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  The Kid Thing Reviews
The Kid Thing
The Kid Thing

The Kid Thing
Nothing Without a Company at Berger Park Coach House
Thru - Apr 15, 2017

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Nothing Without a Company at Berger Park Coach House

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Chicago Reader- Somewhat Recommended

"...Their struggles over imminent parenthood get at the psychic and social consequences of sexual difference. Or at least they did when The Kid Thing premiered at Chicago Dramatists in 2011. Jack Fruend's current staging for Nothing Without a Company is too reductive to get at much of anything. Certain passages suggest sitcom tropes, certain performances stick tenaciously to a single note. Shalyn Welch is so insistently arch as Darcy, for instance, that she ends up undermining the logic of scenes."
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Tony Adler Recommended

"...Nothing Without a Company is at the top of their form, and I would recommend seeing them at this crossroad, as they keep tearing up the meaning of "storefront theater," and redefining what stagecraft can be... as a reflection of truth that mirrors what can happen to all of us."
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Patrick McDonald

Splash Magazine- Highly Recommended

"...The Kid Thing does what far too few plays do: examines the lives of queer women through a thoughtful, contemporary lens. With intriguing characters, complex issues, and an intimate performance space, seeing this play makes for two hours well spent."
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Jessie Bond

NewCity Chicago- Recommended

"..."The Kid Thing" is Nothing Without A Company's first staging of a published work. What's exciting is how readily they've navigated the complexity of this couch drama: they've exposed the emotional core with apparent ease and teased out strong characters from a script that could be played at a superficial level."
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Jay Van Ort