self-empowerment of the Mulan persuasion fuels this upbeat, knock-down, pell-mell 2011 musical. A multi-Tony and Olivier award winner, Matilda the Musical is now on its first national tour, a Broadway in Chicago presentation at Chicago's Oriental Theatre."
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Lawrence Bommer

ChicagoCritic - Somewhat Recommended

"...I had mixed feeling about Matilda. I have problems with “little girl” speak as it sound like squeaky chip monks. So that alone hurt my appreciation of the show. I was impressed with the dynamic theatricality of the show and the amazing quality of the performances by the cast of young kids. I was particularly impressed by the performance of David Abeles as the nasty head schoolmaster Miss Trunchbull."
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Tom Williams

Chicago Stage Standard - Recommended

"...The brand new touring production of Matilda The Musical now on view at the magnificent Broadway in Chicago venue The Oriental Theatre is a “good triumphs over evil” show for the whole family. It joins Oliver and Annie in the pantheon of kid musicals. As a beloved bit of Kid Lit, it’s sure to become a staple in theatres for a generation. The melodies, by Tim Minchin, are hummable, and the choreography by Peter Darling is jump out of your seat exciting. Rob Howell’s scrabble board inspired set with a shadow of Quentin Blake’s (original illustrator for Dahl) sensibility is beautifully simple and serviceable."

Angela Allyn

Around The Town Chicago - Recommended

"...In this production, her classmates are a very important part of the story-telling process. They are as follows: Bruce (the incredibly adorable Ryan Christopher Dever), Lavender (Madison Smith), Nigel (Trey Middleton), Amanda (Austyn Johnson), Eric (Aristotle Rock), Alice (Cassidy Hagel), Hortensia (Heidi Friese) and Tommy (Jordan Hall)."
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Carol Moore

NewCity Chicago - Highly Recommended

"...Though the show is nearly three hours long, many children in the audience seemed to enjoy the story as much as the grown-ups. Witty and memorable songs, a clever book and an enchanting cast make “Matilda: The Musical” a magical experience for audiences of all ages."
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Mary Kroeck

Chicago Theatre Review - Highly Recommended

"...Matthew Warchus’ sharp, insightful direction, combined with the energetic, floor-pounding, angst-ridden choreography by Peter Darling, are nicely supported by Hugh Vanstone’s well-designed illumination and Rob Howell’s inventive, Tony Award-winning alphabet-tiled set."
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Colin Douglas

The Fourth Walsh - Highly Recommended

"...There is so much to love about this show including it’s kid-hating head mistress Miss Trunchbull played by the wickedly hilarious David Abeles. The story by Dahl mixes dark reality with magical possibilities. Matilda is mentally abused and neglected by her dimwitted, opportunistic parents. She is a modern day Cinderella or Snow White. Her evil nemesis is the principal. Instead of waiting for a prince to rescue her, Matilda liberates herself. The depth and breadth of the story is a motivational anthem for the masses. Everyone could learn a life-altering thing or two from MATILDA. The girl and the musical are truly extraordinary! "
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Katy Walsh

Chicagoland Musical Theatre - Highly Recommended

"...When I grow up I want to be in Matilda the Musical. Or at least I’d love to live in a story that Matilda would tell. They’re thrilling stories where truth and goodness prevail. Life is a miracle to behold. Love reigns supreme. And yet, as audiences learn in the Broadway in Chicago’s touring production at the Oriental Theatre, these stories don’t end perfectly happy. Luckily, Matilda the Musical still invokes feelings of happiness, joy and complete satisfaction."
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Christopher Thomas

Third Coast Review - Highly Recommended

"...The lush production, the quirky music, the stellar acting and the engaging plot (telekinesis is worth the wait) makes Matilda the kind of show that parents, grandparents and the children (age 7 and up due to the length of the play) can really celebrate together. It’s no wonder that Matilda has won four Tony awards and has a creative and production staff full of previous Tony award winners."
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Kim Campbell

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