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  Prom Night at Red Tape Theatre - St. Peter's Episcopal Church

Prom Night

Red Tape Theatre - St. Peter's Episcopal Church
621 W. Belmont Ave Chicago

In their quest to become prom royalty, Les Enfants Terribles utilizes its unique brand of theatre that blends commedia, improvisation, and circus arts to create a wholly original work. These bouffants are like nothing you have ever seen on the streets or stages of Chicago... So grab a date, it's Les Enfants Terribles in PROM NIGHT!

Presented by Red Tape Theatre

Thru - Aug 14, 2010

Price: $10-$20

Show Type: Comedy/Drama

Box Office: 773-525-0844

  Prom Night Reviews
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Time Out Chicago - Somewhat Recommended

"... Formed by a group of recent Roosevelt University graduates, Les Enfants Terribles practices the French bouffon style of clowning, which is all about grotesque mockery of social custom. As with most types of aggressive, stylized comedy (commedia dell’arte comes to mind), a little goes a long way. That becomes especially clear with the members of this troupe, who, though talented, have a habit of repeating a bit until they’ve made you thoroughly sick of it. It’s funny the first time the group suddenly starts singing an adult-contemporary gem; the tenth time produces nary a chuckle. The repetition diminishes the desired sense of chaos—and makes a 50-minute show feel too long."
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Zac Thompson

ChicagoCritic - Recommended

"...Most of the audience seemed to have fun, despite the absence of air conditioning. Note: If you have any heat sensitivity, I would not recommend this show purely based on venue. But if you’re into the tradition of Chicago’s interactive, experimental theatre scene then you might want to give Les Enfants Terribles: Prom Night a spin. Just try to go on a cool night."
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John B. Reinhardt

Chicago Stage Standard - Recommended

"..."Prom Night" starts off as a fun, engrossing romp through the trials of high school, and just when I was wishing it would be darker, it dove in feet first.  In the end it's very disturbing, but only reinforces the idea that these grotesque bouffants are not monsters, but just children that don't know any better.  I had the pleasure of seeing Les Enfants Terribles when they first started as sophomores in college (we are share an Alma Mater), and I am happy to see the group continuing to polish and refine their process.  I hope to see them around for many years, as a group like this could easily become a staple of Chicago theatre."

Paul Cosca

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