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   October 30, 2006

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Children's Theatre

Children's TheatreAnne Nicholson Weber talks with Frances Limoncelli of Lifeline Theatre, Tom Arvetis of Vittum Theatre, and Andrew Lines of Tireswing Theatre about making theatre for children in Chicago.
Listen: (MP3) Time: 30:14

Theatre News

Theatre NewsErin Mackey, Bidding for Victory Gardens, and more. Chicago's Theatre News is hosted by Dustin Mote.
Listen: (MP3) Time: 3:26

Those Sensational Soulful Sixties - Review

Those Sensational Soulful Sixties - ReviewBlack Ensemble Theatre has mounted a fabulous new revue at the Black Orchid nightclub, an energetic, stirring toe-tapping tribute to the sixties soul singers. It is heartwarming to see teens paying homage to the wonderful talents of the classic era. Sixties soul never sounded better!
Listen: (MP3) Time: 4:52

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