Go To Productions
2024 Go To New Play Festival

Pay: Yes


Go To Productions is seeking non equity actors for the 2024 Go To New Play Festival at Theatre Wit from September 26-29.

Featuring short plays by Darren Canady, Stuart Day, and Douglas Post Directed by Scott Westerman, Justice Ford, and Rachel Slavick

Rehearsals on Zoom and in person through the month of September. Tech 9/23-9/25
Performances 9/26 & 9/27 at 7:30pm, 9/28 at 8pm, and 9/29 at 3pm

Pay $400


Bounce by Stuart Day:
-JANE - 30's-40's female identifying, can juggle
-JAMES - 30's-40's male identifying, can juggle

Talk by Stuart Day:
-HANK, a man in his fifties

Tum Tum and Mabel by Darren Canady:
-HEZ (Hezekiah) - male identifying, 30s+, Black. Jackie's partner
-JACKIE - male identifying, 30s+, White. Hez's partner

Let It Sear Blister and Burn by Darren Canady:
-RENEE - Black, female identifying, 20's-30's
-MAMA - Black, female identifying, 40's-60's

Number 163 by Douglas Post:
-FERGUSON, a gate agent, 20s

A Passenger's Bill of Rights by Douglas Post:
-GWEN - a C.E.O, 50s

Go To Productions develops projects that explore the nexus between live theatre and film, making and producing art that is broadly accessible, both practically and intellectually, and which connects a wide community of audiences and artists.

Contact Info:

Please fill out this form and submit your headshot & resume for consideration https://forms.gle/5SgnbrmpRCqFnVMm6

Website: forms.gle/5SgnbrmpRCqFnVMm6