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  Saving the World Reviews
Saving the World
Saving the World

Saving the World
Chicago Tap Theatre at Stage 773
Thru - Jun 30, 2019

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Chicago Tap Theatre at Stage 773

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Chicago Tribune- Recommended

"...Yonally has a knack for nuanced tap choreography like no other — drawing emotion from the timbre and rhythms of each step, and traveling it up the body. As the haughty and obnoxious Worthington, he uses stereotypical Broadway moves (and there’s even a kick line) and intentionally overconfident, boisterous body language. Pfaff Yonally as the kind-hearted soul who’s trying to do right by her employees has a softer, yet conflicted tone. Or there’s Uttich, who leads the charge on the merger with Worthington and busily taps out tweets and texts with her toes as she clutches an iDevice."
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Lauren Warnecke