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  Short Shakespeare! Macbeth at Chicago Shakespeare Theater

Short Shakespeare! Macbeth

Chicago Shakespeare Theater
800 East Grand Avenue Chicago

Driven by the desire for power, Macbeth struggles with his conscience and chooses a tragic path. This 75-minute abridged production of the classic tragedy is a perfect introduction to Shakespeare. Adapted and directed by Marti Lyons-who is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after directors in American theater-it will be performed for more than 30,000 students during weekday Team Shakespeare matinees, with public performances on Saturdays, making Shakespeare accessible for audiences of all ages. After the performance, the actors remain on stage for a question-and-answer session, and then join the audience in the Lobby for informal conversations and photos. This production will most be enjoyed by those ages 10 and up.

Thru - Mar 16, 2019

Saturdays: 11:00am

Price: $22-$34

Show Type: Drama

Box Office: 312-595-5600

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  Short Shakespeare! Macbeth Reviews
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Around The Town Chicago - Highly Recommended

"...I am always in awe when I see one of Chicago Shakespeare Theatre's "Short Shakespeare!" performances. The very idea that someone can abridge one of Shakespeare's complicated plots into 75 minutes is mind-boggling. That said, "Short Shakespeare! Macbeth" is an intense immersion into a dark world of greed and ambition. Although geared to younger audiences, Marti Lyons' original adaptation doesn't lose a thing in the translation. This is dynamite!"
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Carol Moore

NewCity Chicago - Highly Recommended

"...There is an encouraging lesson here: if all theater was designed to be seen by high school students, especially those from school districts of diverse socioeconomic, racial, ethnic and religious demographics, while respecting young people's ability to grasp complex human relationships and social context and nurturing their innate curiosity, which eagerly grabs the baton of knowledge at the limits of their experience, then the whole industry might be infinitely improved. Someone tell the Macbeths of the world, with their vaunted and vaulting ambition, that tomorrow need not be so dreary and dreamless."
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Kevin Greene

Picture This Post - Highly Recommended

"...Written by William Shakespeare and adapted by Director Marti Lyons, the famous tragedy follows Macbeth (Amir Abdullah, a commanding presence in the role), a war hero who learns of the Weyard Sisters' prophecy that he will become King of Scotland. He and Lady Macbeth (Tiffany Scott, with impressive strength) decide to take fate into their own hands and murder King Duncan (Kevin Theis) to make the prophecy a reality. However, as one might expect, things certainly do not go as they might hope, and quite a lot of blood drops due to this couple's ambition. Full of witchcraft, swordfights, and deceit, Macbeth offers both a perfect introduction to Shakespeare's tragedies, and a fun afternoon of theater for those who are long-time fans of the Bard (like this writer)."
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Lauren Katz

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