Rocky Mountain Repertory Theater
2023 Auditions

Pay: Yes


Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre 2023 Auditions. Video Submissions for in person callback auditions for non-union actors in Chicago, February 10-12, 2023

A repertory company of singer/actor/dancer/mover artists of all types to perform in all of our 3-summer repertory shows: Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, Pirates of Penzance and Something Rotten. All cast actors are in all 3 shows. This is a 14 week contract. Rehearsals begin May 22, 2023 and contract ends August 27, 2023.

Also seeking singer/actors/musicians of all types for our 6 week fall show Almost Heaven: The Songs of John Denver.
Almost Heaven is a separate contract from the summer repertory shows. Rehearsals begin August 21, 2023 and contract ends October 1, 2023.

Actors can be consider for both contracts.

Producer: Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre
Executive Artistic Director: Michael Querio
Associate Artistic Director: Jeff Duke
Casting Associates: Suzanna Champion and Kristin O'Connell


Beautiful-The Carole King Musical:
Carole King-- an aspiring singer/songwriter; a unique, appealing, funny, and vulnerable girl from a Jewish family in Brooklyn; talented, good-natured, unassuming, and often the peacemaker in difficult situations; a reluctant star with no pretense and a passion for music; seeking an exceptional actress with a powerful, distinctive voice. Gender: Female

Cynthia Weil-- a songwriter who becomes romantically involved with Barry; Carole's best friend, she is sophisticated, smart, and chic with a quick wit; although self-confident, and at times sarcastic, she is also likable; seeking an actress with strong comic timing who sings extremely well. Gender: female

Gerry Goffin-- Carole's boyfriend, songwriting partner, and eventual husband; he is smoldering, dark, and handsome with a rebel vibe; although sexy, he is innately sympathetic, wounded, and tortured; an ambitious artist always striving for more; seeking a strong actor who sings well; baritone/tenor. Gender: male

Barry Mann-- a songwriter who becomes romantically involved with Cynthia, he is good natured, handsome, and neurotic; ambitious, but appealing and likable; seeking a strong comedic actor with a great voice; must be a strong high tenor comfortable with pop and rock style singing. Gender: male

Don Kirshner-- music publisher, talent manager and songwriter. Mentor to Carole King.

Genie Klein-- Carole King's worried, protective mother.

Active, featured ensemble, to play a variety of roles (Neil Sedaka, Little Eva, Janelle Woods, Marilyn Wald, Don Kirshner, Lou Adler, The Drifters, The Shirelles, The Righteous Brothers, etc) Gender: any

The Pirates of Penzance
Frederic- A member of the Pirates. He is unaffected and possesses and unselfconscious sex appeal. Youthful, genuine and innocent. Gender: male. Vocal range: strong, legit(ish) tenor full voice up to Bb.

The Pirate King- The leader of the pirates. Despite his sharp and loud bark, he is actually a whole-hearted romantic with a soft bite. A handsome man typically found with an open shirt and wind in his hair. Gender: male. Vocal range: legit(ish) baritone.

Major General Stanley- A father with many daughters. He resembles a male Queen Victoria in his sensibilities. Possesses kindness, warmth, and good-humor. The love for his daughters is undeniable. Gender: male. Vocal range: character baritenor.

Police Sargent- The leader of the police. He is Groucho Marx-esque and uncomfortably clumsy. Though their duty to protect is clear, the Seargeant and his police are more accustomed to fear and hide. Gender: male. Vocal range: baritenor.

Mabel- Daughter of the Major-General, she is a classic beauty. An astute young woman, she is sympathetic in nature. She and Frederic fall in love. Gender: female. Vocal range: legit(ish) soprano with some coloratura. Easy high Cs & Ds.

Ruth- Frederic's lifelong nanny. Sneaky. She is attractive enough for her age but cares very little about such things. She wants nothing more than to see Frederic happy, healthy, and by her side. Gender: female. Vocal range: legit(ish) mezzo.

A strong singing ensemble (Daughters, Edith, Kate, Pirates, Samuel, Policement)

In this show the race of the characters is not pivotal to the plot. All ethnicities and types will be considered for all roles.

Something Rotten
Nick Bottom - a struggling writer who cannot stand Shakespeare. Nigel's older brother. Gender: male

Nigel Bottom - Nick's sweet younger brother. A struggling writer who falls in love with Portia, a Puritan. Gender: male

Nostradamus - A soothsayer. A strong comedic song & dance man. Gender: male

Shakespeare - The Bard. Over the top with a huge ego. Gender: male

Bea - Nick's wife. She loves Nick despite his past lack of success. She dresses up like a man to prove she can be an actor. Gender: female

Portia - A Puritan woman who loves poetry, theater, and ultimately Nigel. Gender: female

Brother Jeremiah - Portia's father. A Puritan who thinks Nick & Nigel's plays are sinful.

Active, featured ensemble, to play a variety of roles (Minstrel, townspeople, Troupe, Lord Clapham, Shylock, Servants, Crowd, Chorus and more)

In this show the race of the characters is not pivotal to the plot. All ethnicities and types will be considered for all roles.

Almost Heaven: The Songs of John Denver-RMRT's Fall Season
6 performers (3 men, 3 women)-all strong singer/actor/performers. Must be strong interpreters of pop/country songs, plus good musicians to handle dense vocal harmonies. Possible guitarist, fiddle, etc, but not required.

In this show the race of the characters is not pivotal to the plot. All ethnicities and types will be considered for all roles.

Contact Info:

Please send your picture/resume, and video links directly imbedded in your email to us at email: Please send us video of your singing/acting skills that you deem highlights your musical theatre abilities. Please also send dance reel if available. Tap dance reel is especially appreciated.

The casting team will reach out via the contact information you have provided to set up an in person callback for either Feb. 10-12. If needed we may do some callbacks on Friday Feb. 10th. We will send you all the links you need to prepare for the callbacks as well as time and location. You must attend the callback in person. No callbacks will take place via video.

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