Gorilla Tango Bucktown Under New Ownership as of March 1, 2013

Feb 13, 2013
Gorilla Tango Theatre

As of March 1, 2013, Gorilla Tango Bucktown will be under the ownership of new Licensee, Gorilla Tango Bucktown LLC, headed by Heather Bodie and Gwen Tulin.

Gorilla Tango Inc - the corporate owner of Gorilla Tango Theatres (Bucktown and Skokie), Bighotdog.com, Gorilla Tango Capital, among others - is seeking to create a network of theatres nationwide to help facilitate grass-roots distribution of theatrical events. Gorilla Tango Bucktown will be the first of its licensee agreements along this path. Gorilla Tango Inc. CEO Dan Abbate says, "We've known for a while now that we want to expand our network into other cities, but operating a series of venues using a top down structure just didn't work. Managers aren't as effective as on-site owners who really benefit from the GT business model. We then hit upon the idea of a licensee model as used for decades in fast food and retail businesses nationwide." GT Inc. set up the Bucktown operation in Fall 2006, and now will hand it over entirely free of charge for a small annual licensing fee. This hand off allows GT Inc to focus on the national growth of the venue network by working with other licensees in major cities all across the US and Canada. The established national network will allow producers, in conjunction with GT Inc. and its GT Theatre venue licensees, the ability to instantly distribute and maximize profit from the most successful and marketable shows created/discovered at the local level. 

Under the license agreement, Bodie and Tulin (as Gorilla Tango Bucktown LLC) are in charge of all daily GTT Bucktown operations as per the GTT Business Plan: contracting with outside producers; providing the turnkey services integral to its producing model, including box office and basic marketing; upkeep and maintenance of the venue, including its affordable rehearsal rooms aimed at giving the community inexpensive rehearsal options; and expanding into other areas they themselves are interested in, including classes, youth programming, and live music. The Bucktown contact information will all remain the same: 773-598-4549 and www.gorillatango.com. Gorilla Tango Inc. will retain ownership and control of its production development, producing (including Gorilla Tango Burlesque), publishing and archiving department created at the Bucktown location.

New owners Heather Bodie (current Executive Director of The Fine Print Theatre Company) and Gwen Tulin (Founder of Brain Surgeon Theater) are excited to embark on this new adventure. Says Tulin, "Heather and I are immersed in Chicago's vibrant theater scene and we can't wait to welcome this large network of artists, musicians, and educators to Gorilla Tango Bucktown." Adds Bodie, "We are really excited about this opportunity and are especially looking forward to developing the community through and around Gorilla Tango."

Says Abbate, "It's very important to us as a corporate entity that Gorilla Tango Bucktown LLC is successful. Their success is our success and will ensure the continued growth of the network going forward."