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Women in Jeopardy  
First Folio Theatre Women in Jeopardy
Thelma and Louise meets The First Wives Club in this biting comedy, now receiving its Chicago premiere from First Folio Theatre. Divorcees Mary, Jo and Liz are best friends, always looking out for each other. So when Mary and Jo start to suspect that Liz's new boyfriend is a serial killer, they begin an investigation to prove it to her and save her life. But when they bring in Liz's teenage daughter Amanda into it, along with her spaced-out boyfriend Trenner, things go from humorously tricky to hilariously complex. Playwright Wendy MacLeod is the author of The House of Yes (Miramax Film starring Parker Posey), as well as Schoolgirl Figure (world premiere at The Goodman) and Things Being What They Are (Steppenwolf). Catch the show at Mayslake Hall in Oak Brook.
Yank! A WWII Love Story  
Pride Arts Center - The Broadway Yank! A WWII Love Story
YANK!, originally produced off-Broadway in 2010, is a love song to Hollywood's "it takes one of every kind" platoon flicks and to 1940s Broadway. Suffused with songs (swing, big band, boogie-woogie), it explores what stories get told in wartime, and how WWII became the great catalyst in bringing gay men and women together. It's the story of Stu, a scared Midwestern kid who gets drafted in 1943, and who - like most guys - spends Basic Training wrestling with fears of whether he "has what it takes" to make it in the Army. But unlike most guys, Stu also falls in love with a fellow Private, a handsome All-American guy named Mitch. When Stu strikes a friendship with Artie - an unapologetically queer reporter for Yank Magazine, Artie shows Stu a glimpse of the gay world that thrived just beneath the surface of the US Army in the 1940.
You Got Older  
Steppenwolf Theatre You Got Older
There's a haunted place between where we started and where we need to be that finds the most tender among us-and breaks them open. In You Got Older, Clare Barron's bawdy, irreverent and touching play, Mae, brokenhearted and unemployed, returns home to care for her ailing father and escape the loneliness of a life that just can't seem to get off the ground.

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