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   March 5, 2007

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Chicago's Department of Cultural Affairs

Chicago's Department of Cultural AffairsOn this week's episode of Talk Theatre in Chicago, we talk to Janet Carl Smith, Julie Burros and Claire Geall Sutton from the City of Chicago's Department of Cultural Affairs about the role of theatre in the cultural life of the city, and how the Department of Cultural Affairs is working to support Chicago's theatre community.
Listen: (MP3) Time: 29:03

Theatre News

Theatre NewsThe Color Purple, Riverdance, and more. Chicago's Theatre News is hosted by Dustin Mote.
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The Piano Tuner - Review

The Piano Tuner - ReviewJames E. Grote and Lifeline Theatre have mounted an impressive production of Daniel Mason’s novel, The Piano Tuner. Scenic designer Alan Donahue together with Joshua Horvath’s sound design and Kevin D. Gawley’s lighting made The Piano Tuner into a sprawling saga of one man’s journey toward enlightenment and self-fulfillment.
Listen: (MP3) Time: 3:25

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