Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament
King/Lord Marshal

Pay: Yes


Medieval Times is looking for PERFORMERS to play the King/Lord Marshal in our live action dinner show.

KING RAMIRO: A seasoned ruler and diplomat who was a formidable warrior in his youth. He enjoys hunting and horses like much of the noblemen of the time. King Ramiro is considered a renaissance man by his peers, having distinguished himself as knight but also gained notoriety through his statesmanship and writings. He is a great judge of character and enjoys a good game of chess whether against a novice or experienced player. Ramiro is much concerned with tradition and heritage. As far as his political motivations, the King is playing the 'long game,' hoping his alliance with the Queen will be the catalyst for a larger, more prosperous nation in generations to come. The added military might of Zaragosa is a pragmatic move to bulwark against more aggressive neighbors. This role is for physically fit male actors with a playable range of mid 30s - early 60s. Some good examples of this character are Marcus Aurelius, Richard I the Lionheart, and Thucydides of Athens.

LORD MARSHAL, THE EARL OF RAVENGLASS: The former champion of King Ramiro who was hand-picked by both he and Queen Luciana, to lead their armies as Lord Marshal. The Earl comes from a long and celebrated line of knights from an ancient house that is fiercely loyal to the throne. No stranger to the tourney grounds or the battlefield, the Lord Marshal is an avid student of arms and military strategy. There is no finer choice to govern over the tournament and to preside over the selection of a new champion. He is the very embodiment of chivalry, both respected and revered by all the knights of the realm. Children are frequently heard evoking his name in the practice yards of noble families throughout the land. This role is for physically fit male actors with a playable range from late 20s - early 50s. El Cid, Ivanhoe, and the Black Prince of Whales are appropriate examples of this character.

-Performs an expansive speaking role requiring a strong, dynamic vocal performance in front of a large crowd
-Rides a horse in the arena during the entirety of the performance
-Greets and interacts with guests prior to and following the show

-Previous experience playing a role or roles in live theater strongly preferred
-Must be able to memorize lines and speak with a clear and dynamic voice (ability to speak with various accents preferred)
-Must be able to work around horses
-Ability to perform extensive horseback riding (Previous horseback experience is helpful but not required)
-Ability to interact with and keep the attention of a large crowd
-Ability to work within a team environment in a fast paced live show
-Ability to communicate and interact with Team Members and Guests
-Ability to work varied hours/days, including nights, weekends and holidays, as needed

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