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  They Saved Hitler's Brain, And Put It In Walt Disney at Charnel House Chicago

They Saved Hitler's Brain, And Put It In Walt Disney

Charnel House Chicago
3421 W. Fullerton Ave Chicago

A Nazi scientist has escaped Germany with Hitler's Brain. It needs fresh virgin blood to survive. It's learned to jump bodies, so this brain is GOING TO DISNEYLAND. Now the children have stopped dreaming, and someone's hoarding Time. Meanwhile, Disney's Crony- capitalized pension fund for the Secondary Characters has collapsed, thus putting the squeeze on Lead Characters' royalties and grinding Peter Pan's sexual reassignment surgery to a halt mid-stream. And to make things worse, Tinkerbell's gone off her meds. How will the Disney roster function under such financial duress? Can Snow White sell her brothel, in this market, to seed her rustic-themed dream restaurant? Did her "date" with a young (well, he was NEVER young) Ronald Reagan unleash a torrent of Sexually Transmitted Evil? Will Doofy (for the lawyers) lead the side-kicks' revolution? Did Jasmine's suicide- bombing set the stage for a show-down of Brobdingnagian proportions? And what about Karl Rove? His collusion with Eli-Pfizer-Merck could yield a super-drug capable of turning EVERYONE INTO REPUBLICANS. And in order to get PUPPET-OTUS re-re-elected, Dick Cheney NEEDS Chicago. Will he bring in---- Da Mouse?!

Thru - Dec 7, 2013

Fridays: 9:00pm
Saturdays: 9:00pm

Show Type: Comedy

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Chicago Reader - Recommended

"...The story, involving Hitler's inner circle, a handful of Disney characters, and several members of the Bush administration, is breathtaking in its wide-ranging craziness. The ironic thing is that Bermingham's vulgarity, reminiscent at times of both Lenny Bruce and the National Lampoon in its prime, also seems to give him artistic space for pointed satire and some very brilliant comic moments. Not for the squeamish."
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Jack Helbig

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