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   February 13, 2006

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Dorothy Milne

Dorothy MilneChicago Critic Tom Williams sits down with the Artisitc Director of the Lifeline Theatre, Dorothy Milne, to discuss the theatre and what they have in store for the upcoming shows.
Listen: (MP3) Time: 41:48

Theatre News

Theatre NewsThe Chicago Theatre News of the week for the week of February 13, 2006 with your news host Dustin Mote.
Listen: (MP3) Time: 4:57

Bus Stop Review

Bus Stop ReviewDirector Rick Snyder and his design team have mounted a set that becomes a time-warp back into 1950ís with a roadside diner complete with the aromas of ham and eggs! Ingeís talent lies in his ability to create well-rounded small town common folks. Director Rick Snyder and Writersí Theatre have cast a terrific ensemble each of whom land their characters with realism and depth.
Listen: (MP3) Time: 5:06

Fences Review

Fences ReviewA review of the show Fences which is playing at the Court Theatre. The Court Theatre specializes is producing classic theatre and August Wilson's Fences qualifies as classic despite its 1985 vintage.
Listen: (MP3) Time: 5:36

Grace Review

Grace ReviewA Review of Grace which is playing at the Northlight Theatre In Skokie. Written by Craig Wright (known for the HBO series Six Feet Under) the show attacks and questions religious fanaticism, blinding faith and the zealotís penchant to attempt to convert everyone in their path to their religion.
Listen: (MP3) Time: 5:00

The Sea Horse Review

The Sea Horse ReviewA Review of A Red Orchid Theatre show The Sea Horse. The theatre finds quirky, obscure plays that necessitate strong actors and deft direction. Their latest gem, The Sea Horse, is a bawdy, battling and intoxicating two-hander. The realistic, detailed set depicts a raunchy, seamenís bar in Southern California, The Sea Horse where hard drinking, hard fighting merchant sailors come to quench their thirsts. The only thing lacking with the set is the smell of stale beer.
Listen: (MP3) Time: 4:50

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