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Nothing Without A Company at Artspce 8
Thru - May 6, 2018

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Nothing Without A Company at Artspce 8

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NewCity Chicago- Not Recommended

"..."Drink the Kool-Aid" is an idiom of idealistic extremism because the Jonestown Massacre incited absolute discomfort from us. The tragedy "Cornerstone" is always on the edge of, that of the desperate seeking hope, solace, community from a nest of persuasive wasps, is drowned by the show's desire to illustrate the immorality of that which already repulses us."
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Jay Van Ort

Chicago On Stage- Highly Recommended

"...Cornerstone is a great evening of interactive, experimental theater. The players are always on. I ran into Wanda (played by Wanda Jin) as we were passing by each other outside the restroom and she still talked to me in character. This show is nothing short of a marathon of improvisational and theatrical talents as each actor was forced to embody the character so much that they could converse without lines."
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Karen Topham

Picture This Post- Recommended

"...Before the show began, this viewer made a friend in Nestor (Kyle Mundil), a lively and enthusiastic member who changed his name so that it was an anagram of Cornerstone. Mundil's performance immediately set the tone for this production, and his journey from naive do-gooder to a man without a purpose, or a sense of what is real, makes this a production you have to see. Several actors were difficult to distinguish from regular audience members, heightening the immersion even more. If you're looking for a production featuring a strong and committed ensemble cast, Cornerstone is the show to see."
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Nate Hall