Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Pay: Yes


Medieval Times is currently searching for applicants for the role of KNIGHT.

Do you have what it takes?

Role requirements: Male, VERY ATHLETIC, stunt work and horse-riding experience is a plus but not required. Long hair also a plus but not required. MUST START AS A SQUIRE, application is for Squire.

Role: One of the six knights of her majesty's realm. Each one as brave and fearless as the next! Competing in games of skill on horseback, as well as jousting and combat. Knights are brave, loyal, and true.

Details: This is a FULL-TIME position with benefits. It is also a full-time commitment with the expectation that applicant intends to dedicate 3+ years to the castle, NOT SEASONAL. You will begin as a SQUIRE and progress to KNIGHT TRAINING if approved by the Head Knight. Training takes 6 months to 1 year, during which time you will learn horseback riding, jousting, and fight choreography. This is EXTREMELY physically and mentally demanding. Physical aptitude test required during hiring process.

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