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  Night In Alachua County Reviews
Night In Alachua County
Night In Alachua County

Night In Alachua County
WildClaw Theatre at The Den Theatre
Thru - Oct 7, 2017

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WildClaw Theatre at The Den Theatre

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Chicago Reader- Recommended

"...In this word premiere by Jennifer Rumberger, an estranged daughter from a backwater Florida family tries to rescue her sister from their abusive and spell-dabbling mother (Allison Cain in a spectacularly villainous performance). It's hard to reconcile the incestuous rape of a mentally ill teen-the story's Big Bad-with a fun romp, but as a Killer Joe-style art-house thriller, Night is an undeniably pulse-raising experience."
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Dan Jakes

Windy City Times- Highly Recommended

"...This is accomplished by means of familiar devices such as unexpected appearances of adversaries and allies, false refuges, panic-stricken chases and the inevitable blood and shrieks—all rendered especially effective by WildClaw Theatre Company's deft utilization of shadow, silhouette and the densely vegetated setting's natural gloom to create a twilight chiaroscuro facilitating the threatening images conjured by our imaginations. Amid a seasonal glut of cheap slasher-camp parodies, the results make this a smart shivery evening for likewise savvy audiences."
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Mary Shen Barnidge

Time Out Chicago- Highly Recommended

"...To reveal any more would rob the play of some of its best moments. (There's something about slowly dawning realization, those moments when the strange goings-on all start to click, that makes them far more frightening than a thousand strobe-lit monsters.) Because for all of its thematic depth, Night in Alachua County is still a rousing good time. Though it could do with 10 minutes shaved off and a little less of the actual lemure (played by Kevin Alves) in its big finale, the play is tightly plotted, slowly turning up the heat till the action is at full boil. There's a sequence lit almost entirely by flashlights that's drawn out to an excruciatingly perfect length. (Walsh has staged the show in three-quarter thrust, which is pretty perfect for a horror show, as it allows you to see the folks across from you get scared silly.)"
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Alex Huntsberger

The Hawk Chicago- Recommended

" will be spooked, and there will be blood. Allison Cain is a spectacular villain - her every move is calculated manipulation. She is creepy but never campy, and this is truly her play. There are quiet, fearful moments milked to perfection, and I'd be lying if I wasn't looking behind me on my walk home. Night in Alachua County is an engrossing piece of horror theatre presented by Chicago's premiere horror theatre company, featuring an ensemble of strong women and a script by a female playwright. Catch it before it's gone!"
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Jason Berger