Black Cat Theatre
When She Went to Mantua

Pay: Stipend


Black Cat Theatre Company is searching for 6 actors for our second production: a staged reading of When She Went to Mantua by Natalie Welber, directed by Jared Sheldon and Cee Scallen.

Plot Summary: "Lady and Lord's daughter, Jules, is dead, and someone is going to pay. While attending grief counseling sessions, the parents discover that their counselor, Lawrence, had a hand in Jules' death. They plot revenge, but off in Mantua, Jules is still alive. Probably. Her happy-ever-after is so unhappy that she's beginning to wonder if the fake-your-death potion was really poison. Her husband, Ro, can't stop thinking about the people he killed to get to this honeymoon. Shadows keep seeping out of the walls to haunt both star-crossed couples, and the earth is heating up, and the world is ending, and we're all gonna f*cking die anyways so can love be enough when you aren't even sure that love exists?"

CONTENT WARNING: Suicidal Ideation, suicide, contemplation of self-harm, one instance of simulated physical violence.


Lady: (Femme) Lady Capulet, mother of Jules. A very well put together woman. Wants to keep the family together after Jules suicide.

Lord: (Masc) Lord Capulet, father of Jules. A very rich man. Seeks revenge on Romeo.

Jules: (Open Gender) Dead, allegedly. Suddenly very alone, not sure how to get back to "normal."

Ro: (Open Gender) In Mantua. Haunted by the reality that he has killed two people.

Shadows (2): Physical manifestations of their past actions. These roles will be heavily movement-based and use direct text from Romeo and Juliet to echo the characters' past and present realities.

As a new company on the Chicago theatre scene, Black Cat is focusing its efforts on sustainability, transparency, and education. If you have any questions or accessibility needs for you to give your best audition possible, please do not hesitate to reach out and we will do everything in our power to accommodate you!

PAY: $100

Time Commitment:

Self tapes due by midnight Monday February 12th
Rehearsals: Monday April 1st, 2024 - Thursday April 4th, 2024 + one or two virtual rehearsals scheduled based on cast availability in late March.
Dress Rehearsal: Monday, April 8th, 2024 at The Edge Off Broadway
Performance: Tuesday April 9th, 2024 at 7:30pm at The Edge Off Broadway

The performance will take place at The Edge Off Broadway Theatre and rehearsals will take place at Studio Momentum (1541 W Belmont Ave Chicago, Illinois 60657).

Material To Prepare:

Select the character you're most interested in and record a self-tape of that side. Sides can be viewed HERE. If interested in the Shadow roles, please record a 60-sec Shakespeare monologue of your choosing. If you are not able to record sides for whatever reason, we will also accept a 60 sec Shakespeare monologue. Full script available upon request via the email below.

Contact Info:

Please submit your headshot, resume, and a link to your self-tapes to Submissions are due by 11:59 Monday February 12th.

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