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  Women are Crazy Because Men are Assholes at Victory Gardens Theater - Biograph

Women are Crazy Because Men are Assholes

Victory Gardens Theater - Biograph
2433 N. Lincoln Ave Chicago

Five couples come together for brunch to celebrate Nicole finally meeting Dylan after a two month long internet courting. This is the last reasonable thing any of them will do for the day. Secrets will be screamed, sex will be weaponized, and sanity will have its throat sliced. They are assholes.They are crazy. Try to love them anyway.

Thru - Nov 6, 2011

Thursdays: 7:00pm
Fridays: 7:00pm & 9:30pm
Saturdays: 5:00pm & 8:30pm
Sundays: 5:00pm

Price: $29.69-$39.69

Show Type: Comedy

Box Office: 773-871-3000

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  Women are Crazy Because Men are Assholes Reviews
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  • Recommended
  • Somewhat Recommended
  • Not Recommended

Chicago Reader - Recommended

"...A dizzying total of five couples convenes for brunch to meet Dylan, online paramour of Nicole, who--in what must be an LA mating/hazing ritual--is also meeting him for the first time. Snares, pitfalls, and romantic hijinks ensue, though Gottfred's script never grows any more nuanced than its title. Except for one extremely improbable lesbian encounter between best friends, the couple dynamics feel like a single story set on a loop and run over and over again."
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Keith Griffith

Windy City Times - Recommended

"...This lesson, dating back to Plautus, is dressed up in shiny new garb by the Cyur Studios actors, many from the original production. The denouement could be pared down by a few minutes, and the introduction of a juvenile-fiction metaphor (providing an explanation for the color-scheme of the costumes and decor) borders on precocity. That said, fans of old-fashioned sentiment should enjoy this final taste of summery sweets before hunkering down for a winter of heavy drama."
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Mary Shen Barnidge

Time Out Chicago - Not Recommended

"...Gottfred perpetuates a number of misogynist female stereotypes—women are psychotically jealous, always think they’re fat, desperately trying to get pregnant—and his petty, lascivious, deceitful male characters don’t fare any better. As the only female character with a modicum of self-worth, Somer Benson brings some semblance of reality to Autumn, but even she can’t escape Gottfred’s stereotyped storytelling."
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Oliver Sava

Chicago Stage Standard - Highly Recommended

"...Everyone’s sanity is pushed to its limits; the colorful characters are pushed to near existence just for seeking love. “Women are Crazy” brings out the big guns by making sex a target and a weapon, a veracious tool used in the wars against men and women. Making the emotions run deep for the ensemble, and whoever cast this production did a flawless job. The ensemble was powerful and dynamic; each member stole the stage with their witty dialogue and clever timing. And we have Gottfred’s original scriptwriting to thank for that. I found barely any moments in the story that even gave a hint of cheap comedy; everything was clear and creative, the result being one of the best comedies this year."

Tyler Tidmore

Chicago Now - Highly Recommended

"...Hysterical! This show seems a perfect bachelorette/bachelor party, ladies night out or date night. It’s summer relationship angst fun! It’s light, frothy and a bit sassy! Unfortunately, it’s only in Chicago for three more performances. Celebrate your Independence Day weekend by seeing couples’ co-dependence sparkle!"
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Katy Walsh

Around The Town Chicago - Somewhat Recommended

"...The story is supposed to be about relationships and takes place in a day- a day that will go down in history for the five couples involved in this fast paced hour and 40 minutes of little scenes written by Brad T. Gottfred, who also directed this production. While there are some cute scenes, some of which designed to get a laugh just from the “shock” value, I find the entire production incomplete. The younger set in the opening night audience ( many of them friends of the performers) laughed at things that I did not find funny. Anyone who has ever sat in an audience where I am present knows that I love to laugh. In fact, I never hold back despite Jane’s elbow. If it is funny, I will laugh. I did not find this as funny as it might have been."
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Alan Bresloff

Chicago Theater Beat - Recommended

"...Though the play is uneven in trying to insert a serious element into the mayhem, I still recommend it. A mostly well-paced sex-farce, Women Are Crazy hits its stride when going for the low laughs and sly raunchiness (and these moments abound)."

K.D. Hopkins

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